Best Gaming Desks For 2020: All Desks Are Within Your Budget

Best Gaming Desks

The best gaming desks might not directly improve your in-game performance, but it will certainly enhance your gaming experience. The enjoyment and comfort that an ergonomic desk delivers must not be underestimate, and it’s only right to complement that gaming chair you just bought with one. Read this article for gaming PCs.

Let us help you pick the best gaming desk for you. We’ve consider factors like durability, sturdiness, height adjustability, surface area, and even extra features like RGB backlighting to find the finest ones out there and put them on this list.

Make wobbling screens, uncomfortable heights and cramp spaces a thing of the past. The best gaming desks will ensure a comfortable and stable gaming experience, no matter what games you’re currently playing.

1. Cougar Mars Best Gaming Desks

The Cougar Mars is the best gaming desk around if you want one that’s as big as it is durable. It’s heavy and takes time to assemble, but once in place is rock-steady thanks to its sturdy steel frame which offers three manual levels of height adjustment.

2. Evodesk Gaming Desk

While the Evodesk Gaming Desk has a shorter width than the Cougar Mars, it has a wider minimum and maximum height range that can be electronically raised or lowered or command using an internal motor. More than 250 height positions can be stored in its memory, allowing you to quickly adjust it on the fly.

Another interesting feature is the Evodesk Gaming Desk’s fine-textured surface, which feels like a high-quality mouse mat. You can also opt for a version with an oak or bamboo finish if you’d rather use your own mousing surface.

3. GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk Best Gaming Desks

If you’re a little short on room, this space-saving desk from GreenForest is equally suited to work and play. Designed to be slotted in the corner of a room, its L-shape provides ample space to position a gaming setup at one end and work machine (or whatever you want to fill the space with) at the other.

4. Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Computer Desk I1

The Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Computer Desk I1 is a great option if you want to use one large monitor or two smaller ones and have room to spare. Sporting an ergonomic curved design that lets you sit closer to the action, its surface features a textured carbon fibre pattern which is smooth and should stand up well to scratches while being easy to clean.

That said, you’ll probably still want to pick up an extra-large mouse mat for greater mousing precision. Despite its budget price tag, this gaming desk adds nifty features including a cable management system that houses a power strip for keeping your wires and plugs tucked out of sight.

5. DXRacer GD/1000/N Series Gaming Desk Best Gaming Desks

Available in black (and green, red, or white), this sturdy e-sports-inspired computer desk is suitable for gaming or office work thanks to its reinforced ‘double triangle’ design that keeps desk shake to a minimum.

Best Gaming Desks

Made of wood with an ABS plastic frame, the DXRacer is angled at 10-degrees to make resting your arms and elbows on it more comfortable. There’s plenty of space for sneaking wires around the back via a large opening, and its bottom edges are padded to reduce pressure on your arms and elbows.

6. Arozzi Arena Leggero Gaming Desk

One of the largest gaming desks on our list, the grandiose Arozzi Arena is an eye-catching slab of MDF wood that places you closer to the action thanks to its ergonomic front curve.

Available in red, white or black, it’s convenient to boot thanks to its microfiber surface which is waterproof, easy to clean and removes the need for a mouse mat. Another useful feature is its cable management pouch that’s positioned underneath the desk and works in tandem with three cut-outs used for snaking wires out of sight.

7. Respawn 3010 Gaming Desk Best Gaming Desks

Its name may sound like a Nokia handset from the 90s, but the Respawn 3010 is no joke. Featuring appendages where most gaming desks have none, the 3010 includes a dedicated monitor shelf and lets you hang anything from gaming accessories to cups from its multiple trays for easy retrieval.

And with a maximum 200lb weight capacity that’s enabled by its sturdy steel tube frame, the Respawn will support pretty much anything you place on it and then some. The gaming desk is available to buy in black with a choice of two-tone colour flourishes – including blue, red, grey and green to match Respawn’s line of gaming chairs.

Best Gaming Desks

8. Flash Furniture Computer Desk

If gaming desks are too gaudy for you, this traditional-styled alternative from Flash Furniture will (quite literally) help raise your game – all without breaking the bank. Its elevated top shelf is suitable for positioning a larger monitor or two smaller ones, which leaves the lower tier free for laying out an ample-sized mouse mat.

We particularly like this desk’s bottom shelf, which can be used to position anything from a power surge strip to a PC tower, console or gaming accessories. Reinforced by horizontal metal bars and supported by long legs at the base, the Flash Furniture is plenty sturdy despite its tall frame.

9. Thermaltake Tt Gaming Level 20 GT Battlestation Computer Gaming Desk

Throw away your gigantic mouse mat, as the snappily-named Tt Gaming Level 20 Battlestation flaunts a full cloth mouse pad that’s removable and washable. It sits atop a generously thick desktop, which is height adjustable and protected by a wear-resistant powdered coating to withstand knocks and scrapes.

Reinforced with steel across its two legs, this is one gaming desk that won’t suffer from the shakes. Nor will it leave you agitated by unruly cabling thanks to a smart cable management tray underneath that spans almost its entire horizontal length.

10. Lian-Li DK-04X Electrical Height Adjustable Desk Case

If you’ve ever fancied housing your PC components inside a standing desk, Lian-Li has you covered. This motorized standing desk doubles up as a PC case on (sturdy) legs, making for an attractive and minimalist option – if you have deep pockets. Billed by its maker as the first-ever standing computer desk, its chassis accommodates drive mounting, water-cooling support and electrical height adjustment that can be fine-tuned to different users’ needs.

Best Gaming Desks

It supports a range of motherboard types including ATX, E-ATX and Micro-ATX; whichever you’re using, fitting components is a doozy thanks to a removable motherboard tray which uses anchored cable clips to simplify cable routing.


These were some of the best gamong desktops that will help you to play games a bit longer if you are suffering from pains or strains or you are a professional gamer.

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