Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites 2020 (100%Updated)

Best YouTube Alternative Sites

We are tired of using YouTube as a medium for watching videos. Well, there is nothing to worry about. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss the various best YouTube alternative sites, and the best part is all the alternatives mentioned below will be free. So what are we waiting for! Let’s begin:


It is an online sharing video platform.  We use Youtube mainly for watching music videos, comedy shows, recipes, hacks, and much more. Here on youtube, you have the facility to make your channel and put videos in it. You also earn money according to the number of views and likes that your videos get. It is also used as a medium to promote business by companies and organizations. Amateurs develop the majority of the videos that are uploaded on youtube.


The best thing about Youtube is that it has every kind of video. You can find videos of every genre if it, and the best part is it is just a click away. It helps you when you want to watch something funny, it helps you when you want to watch documentaries, and it also helps you when you want to watch something scary. It has a whole range of videos on it.

Youtube is a significant source of entertainment as well as money. You can earn hundreds and thousands of rupees if you get more and more subscribers, likes, and views on your video. Also, it helps you to get a better understanding of things as it is proved scientifically, that humans tend to understand a word in a much better way when they watch a visual representation of it and Youtube exactly does the same.

Best YouTube Alternative Sites:

It’s time to look for some of the best free youtube alternative sites. We will be focusing on the aspect that these alternatives mentioned below must contain all the features that Youtube has. Youtube is undoubtedly the internet’s most dominant platform. But, with passing days, it is losing its monopoly in the market, and several other video sharing platforms are coming to the rush and witnessing a huge rush. And, today, we will know about such platforms. Let’s get into it.


Best YouTube Alternative Sites

There is a long list of Youtube rivals, and the recent name to join the list is Facebook’s IGTV. Instagram tv is getting a lot of popularity. The key reason for this being the fact that you can not have access to it directly. To access its video, you must have an Instagram account, and none of the beings is unaware of the fact that how popular Instagram is.

Reason for being one of the best youtube alternative:

It can prove out to be the best alternative because the videos uploaded on IGTV can be seen in mobile and mobile-only. However, the videos that you want to upload can be uploaded via desktop computers too. The videos that you share on it remain on your Instagram account permanently so that you and your followers or anyone if it is a public account can watch at any point of time.


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Best YouTube Alternative Sites

Dailymotion has already a good name and goodwill in the Market. The best part about Dailymotion is that its interface is somewhat similar to Youtube. It works on the same principle as Youtube and not to forget it has a better quality of content. One can search any type of content in the search and can get related videos regarding the search and can get themselves entertained.

Reason for being one of the best youtube alternative:

One of the reasons why Dailymotion can be the alternative of Youtube is that it does not have scary policies like youtube. Therefore, the chances of getting your content down from the internet reduce a lot. Also, it is easy to use because the layout of the Dailymotion is somewhat similar to Youtube.


Best YouTube Alternative Sites

How can you forget this name? It is quite unbelievable to believe, but this is the truth that TikTok is one of the biggest competitors of Youtube in 2020. These Chinese video sharing platforms have gained huge popularity all across the globe. In India, it is hugely popular, and its users are increasing day by day. We can infer its popularity by just knowing that Many celebrities have started using TikTok to promote their work. It indicates how popular TikTok has become.

Reason for being one of the best youtube alternative:

Talking about the layout of TikTok, it is entirely different from Youtube, and the way it is  used also is completely different from Youtube. You cannot upload videos on TikTok, which are more than 15 seconds, and also there is no specific genre. There is no earning method for it. The best reason that can be presented for using TikTok over youtube is that it is very cheap to produce, and it is the best source for mindless binge-watching.


Best YouTube Alternative Sites

The next one on the list is Vimeo. Well, it is not for mindless binge-watching; developers strictly designed it for people who are classy creators as well as classy viewers. It allows people to create content in a specialized field and try their hands on the unveiled and uncarved talent that needed some kind of attention from so long. Vimeo has very strict guidelines for uploading the contents. You cannot post mindless content on this platform.

Reason for being one of the best youtube alternative:

Apart from being classy, it is a platform that is very rich in its content as well as in its video quality. You can enjoy ultra Hd videos in Vimeo. The only con of Vimeo is that you can upload only 500mb content per week. The best reason to use Vimeo is that it can prove to be the best alternative for Youtube in the long run, and apart from this, it should be your first choice if you are not a mindless watcher. And you believe in watching quality content.


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Best YouTube Alternative Sites

When you are talking about the next best youtube alternative, the next name is Veoh. If you search in the internet sites similar to youtube, Veoh will be the first name you will bump into. The best thing about Veoh is you can personalize your online viewing experience, and it is very easy to use, and Apart from this, its layout is very similar to Youtube.

Reason for being one of the best youtube alternative:

It can prove to be one of the best youtube alternative sites for you if you believe in watching longer videos as it allows users to upload longer content. Veoh also consists of a large number of movies. So if you are someone who has a keen interest in watching a video, then Veoh is the best option for you.



Best YouTube Alternative Sites

Continuing the series, the next in the list is Metacafe. It is one of the oldest video streaming sites. It came into existence way before than youtube. Metacafe came in 2003. It is a very nice platform to share and watch light-hearted content. You can upload a maximum of 90 seconds of video in Metacafe.

Reason for being one of the best youtube alternative:

The reason it can be prone to be an alternative for youtube is that it is very time-specific. Neither it allows very lengthy videos nor very short videos to streame. And, apart from this, it is definite when it makes to show its content to its viewers. It is also very easy to use and handle. It has very specific features, and it has a separate fan following.


Best YouTube Alternative Sites

The next in the list is Vmate. You must have watched the recent promotion of Vmate done by some of the Youtube biggies and Film Stars. In private, you have access to hot and trending videos that shall be available on your homepage itself.

Reason for being one of the best youtube alternative:

Reason can prove to be one of the biggest rivalries of YouTube because its layout is somewhat the same as TikTok. And none of the beings is unaware of the fact that how popular TikTok has become. And, in recent times, experts predicted that climate will stand out as one of the biggest threats of TikTok. So are you understanding the loop?


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9Gag tv

Best YouTube Alternative Sites

You must have headed this name very often. This video sharing site is purely for entertainers and not for people who have a very long list of yes and nos. You must be aware of the 9gag tv if you are a diehard user of twitter and Facebook. Because 9gag Tv is only behind the unlimited production of Gifs, images, and memes.

Reason for being one of the best youtube alternative:

One of the major reasons to use 9gag tv over any other video sharing app could be its ability to provide an endless amount of entertainment in the form of memes, images, and gifs. It should and must be your first choice if you crave entertainment-related kinds of stuff.


So, here was the list of 8 such video sharing platforms which could outsmart youtube in the long run. And can prove out to be best free YouTube alternative sites. However, not to forget the decision eventually lies on the user what kind of video he would like to watch, and that would entirely depend on the preference of the user. In case you are a content creator, then also it depends on the genre on which you develop your content and what is the time limit that you set for your videos.

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