Best Language Learning Apps in 2020 [Genuine List]

Best Language Learning Apps

Hey! This article is going to be about the best language learning apps. all about In this technologically advanced world, and with the rise in globalization, everything has changed. And, the world that appeared to be huge once seems to be very small now. It is all because of technological advancement, and therefore, the need to communicate well has increased far more than ever. Now, one needs to know a different language to deal with people from all across the world.

If we look the other way around, then we can also say that many people want to be an interpreter or just for fun intends to know different languages. No matter what the reason may, there is one thing for sure: there is a need to learn a new language. And, with this, we jump to our question of how we can do that.

If you are also someone who is thinking this and possibly looking out for a solution, then don’t worry, you have got our back. Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the best language learning apps that would immensely help you. Another good thing is these apps are free or charge some minimal account. So, what are you waiting for! Let’s get started:

Best Language Learning Apps

  • Mondly
  • Mango
  • Memrise
  • Drops
  • Buss
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Duolingo
  • Pimsler
  • Babel


Now that we know the names of some of the Best Language Learning Apps, it is time for us to look at them in a bit detail. Let’s get started:


Best Language Learning Apps in 2020 [Genuine List]

The first name in the list of best language learning app is of Mondly. It is a fantastic application app with the help of learning many foreign languages or any particular language of your choice. The essential requirement of learning any communication from this application is that you must know the English language.

It is because all the information and learning things are given in the English language only. It appears to be faster and more natural than any other language learning app. there is also a kid’s version of this available app, which is just great.  Talking about its availability, then it is available on Web, iOs, and Android.


Best Language Learning Apps in 2020 [Genuine List]

The next name in the list of best language learning apps is Mango. It is a quite popular learning app among the people present out there. It is mainly because of the fantastic features that it provides. You would be surprised to know that it offers its learning course in more than 70 languages, which is just insane and celebrated at the same time.

Another good thing about this app is that it accepts you as your learning capacity, which is appreciable. In the middle of a lesson, you also have the facility to pause and learn it again. Isn’t this amazing! It offers some other great features too. Some libraries provide knowledge for a fee. Some charge some minimal essential costs. It is available on the web, iOs, and Android also.


Best Language Learning Apps in 2020 [Genuine List]

It is moving further to the next name in the list of Memrise. Memrise is yet another beneficial learning app. To make the learning more feasible; it also has videos from some native speakers, which makes the learning process more fun. Another good thing about this app is that it used memory learning techniques with the help of which one can learn at a faster pace.

Memrise also keeps tracks of the word that you learn and that you stumble on every time. It is an entirely helpful and straightforward app that does its job very nicely. Talking about its availability, then it is available on the web, iOs, and Android. It is quite feasible.


Best Language Learning Apps in 2020 [Genuine List]

Next up, the name in the list of best language learning apps is Drops. Its user interface is quite friendly, and also it poses some fantastic features. Because of the reasons stated above, it has got millions of downloads.  It uses a series of five minutes of exercise to drill new words. The time limit forces the learner to learn at a faster pace, which is just amazing.

It also has travel talk features, which are just amazing. It teaches you phrases you will mainly need when you go abroad, and it is just amazing. Talking about the availability of different platforms, it works well on iOs, Android, and web.


Best Language Learning Apps in 2020 [Genuine List]

Moving further, the next name in the list of best language learning apps is of Busuu. It is yet another excellent learning app that has helped millions of people to get a grip on a foreign language. It has also got some features that are just amazing and make this as accessible as it is. Apart from learning courses, it also provides traditional mimic classes, which is just great.

This app also has an offline mode, which is just amazing. It also helps them learn at a faster pace. Buss also lets you practice in offline mode and also provides some practice set for the same. It is available on the web, iOs, and Android.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Moving further, the next name on the list is Rosetta Stone. It is a fantastic learning app available for the learners present out there.  It has been in existence, for now, more than 25 years, so you can not doubt its credibility.  Its lesson also includes an exact accent speech recognition process, just a lot more comfortable.

It gives you a more intense experience that will help you to travel abroad or wherever you are. Its user interface is also fantastic; it is straightforward. Rosetta Stone works on the web, Android, and IOs, so it is quite easy to work with it. It is also quite feasible.



Next up, the name that we have on the list is Duolingo. The name of the application only speaks volumes. It is a learning app that often converts as a game, isn’t this amazing! It makes the learning process much more comfortable and fun-loving.  The apps keep you motivated. Rich is just great. I do the same by giving you constant reminders of your progress awards for progress.

The adorable owl mascot guides you through your lessons and suffers the consequence if you do not stick with it. It is available on android, web, and ios. It is quite feasible, and it is one of the best apps for learning a new language as it keeps you motivated.



Moving further, the next name in the list of best language learning apps is of Pimsler. It has some fantastic features, which makes it quite popular among the learners present. Pimsler is advisable that the learners must choose this app if they want to focus more on speaking skills. It is one of those apps that helps you to do that.

The program of this application has also got flashcards, role play challenges, and other games to help cement your knowledge, which is fantastic. It is available on the web, Android and IOs. It is quite easy to operate and which is fantastic.



Last but not least, the next name on the list is Babel. It is yet another fantastic learning app which makes the learning of a new foreign language very easy. The app uses bite-sized lessons. It also offers worksheets to make the learning more meaningful. The program repeats vocabulary throughout at each level, a proven method that has helped the learner learn at a faster rate and this is amazing.

Talking about its availability, then it is an abatable web and all the ios and android devices. It is a great learning app for learning a new language app.

Why should you learn a new language

There can be hundreds and thousands of green that can be stated. But, here is a list of quite a few:

  • you have the upper hand in your resume or cv
  • it also enhances your communication skills.
  • It opens various types of jobs for you—basically, the scope of your selected increases, which is just great.
  • There is an enormous possibility of you excelling in the field of language if you be able to manage to have a good command over any of the foreign languages.

Final words

So this was all that was to be mentioned in this particular piece of writing. We hope that you liked the information that we shared with you/ in the case; if you think that we missed out on any app that should have got listed, then do let us know about the same in the comment section given below. Trust us; this would just not help us but also the readers present out there.

Also, we must not forget that learning a new language is quite exciting. Therefore, the process for the same must be enticing so that it can bind the reader. For the same purpose, we listed various kinds of apps to get on with the hunting process. Happy learning ☺


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