Best Gaming Hard Drives That You Can Buy For Your PC

Best Gaming Hard Drives

In the following article we have chosen 5 of the best HDD’s available catering to all needs and situations leaving no stone unturned. They range from Hybrid storage solutions to budget options with sizes varying from 500GB up to 14TB! Let us see Best Gaming Hard Drives.

1. Seagate FireCuda Best Gaming Hard Drives

Seagate really is a name you can rely on when it comes to storage devices. The Firecuda comes packed with the 2 essential features that every storage junkie requires speed and capacity.

For those that don’t know, the Firecuda is an SSHD. This is a hybrid storage solution that has been engineered to have the features of both an SSD and an HDD in one. The best of both worlds. It has been equipped with 8GB of high-performance solid-state memory which gives it lightning quick loading times whilst still having a total capacity of 2TB.

We couldn’t think of a more fitting champion in the best performance category.

2. Seagate BarraCuda Best Gaming Hard Drives

The Seagate Barracuda comes with a solid 3TB of storage space for you to mess around with. That’s enough storage space to accommodate all your steam games, media files, and important files making it the perfect selection for our $800 and $1000 builds. In many situations, this still leaves you with a tonne of space to play around with.

Keep in mind that modern games today are starting to require spaces of at least 20-ish GB. With this, you can easily store about 120 25GB games no sweat. It is without a doubt, the best all-round internal hard drive for gaming.

3. Western Digital UltraStar HDD

This monster of a storage solution is our top pick for the streamers and 4k video editors out there. Even though this was primarily built with NAS in mind, we feel it has a legitimate claim as our large capacity option.

With movements in modern technology becoming ever more frequent it won’t be long before we see the likes of 8k being more and more mainstream. For now however we’re in the ages of 4k, and for those that edit this kind of file, you understand the importance of enjoying a lot of storage.

Best Gaming Hard Drives

We’ve named the Western Digital 14TB Ultrastar our top large capacity internal hard drive. It’s 7200RPM, as you’d expect, and comes with a 512MB cache which is much more efficient than any large storage on the market right now.

4. Seagate FireCuda 1TB Best Gaming Hard Drives

Like the 2TB FireCuda, you get both speed and storage capacity in one here.

You have 1TB of storage space to play with in this model, enough room to store all your primary AAA game titles with ease. Further to this, the Firecuda has the luxury boot speeds and loading times which rival that of the SSD, making it much more effective than your regular HDD storage options.

If you liked the look of the 2TB Firecuda but can’t quite stomach the cost, this is surely the next best option for you. Essentially, this does what the 2TB version can do but only has half the capacity.

5. WD Blue 500GB Hard Drive Best Gaming Hard Drives

When you’re on a really tight budget but you badly need a storage space in the meantime, this surely is the best you could get. With a price that’s under $15, you get a 320GB storage space with a 7200RPM speeds – enough to make sure you get a decent performance compared to what you could find in the price range.

How We Choose Best Gaming Hard Drives

As most will know, modern-day games are becoming much more demanding, for this reason, we decided to do some extensive research online to make sure the products we’re recommending are the best types of hard drive for gaming.

Since SSDs are king when it comes to speeds, we decided to limit our review to the HDD and SSHD boundaries. We didn’t solely rely on what we found on our end but instead, we also checked what our fellow professionals have to say about the hard drives to get a deeper understanding of the features.

Instead of just randomly picking colorful and cool hard drives we could find online, we spent an entire week checking reviews, forums, benchmarks, as well as feedback from manufacturer websites like Seagate, Toshiba, and Western Digital.

After spending over 6 days hunting and foraging for useful information, we purchased 12 hard drives that a lot of you guys are recommending over the internet. We want to personally test them out and see whether or not they perform according to what they were claimed to be.

Best Gaming Hard Drives

We have all the benchmarks and results below and if this is what really matters to you, you can go ahead and check it out right away.

Features To Check When Choosing The Right Hard Drive For You

Storage Needs

First and foremost, address your storage needs.

If you’re a PC enthusiast and you have a large library of games which you play on a regular basis, a large HDD is a no-brainer. This becomes even more important once you start using game recording software, like Shadowplay, which generates large raw video files on your HDD for you to deal with.

Since 2019, games are becoming heavier and heavier meaning it’s important to invest in a storage device with at least 1TB of space, if possible.

If you’re a gamer who isn’t trying to play every game under the sun, however, a smaller drive may be better-suited for you. Console gamers can probably make full use of the 1TB SSHD option we’ve provided since your storage will only be mainly used for games and not media files.

If you’re just squeezing in a budget, our Western Digital drive may be your best bet. While we’d highly recommend updating your storage at some point in the future, buying PCs in the $300 and under price range often means sacrificing storage for performance.

Does Hybrid Actually Matter?

Hybrid HDDs are an amazing compromise between an SSD’s speed and HDD’s raw storage and are often just the compromise people need.

If you wanted the absolute best performance in all your gaming and applications, a 2TB SSD would get that job done and then some. Unfortunately, SSDs cost way more per GB than HDDs do, and having space for all your games on an SSD simply isn’t feasible for most.

Meanwhile, a 2TB HDD is more than enough space for most people to store their games and media. I’ve been using a 2TB HDD for years now and I still haven’t quite filled it up, despite all the downloads and video recording I’ve done on my PC!

However, an HDD can sometimes become subject to slower loading times. As my HDD has aged, I’ve noticed its performance drop, meaning I’m left sitting on loading screens much longer than my contemporaries are.

A Hybrid HDD balances the benefits of both storage types but doesn’t quite replace either of them.


If you’re squeezing performance-per-dollar to the max with a budget build, go with the Western Digital Blue (500GB).

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