Best Inventory App to Keep Track of Your Business and Personal Assets


Are you having challenges with managing your inventory? Is the process very manual and tedious? Are you looking for an alternative way to keep track of your inventory in a simple but effective way? If your answer to the above questions is YES – then this article will lead you to the right solution.

Inventory tracking is an essential activity in every business of any industry. It is a required internal control to safeguard business assets such as materials, equipment or products. However, manual tracking of inventory movement will demand a lot of time because of its tedious process. Luckily, there a lot of inventory app available in the market today that makes inventory management easier for every business owner or individual. One notable inventory app already used by many individuals or business owners is Sortly.

What is Sortly?

Sortly is a simple but powerful free application used to keep track of your inventory easily and effectively. It is a photo-based application in which you can create a visual inventory to keep track of your stuff, office equipment, products and many more. Basically, this inventory app lets you track everything that you can imagine, and you don’t need technical knowledge to get started. As mentioned, this is a free application but with limited features. There is a paid version to fully maximize the app’s full features to save your time and make inventory tracking a breeze.

  • Features included with a free account:
  1. You can use this inventory app either on your desktop, tablet or smartphone
  2. You can track inventory up to 100 items only
  3. Let you customize one (1) field
  4. This app can scan bar codes and QR labels
  5. You can add custom tags and notes for easy reference
  • Features included with a paid membership:
  1. All features included in the free account
  2. Provide access to team members or even customers
  3. Create and print custom QR labels
  4. You can add unlimited items to monitor
  5. You can add custom fields
  6. Add multiple photos per item
  7. Batch import via CSV and export to CSV or PDF file
  8. Let you track the user activity
  9. Check in/out items using built-in scanner
  10. Data back up (up to 180 days)
  11. Other features that let you personalize your own inventory tracker

How Does Sortly Works?

Sortly works like a visual filing cabinet that shows you the things you own except that you can also monitor every movement with just a couple of clicks. Within the app, you need to set up and organize folders depending on the items and your preference. Put the items within the designated folder with all the details necessary for you to keep your tracking a breeze. Below are the four (4) simple steps you need to do to get started with this inventory app:

  1. Create a folder – Create folders within the app. You can create multiple folders within a folder to organize stuff. Just make sure that the naming convention is appropriate.
  2. Take a photo– Simply take a photo of the items you want to track and upload them in the designated folder you have created.
  3. Label your stuff – Create a custom label for each item, add details for your easy references such as the value of the items, warranties, quantity, date of purchase and many more. You can also create custom QR codes to track every item either in boxes or single items,
  4. Save, Sync and Export for Back up– Once set up is done, make sure to sync your data across devices to stay organized and keep your data secured. You can also export the information to CSV or PDF file for back up and reporting purposes.

With Sortly, you can also create a home inventory to know exactly what you have and keep track of them. This is useful for insurance purposes just in case of calamities or any fortuitous events. You can also keep track of your collectible items such as jewelry, watch and other expensive technical items. This can also be used if you want to track your clothes to know what you already have during shopping. By simply looking at the photos uploaded in the app, you can easily check if you already have the clothes you are planning to buy.

Who Can Use Sortly?

Sortly is for everyone who wants to manage business inventory in a simple but effective way or someone who wants to organize and keep track of their personal stuff. It is an inventory app that is easy to use and customizable that lets the user create an inventory management system that works best depending on user preference. This app makes the user enable to do the following:

  • Hassle-free inventory management for small to medium size businesses
  • Keeping track of valuable items or assets owned which is useful for insurance purposes in case of calamities.
  • Staying organized especially during move out/in making sure no belongings are left behind
  • Creating visual inventory of all items in storage across different location

How to register with paid account?

Getting access to Sortly paid plan is really fast and easy. First, you need to create an account and sign up for a free trial. Once the trial expires, paid subscription will start automatically. You have an option to choose either yearly or monthly plan. Note that you can save 20% if you choose the yearly plan. Paid subscription for business plan starts at $39.00 per month or $468.00 to be billed one time per year while the home plan is at $3.99 per month or $47.99 to billed once a year.

Final Verdict

Sortly is a very straightforward inventory management app – anyone can use this app trouble-free even those non-technical people. If you want to make your life easier then go, try this inventory app for free. And if you find it really useful in managing your business assets and personal properties and feel like you need to unlock all features then sign up for a paid account.

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