Top 8 Best Free Email service providers 2020 [No Hidden Charge]

Best Free Email service providers

Hey! Here we will get a list of best free email service providers. In this technological advancement world, everyone in a way or other is dependent on technology for their communication to proceed.

We generally communicate primarily in two ways, either through talking or through writing. For both the ways several techniques have evolved, like if you want to speak with somebody and they are not in person, you can always call them using many apps, or simply you can just dial their number through your cell phone.

In case you want to communicate through written mode, again, there are several options available; you can either send text messages or take the help of several social networking sites whose primary motto is to provide the same facility.

Now, coming to the main point, here, in this article, we are primarily going to focus on the mode of communication, which is most preferred in the field of business communication. In Business communication, people give more preference to written things because of their authenticity. And, the most preferred way is Email.

Yes, you heard it right. You all must be aware of the term email. Email stands for Electronic Mail. In most simple words electronic Mail is nothing but an electronic way of sending data from one computer to another. The computer can be replaced by any electronic device.

Best Free Email service providers:

Question arises now, what are the best free email providers that one can see in order to send his messages across the globe. Don’t worry we have the answer for you. There are many email service providers which are free of cost and provide seamless service. And, today in this article we are exactly going to discuss some of them. Let’s get Started:


Best Free Email service providers

With no shadow of doubt the name that tops the list is G-mail. It is a service that is managed by google itself so you can never doubt its authenticity. Gmail allows you to receive and send emails to anyone. It has some fantastic features embedded in them. Other than this you can also synchronise your program through third party using IMAP or POP.

Features of Gmail

  • One of the best things about Gmail is that it blocks the phishing emails automatically without taking your choice into consideration which is really good.
  • Also, in Gmail you can view the attachments without actually opening the entire Mail.
  • You can snooze messages without opening emails
  • It provides you nudges or threads with the help of which you can follow up and respond to messages.
  • Gmail also gives you the platform to join video calls by using hangouts or meet from your inbox itself which is really beneficial for the users.

Price – Gmail provides its services for free. However, you must have a Gmail account to avail its services.



Next up we have an outlook. Outlook is also widely preferred by users. It is a browser based email service provider and it is developed by Microsoft so it is also known as Microsoft outlook. Outlook really helps you to be creative, productive and gives you the opportunity to connect yourself from your home at one go.

Features of Outlook

  • Outlook serves grade security which is really strong.
  • It automatically manages meetings or events because it has an inbuilt calendar. This helps the users in saving his lot of time.
  • You can easily see information about your respective contact whenever you hover around his name.
  • Outlook provides an easy way to find documents in your electronic Mail.
  • Outlook also helps in finding the documents in Email very easily.

Price – outlook serves for free however you must have an account to avail its services.

iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail

the next one in the list is iCloud Mail. This email service is operated and handled by Apple. As it is handled by Apple so it can only be operated on Mac computers or ios devices or you can also look out for Ms Outlook that can also help. It provides some of the amazing features. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Features of iCloud Mail

  • One of the best things about this email service provider is that it allows you to access IMAP.
  • You do not have to look for new messages, it automatically hunts the new messages and puts up first in the inbox, it saves a lot of time for the user.
  • It automatically HTML images which is great.

Price – iCloud Mail is the best free email service provider.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail

Moving into the next one, next up we have Yahoo! Mail. This email service provider is managed by an American parent company so it is quite reliable. Other than this it offers a very easy signup process and you will get a very email service provider with an amount of storage available at your end which is 1 tb.

Features of Yahoo! Mail

  • It is one of the best free email service providers, it allows you to customize your inbox by choosing themes.

AOL Mail

Best Free Email service providers

Next up, we have AOL Mail. It is also a free email service provider which comes under the division of Verizon communications, AOL. It has a very user friendly interface. It can be accessed in any device like in pc as well as mobile. And, you can access the inbox using both without any interruption.

Features of AOL Mail

  • It helps you to manage your calendar and because of which your name comes first on the screen.
  • You can also customize your inbox themes.
  • It offers you a panel which is customized on your official needs so that you can focus on your work.
  • It helps you to organize your emails in a better way.

Price – it also comes for free.



GMX stands for global max Change. It is an email service provider which also provides the service of featured advertising. It is an amazing email service provider which provides some of the amazing features.

Features of GMX

  • You can send an attachment upto 50 MB which is a large quantity which is really good.
  • It also has drag and drop functionality which saves a lot of time for the user.
  • It also contains an online book with the help of which you can track all the contacts.
  • GMX also provides strong filter Rules that really helps to keep your inbox clean
  • It also has a lot of customization option

Price – This email service provider provides its services for free.


Email service providers

Moving into the next one, next up we have Yandex. Though it is not that popular, it is an underdog as it provides smart and secure service. It is strictly and only available for android devices and cant be used for any other devices. Also, it provides some of the amazing features some of them are discussed below:

Features of yandex

  • The best feature of Yandex is that it provides you a timer with the help of which you can keep the Mail saved after writing for sending it to the respective person at the right time.
  • It protects your account against any scam or fraud
  • One of the other good things about it is that it allows you to access Yandex services with one account.
  • It automatically keeps the suspicious messages in the spam folder which really helps in saving a lot of time.

Price – This email service provider serves its features free of cost. However, you must have a yandex account to avail its services.


Email service

Next up we have Mail. Mail is an extraordinary platform which allows you to select your domain from almost 200 different sites while creating an email address. You have the availability to choose your area of perfection that is profession, personality, location or lifestyle. It also provides some amazing features.

Features of Mail

  • The most amazing feature about Mail is that it provides unlimited email storage.
  • It also has a pre-installed automated antivirus tool which helps is removing spam images to protect your account against viruses.
  • You can access your mail account through your mobile also which is quite convenient
  • You have a lot of customization options.

Price – Mail serves its services for free.


free Email

Last but not least, the next name in the list is of Lycos. It is also another great service provider. It is a very safe and secure provider to give your mail protection from junk. It also helps you to set up signatures. Lycos system performs almost most of the work automatically so it saves a lot of time.

Features of Lycos

  • It provides a very safe and secure network
  • It provides a storage of amount which is 3 GB.
  • It does not provide any inbox advertising which is really great.
  • Lycos also has a spam filtering system in it which is really helpful for the user.

Price – lycos provides its services for free. However, you must not forget that you will have to set up a Lycos account to avail it services.

Final Words

So, this was the list of some of the Best Free Email service providers. We tried to explore every aspect of this provider by explaining its features, its specialty and the price at which it serves its services. Hope you like the information mentioned above.

Do not forget to voice your opinion regarding the same and do let us know in the comment section below about your take on the best free email service providers.

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