Top 10 Best Free VPN to Access Blocked Website Worldwide


List of Top 10 Best Free VPN Networks Online.

VPNs – Virtual Private Network or VPN are a vital way to protect yourself when you are browsing the Internet. It is difficult to hide your location and personal details when you are using a public Wi-Fi.

How does VPNs work?

VPNs work when you connect two computers securely and privately over the Internet.

When you open a use a browser and enter URL on your device, then request is sent to the VPN server, which is the mediator who request the web pages from site and sending it again.

A VPN uses tunneling protocols to encrypt data at the sending end and decrypt it at the receiving end. For the additional security, the originating and receiving network addresses are also encrypted.

VPNs more often used by individuals who want to protect data transmission on their mobile devices or visit web sites that are geographically restricted.

The performance of VPN is affected by a variety of factors, the speed of user’s Internet connections. The type of protocol an Internet service provider may be use and the type of encryption the VPN user.

TOP 10 Best Free VPN To Access Blocked Websites In Any Country

#1 HotSpot Shield Free VPN

• Easy to use
• Allows data upto 500 MB
• It is securely focused

It is one of the better known free VPN option you came across you can choose to anchor yourself to 25 countries if you can pay the elite version of Hotspot.

In free version you are limited to locations that hotspot chooses for you, whether it is a mobile version or on desktop its easy to man-handle it.

Visit HotSpot Shield VPN here.

#2 TunnelBear – Secure VPN Service

• User friendly
• Mobile and desktop clients

TunnelBear have both free and paid-for subscriptions to choose from.

The only restriction is with the free plan that it is limited to 500 MB of traffic each month.

TunnelBear offers a huge range for paid plans that remove the restrictions that you have with free plans like download limit, no. of countries it is available.

Visit TunnelBear here.

#3 Windscribe – Free VPN & Ad Block

• 10 GB data per month
• Admirable privacy policy

If compared to TunnelBear windscribe offers 10GB bandwidth per month and you can choose from ten remote server including UK, Hong Kong, Canada, US VPN.

All that you need to do is to create your username and password to sign in. An added perk is that if you have referred to upgrade to a pro subscription, you’ll get unlimited plans and more that sixty plus servers.

Aren’t you happy enough ?

Visit WindScribe here.

#4 Private Tunnel VPN

• Free VPN that will keep your data and identity safe on any PC or mobile device
• Wide range of clients
• Simple to use

Private Tunnel is available for a no. of platform such as windows PC, android, Mac and iOS. Instead of providing monthly subscription you get 200 MB of non- expiring data to use.

As a VPN, private tunnel works fairly well but it has some disadvantages too like, it has limited choice of location and conflicting performance at times.

Visit Private Tunnel VPN here.

#5 Surf Easy – Fast VPN 

• 1000 servers
• Allow five devices synchronously
• User friendly client

Surf Easy is a Canada based free VPN responsible for opera web browser.

They are both paid and free with the advantage of hooking five devices simultaneously.

You get one thousand servers across 25 countries.

Performance is very good, though long distance trip could be priggish.

Visit Surf Easy VPN here.

#6 Speedify VPN

• More than 200 servers
• 50 plus location
• Privacy front is solid

As the name suggest speedify’s main aim as free VPN is to make sure that you get benefit from the encryption which your internet connection remains speedy.

Provider gives you all the available Internet connection to get the best performance.

Free user get upto 5GB of data each month but it keeps on dropping to 1GB data following month, this VPN is definitely worth watching.

Visit Speedify here.

#7 Proton Best Free VPN 

• Not limited to monthly data
• Privacy front is great
• One device supported at a time

Proton VPN provides a free VPN also a paid option, the former has a very strong points.

It does not impose any bandwidth restriction, you are free to use as much data as you want every month.

The limitations of Proton VPN is that it is limited to maximum one device and only three location, free users get lower priority when it comes to speed.

There are good range of clients such as Windows PC, Max, Linus, iOS, android.

Visit Proton VPN here.

#8 – World Fastest VPN

• Maximum device supported is one
• Strong on privacy
• No advertisement provide both free and paid VPN with giving you 2GB data per month.

It is limited to one device and only three locations- Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, rather than 30 locations paying subscribers get.

It keeps no logs and stores no data of the users so the privacy policy is strong your data is safe with you and it won’t go to the third party.

Visit here.

#9 Surf Shark VPN

• Strong privacy code
• Available in more than 50 countries

Surf shark provides no logs policy which assure that it does not track or store anything which a user do on the Internet.

It is also known as whitelister that means specific apps and websites are able to omit the VPN if required.

Although surf shark is not free, it include 30 days money- back gurantee.

Visit Surf Shark VPN here.

#10 Cyberghost VPN 

• Able to connect to 14 countries
• Impressive security measure
• Regular software updates

Cyberghost is a free service and this VPN doesn’t slow down your browser and you can connect to US servers on its free version.

It has regular features and software updates and customer support.

It has some disadvantages too like to gain the free VPN service you’ll need to download the software then wait in the queue and you will only get three hours of browsing time and then you need to rejoin the queue.

Visit Cyberghost VPN here.

Your Thoughts About These Top 10 Best Free VPN to Access Blocked Websites

So, these were the top 10 best free vpn, you can use to access blocked websites access blocked websites easily in any country. Do comments below if you know about more new and best vpns.

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