Best Idle Games That’s Worth Giving A Try In This 2020

Best Idle Games

Idle games are also known as clicker games or clicking games. The game will often have the player wait for the construction of buildings, or the gathering of resources to extend gameplay. In short, you usually start small: a lone warrior, a small building, a lowly butterfly net. Soon you become an expert, acquiring resources, and dominating the game with nothing but the click of your finger. In this article, we will look into some of the best Idle Games for Android, PC and mac as well. If you are a game lover, you might also love the most popular gacha games.

List Of Best Idle Games For You:

1. Cookie Clicker:

This is the trailblazer of the idle game genre. It is considered the most important incremental game in terms of developing the genre further.

In it, the player gains a cookie each time they click. With the cookies gained by clicking the giant cookie, buildings and other things can be purchased. After a while, upgrades and the like can be utilized to get more cookies per click, and even collect cookies on its own.

Best Idle Games

2. Doge Miner:

In Doge Miner, everyone’s favorite Shiba dog mines for ‘dogecoin’. You start with one mound of rock to mine. Quickly, you earn enough coins to hire more Shiba Inu pups to help you mine some coin. Your DPS, (dogecoin per second), will be displayed.

I got sidetracked by playing this game as I was researching for it. It’s truly addicting, and it is so simple!

You will acquire more coins, eventually buying a rocket ship to fly to the moon. If you love the internet’s quirkiness and want something more unique to play, Doge Miner will scratch that itch.

Best Idle Games

3. Enchanted Heroes:

You can be a knight, attacking enemies with a simple click. Who needs to punish a monster by executing a bunch of moves using a bunch of different keys? All you need to do is click directly on the monster to hear it. You can also click yourself to heal after taking damage.

Upgrades include new weapons and armor for your hero. When you take a break from the screen, heroes will continue to slay beasts for you, earning your income to buy the upgrades and power-ups.

Best Idle Games

5. Grow Defense:

The 3D graphics are super stylish and cartoonish, conjuring up images of Orcs Must Die and its derivatives. You, of course, need to click to defend your castle. You start with a little tiny gatehouse being assaulted by the equivalent of the goombahs from Super Mario.

Instead of clicking merely anywhere, you need to click directly on the enemy to launch projectiles at them. The game is presented through different rounds in which you will defeat a certain number of enemies.

6. Doge Miner 2:

You need to get to the moon to mine it for even more coins. Along with your population of doge miners as well as ‘slave kittens’ who post cute videos to the internet, you’ll be raking in coins in no time.

Different quirky upgrades, bonuses, and more allow you to bring in the coin without even clicking. You’ll get pickaxes made of moonstone, moon bases, higher doge salaries and more to increase your gold per second.

On the other hand, PUBG has added jungle mode in the new update.

6. Room Clicker:

In it, you start clicking to earn income. You can eventually afford to earn upgrades that fill out the room and make you passive income in the process. Things like a comfortable chair, new headphones, and a table will net you in the big bucks.

Not only that, but the art style is great. It is reminiscent of old school games from the NES. Some of the upgrades are worth thousands and thousands of dollars, which can be intimidating. However, if you click enough and spend your resources well on some upgrades, you will be purchasing these super expensive powerups in no time at all.

This incremental game is a cool little stylish title you should check out.

7. Idle Breakout:

This colorful and fun game is based on the original game, Breakout, in which it borrows heavily some of the aspects of it. You need to destroy blocks with numbers, (indicating the number of times that they need to be hit) and clear the board.

Upgrade the dots in which to cause damage with, so a block with a ‘156′ on it can eventually be destroyed with a touch of a certain, powered up dot. Then, you get a slew of upgrades like speed and power to make the board not just an idle game but a simple, yet effective and colorful work of art.

8. Darts Idle:

If you love darts, this is right up your alley. This simple yet effective game takes darts and adds a bunch of interesting features. With one click, you choose your dart color type, your name, and your opponent.

Once you start, it is not as simple as just throwing the darts. You need to manage your stamina and nervousness meters to make your best throw and vanquish your opponent. The upgrades, in turn, increase stamina and lowers your nervousness. This game is another best Idle Games that you can play.

9. Clicker Heroes:

This incremental game for iOS is super satisfying. Fans of RPGs will eat this one right up, as you start with a single hero, with all the clicks turning you into a veritable god.

Idle games fit right into the RPG genre flawlessly. The more you click, the stronger you get. The upgrades you get, in turn, make you hit harder and defend you more. Eventually, you’ll be stomping enemies left and right.

10. Cow Clicker:

Cow Clicker is an idle game on Facebook, making it perfect for nearly everyone to easily play. The aim of the game, however, is satirical for social media games like FarmVille and others. You need to click on a cow every 6 hours.

The creator made the game to make a scathing point about much-abused aspects of social media gaming.

Players can visit each other’s cows and click for them, and acquire money, er excuse me, ‘Mooney’ to buy upgrades and such. This game is genius because not only does it include good gameplay, but it also has a great social commentary behind it.


These were some of the most popular Idle games that you can play on your Android, PC or mac. Do give aa try and let us know which one you like the most.

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