Best Internet Speed Test Sites in 2020 [Updated Top 7 Websites]

Best Internet Speed Test Sites in 2020 [Updated Top 7 Websites]

Hey! Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the Best Internet Speed Test Sites. That will help you to test your internet speed any time.

Let’s get started:

Best Internet Speed Test Sites:

  • Speedtest.Net
  • Xfinity Speed Test
  • Internet Health Test
  • Speedsmart

Now that we know the names of some of the internet best speed Test sites, let’s discuss them in a bit detail:


Best Internet Speed Test Sites


The first name in the list is of Sppedtest.Net. It is one of the best and most trusted sites used for this purpose. It is owned by ookla, which is one of the oldest and most popular websites. Speedtest.Net is still the most trusted and fantastic option for looking to test their connection, regarding the platform they are on.

This server has a massive list of the server, which is based throughout the country and is fantastic. It also has a very user-friendly interface. The only problem with this site is that it displays some ads sometimes, but that too not very frequently other than this is one of the fantastic places that you can look for checking your internet speed.


Best Internet Speed Test Sites


Next up, we have on the list It is yet another excellent site for checking your Internet Speed. First, if you will look into this site, you will find that it is very different from other websites, which does the same work that checks the Internet Speed, which is, after all, a perfect thing as we all know that every coin has two sides of it. Therefore, its specialty is a matter of concern sometimes. Now, you may ask the question, why? It is because the user finds it quite challenging to manage it and check their internet speed simultaneously.

We would also like to let you know that the mobile version of this site is quite different from the pc version, and it is more feasible and easy to use. Therefore, the user who wants to use it on mobile and check the connection is one of the best options or sites you say for them. This site has many servers when compared to some other sites on the list. It is also a very sensible site, which is just amazing.


Best Internet Speed Test Sites


Moving into the next one, the next name in the list is of It is one of the most comprehensive options you would ever come across. It is also given the highest preference when compared to any other independent and trustworthy for carrying out the same work.

The only loophole of this site is that it does not always give accurate results. Sometimes there is a case of discrepancy other than that it is one of the most fantastic sites to opt-out for carrying out your work.


Xfinity Speed Test


Next, you have on the list the name of the Xfinity Speed test. If we talk about this, there is not much to say about it, which is a good sign. If you read this line, you may get confused; the idea is to let you know how flawless this site works. And, how effortlessly it checks up your internet speed in no time, which is lovely.

Not just this, there is also quite a bonus feature that it provides like to host a location and many different things which is just amazing. For the top-notch users, it may not turn out to be the first choice, but for average users, it is one of the first choices when it comes to selecting the site for checking the internet speed.


Internet Health Test


Moving into the list of Best Internet Speed Test Sites, Next up, we have an internet Health Test.  It is much more comprehensive then compared to any other site that is mentioned over here. For anybody looking for as much information as possible gathered from a complete and multi-step testing process. The Internet Health Test gives you all and provides you the place where you want to go.

It also checks your internet connectivity, which is one of the best things. It also is simplistic in design, which is another good thing. Internet Health Test works the best in its potential when it is connected with other services. In this way, you are also able to release some stress and which is just amazing.




Next up, we have on the list Speedsmart. It is straightforward to use, and it is a universally accepted option. It provides the accurate speed of the Internet without any kind of business, which is just amazing. Speedsmart includes ping information, which is a fantastic option for anyone out there who is quite busy and engrossed. It is also an excellent tool for people who have to spend a maximum of their time through video calls. When someone works primarily depends on the Internet and video calls, then they must regularly check the Internet.

And, this particular site helps the people to do the same, which is just amazing. What else can you ask from a website without paying even a penny, and this is something amazing.It also allows you to create an account and check out the previous tests. The most amazing part is it will enable you to check out the things from other servers too.


Last but not least, the next name on the list of It allows you to do the same things as any other name from the list, but it does little extra in the form of high-speed Internet. It is an excellent option for everyone, and therefore it has to be the best.

The next option is also related to the Internet. It is effortless to use. The interface is also very, very simple. It does not even have a start button when you start it. This is something great and fabulous.

What you should be looking in a Testing Site

There are quite a few things that you must look for while looking for the best and accurate testing site. Here is a list of things that you should be looking for while looking or a Testing site:

Ease of use – it should take a minimum of time, and it should be easy to use. It should not be the case where you spend 15 to 30 minutes learning how to check your internet speed.

Accuracy – The next name in the list is of Accuracy. No matter how excellent the site you use it, if the website does not give you an accurate result, there is no point in using it.

Commitment to Real-World Testing –  The better a site can accurately check the exact or approx Internet speed of doing ordinary things such as downloading a movie. The real test of the place is taken when it is made under normal conditions, and it is beautiful when it gives the optimum result.

A Simple Design – Any complications in the site like additional settings or tools or, for that matter, even advertisement running in the background is the primary threat. This must be avoided. These types of deterrents do not symbolize a good site for checking the internet speed.

Freedom from Bias – this is one of the most important things that you must look up to when looking for a site that checks the speed. It should be free from any type of business. Net speed tester must give accurate results. It should also not form any kind of a discrepancy as I am not acceptable at all.

Final Words:

So, this was the list of some of the Best Internet Sites. If you think there is any other site that should have been mentioned here, then do let us know about the same. We hope these sites will help you to overcome your problem of Internet Speed. Happy Surfing ☺

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