5 Must Have Accessories to Buy For the Brand New Lenovo P2

Lenovo p2 accessories

Now, you have ordered the brand new Lenovo P2 online from Flipkart. It’s very common now that you need some decent accessories for your brand new smartphone. So, here’s the list of 5 cool must have Lenovo P2 accessories to order now.

Some stuffs are very important for your smartphone to protect and makes its look stunning. I think, you don’t have to wait more in ordering accessories for your phone. Here’s the list of excellent suggestions listed below.

Lenovo p2 accessories

Lenovo P2 Accessories at Flipkart & Amazon: Flip Cover, Tempered Glass, Shock Proof Case, Power Banks, etc.

If you want to choose, then there are ample suggestions available but I’m here showing you the stuffs based on importance priority basis. Let’s jump right over to stuffs list.

1. Flip Cover or Back Case Cover

The most important priority of any smartphone is its safety. So, these are very helpful stuffs at the time when your smartphone just dropped down by mistake. I basically likes only back cover as Flip Cover makes the usability difficult.

The above title has both the links for Back cover as well as Flip cover of Lenovo P2.

 2. Tempered Glasses For Lenovo P2

The second next important part is Tempered Glass protecting the screen. As recently, my smartphone is saved because of the Glass in its top. I was shooting a video using tripod and by mistake I opened the barrier without holding my phone. So, the next thing you need to purchase for your Lenovo P2 is a tempered glass.

3. Headset For Lenovo P2

As in all the reviews of Lenovo P2, it’s mentioned that the quality of provided earphones is not so good. Using that long time will result in pain of your ear. So; you have to go for a third-party headset. Below are the cool suggestions.

4. Bluetooth For Lenovo P2

Bluetooth in Lenovo P2 is good choice as because the headphone quality of P2 isn’t so awesome. And also, if you will use that headphones in your ears for a little long, you will feel pain as that headphone is plasticky.

A another best alternative for that is buying an external bluetooth for your device and use that. Here’s is the shopping link of Lenovo P2 bluetooth.

5. Virtual Reality Kit For Lenovo P2

Lenovo P2 sports 4GB of RAM with 2GHz octa-core processor, it means multi-tasking isn’t so hard for it. If you’re game lover and a movie lover then surely go for this Virtual reality kit & get the cool 3D experience while watching videos & playing games.

That’s all in Lenovo P2 Accessories

Well, our suggestions are over now. Stay tuned with us for latest smartphone updates, cool gadgets & Android tricks. Thank you for reading this post. Use above links to buy products and support us.

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