Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives To Download Movies & Anime Episodes

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

Hey! this article is going to be all about Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives. Everyone knows that ExtraTorrent was once considered to be the second-largest torrent site. With time, its popularity has seen a sharp decline, and in 2017 it voluntarily shut down with no absolutely no kind of explanation. We cannot afford to mention that its army of loyal fans and followers were left in great awe and had no idea where to go.

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Some of the users opted for sites that emerge the extratorrent name; some are still wandering in search of a better substitute. Today we will present to you the most suitable counterfeits for Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives so that your quest can finally come to an end. There are a lot of alternatives and below we present you some of them:

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives:


  • The
  • 1337x
  • TorLock


Let’s get to know about them in a bit detail:



Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives To Download Movies & Anime Episodes

The first name that we have on the list is The  This site is one of the world’s most loved and heading torrent websites. This site provides you seamless access to a plethora of movies, music tracks, software downloads, TV shows, and other shared files.

It is one of the rare torrent sites that have gone through hard times but have stood firm and have remained within the legal boundaries. Isn’t it great! It was started and funded initially by Swedish anti-copyright activists in 2003. One of the cool things about the torrent site is that it cannot be held responsible for copyright infringements that occur via its website.

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives To Download Movies & Anime Episodes is another excellent website that has all the potential to be the best alternative for ExtraPotential. The best thing about this particular site is that it has all the credentials, which is just great. This site got established in 2008, and it provides peer-to-peer file sharing using BitTorrent. is dysfunctional in several countries such as the UK, Saudi, Australia, and Arabia.

If you have access to a VPN, then you can easily use this site using a VPN. This particular torrent website provides you the facility to download a range of content and categories. Not just this, it also includes news, reviews, and information related to various shows. All in all, it is a great torrent site that you can have it on your list.



Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives To Download Movies & Anime Episodes

Next up, we have 1337x. This torrent site is currently among the most popular websites across the globe, which is brought in use to download various stuff. This site keeps changing its domain name to escape from Google ban, and somehow, it has always proved to be protective and productive. It uses two domain names, and you can use either one to reach out to them.

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The first one is .to, and the second one is .se. You can use both of the domain names accordingly if we talk about the facilities that it provides, then it allows you to download a diverse range of content, which includes movies, serials, and even web shows.


Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives To Download Movies & Anime Episodes

Torlock is one such torrent website with a very user-friendly interface, and also it caters you with a massive list of a torrent that offers fantastic user experience. This site can prove out to be your go-to site if you are looking for a platform from where you can fetch recently released movies and music, anime episodes, or reading material.

There are quite a few things that you shall find challenging to reach out, but you quickly reach out to them with the help of Torlock and you have 4.8 million to choose from the list. It has a diverse range of some of the most popular torrents.  It is one of those websites that can prove to be one of Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives..

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives To Download Movies & Anime Episodes

Initially, it was YIFY that came into existence, it was a small group, and its work was to publish high-quality releases on a range of torrent sites. After gaining a lot of popularity, they began their torrenting site, and YTS came into existence. Since the beginning, this torrent site has opted for different domain names, and currently, it is running on

It had attracted a lot of unwanted attention, and the most notable is when in Newzealand, it got sued to court for anti-piracy lawsuits. However,  it has continued to garner consistent attention from its users, and it is mainly because of the quality content that it has to offer to its users. It uses an x264 encoding format. This encoding format allows the user users to download torrent content in high quality.

Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives To Download Movies & Anime Episodes

Coming up with the next name we have It is a very professional and decent torrent site where you also can report and issues that include broken links. is a great site and has everything that makes it a perfect counterfeit of ExtraTorrent. It consists of an active forum of reporting, making it unique from other torrent sites.

Other than this, it offers quality content to its users, and it warns you to empty the VPN before using this site. In recent years it has lost credibility because of privacy issues. However, it has a loyal fan base who have continued to use it, and the site is also up for resolving its effects consistently.

Next up, we have It is quite easy to use, and it also has a very user-friendly interface. It provides excellent quality content to its users, and the content is quite diverse itself as it includes movies, shows, and series. helps you to find whatever you are searching for. It has fantastic content, which is around more than thirty-seven thousand and six hundred tv shows.

Though the interface is quite reliable and helpful, it still has some room for improvement. It has a loyal base of users, and since its beginning, it has continued to grow over time, and to see the recent trends, we can bet it will continue to grow.

Moving on, the name that we have on the list is of It is yet another great website in torrenting and can prove out to be a good substitute for is also quite popular. Its tidy and organized torrent library makes it quite famous and attracts many users consistently.

If all the trackers fail, this is one such platform where you fill find any material that you are eagerly searching for everywhere. One of the significant drawbacks of this is that it has dysfunctional in many countries because of its high profile. However, you can choose to try to use it in a VPN. It also has a very high and diverse range of content, and therefore it is slowly becoming trendy.

Last but not least, next up, we have It is one of those sites that run on a pure, neat, and user-friendly interface. releases new content now and then, and it helps to attract many users towards it. It has a very organized library, which is a perfect thing. It also has a lot of seeders. can prove out to be one from the list of Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives if all other torrent sites do not give you what you are searching. It is never going to disappoint you all in all; it is an excellent torrent website.

Final Words

So, this was all that we have for this particular piece of information. I hope you find it worth reading, and in case if you think that there are points that we missed out on, then do let us know about the same in the comment section below. Also, please do not forget to share the article with your friends and family.

Finding a suitable torrent site is indeed a difficult task, and finding a better counterfeit for ExtraTorrent is a more difficult task. But, above, we have presented you with the best ExtraTorrent alternatives, and we hope that it will serve you the purpose, and you will find the best option that is most suitable for you and your dear ones.

So, what are you waiting for now, go and let’s search and explore and hop on your favorite one now!!


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