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Best Logo Makers Online:- Logo is the mirror of your mission and your vision. Logo is a one image representation of your whole idea. Whichever business you are starting, you will always need a logo. Basically, logo makes an unseasonable image in consumer’s mind. In very simple words, logo represent your brand. Therefore, your logo must be professional, adequate and accurate to your vision.

First, make sure you have a clear picture of your logo in your mind. You have to deeply understand which service you are providing to the customers and what your service mean to them. Before, creating your logo you must research your competition in the market. You have to learn from your competition and it will help you to make both your service and logo genuine. You have to get inspired and make sure your vision, tone, mission and voice all our clearly displayed in your logo.

To get the logo of your dream, you have to try with different color arrangements, image ordering and fonts. If you don’t need to pay and let someone do your work then create your logo on your own as well. Make sure to get feedback of your creation from constructive people and get honest reviews.

There are a good number of online websites and apps are available that let you create your professional logo on your own. To make the work easier, below we had featured the list of top 10 best logo maker online websites and apps. We recommend going through the whole article to get every detailed information in your knowledge.

Top 10 Best Logo Makers Online Website and Apps 2019

1. Hatchful


On the top of this list, we have Hatchful as the best online website to create professional logo of your choice. You can access the website for completely free. You don’t need to pay to create your logo. This website offers user-friendly interface and the options are gorgeous easy to use. First, you enter select your business space, visual style. Once added then fill your business name and slogan.

Now, you can select the logo that matches with your vision. You can also customize it further with fonts, color, layout, icon and much more.

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2. Canva


The next best online website to create Logo is Canva. This website is not only a social media website but also known to create professional logos. Those who are newbie or just starting can go forward with Canva. This website offers really easy to use tools and options. You can choose from over 100 templates. First, this website will ask you to enter your business name then it will ask you some related questions. Now, it will show you some best logo designs based on your answers.

You can use this website for logo creating without paying a single penny. Those who doesn’t hold any experience in logo making can create professional logos here.

3. LogoMakr


Third, the best online website for logo making is LogoMakr that is very popular and widely used in logo creating arena. When you enter right on their website, they will show you a video guide regarding how to use their tools to create Logo. They also feature drag and drop interface that is very easy to use. They let you create your logo in low resolution file for completely free but if you want the file in high resolution than you have to pay them.

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4. Hipster Logo Generator


This list is incomplete without the Hipster Logo Generator name. This online website let you create your dream logo in just 5 easy to follow steps. This logo creates website is ideal for those who have more text than image to represent in their logo. The reason is that this website lags in limited icon images. Users can create their logo in 600 x 500 px for completely free but if you want to go for higher resolution then it will cost you around $10.

5. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is another useful app that let you create logo of your choice with high professional look. The interface of this website is clean and decent as well. To begin, you just have to fill in your company name then choose your industry. Once done, you can click on the start button or go through the templates. For those, who have no idea from where to start can go forward starting with templates. Otherwise, this website offers all the required options and tools that are useful in creating a professional logo. Creating logo in low resolution is free. However, you have to pay around $69 for high resolution.

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6. Logo Maker Shop

Logo Maker Shop

In the middle of this list, we have an app called Logo Maker Shop. This application is available only for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. This logo making and designing app comes with tons of options that are very useful in logo making. First, you have to select the template of your choice from their 1000+ templates. Even, it provides 200+ fonts within the app. All the featured templates are fresh and up-to-date modern designs. If you like the free version then you can go for pro that will cost you around $10.



ICONA is another leading app in this list. ICONA is very useful creating in professional logos. You can purchase this app by just paying $5. After that the whole app is yours. You can create as many logos as you want. On the main page, it provides three options to choose from. They are shape, text and drawing. After clicking shape, type the keyword of your industry. Then it will show you shapes are per your keywords. You can also customize the color and shading of your shape then go forward with adding text to it. Just enter your company name and that’s it.

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8. Logo Foundry

Logo Foundry

Whenever it comes to have one of the best app for creating professional logos, Logo Foundry pop-ups into our mind. Logo Foundry is the best app in this list and it is being widely used for logo making on iPhone and Android platform. It features more than 3000+ symbols and icons to select from. You can also watch video tutorials. Even, you can download other people logo then edit it yourself.

9. Watercolor Logo Maker


Second last in this list, we have Watercolor Logo Makers online. From its name it is very clear that it offers Watercolor style logos. If your business is matching with it then you must look for it. First, you have to choose from different watercolor style shape as background then you can customize it further by editing colors, adding text and more. The specific icon cab be unlocked by paying $3 but if you want to get access on all the features then it will cost you around $10.

10. Makr


Last in this list but not the least, we have Makr. Initially, you have to start with selecting a template. There are a good variety of categories of templates are available. Further, there are numerous templates are available in each category. You can download this app for completely free but once, you have created a logo then you have to pay around $6.99 per logo. If you can pay then it is a must try app.

Final Verdict

Above, we have featured the list of top 10 best logo makers online. If you face any problem even while creating logos on above listed websites and apps then please make sure to comment below, we will try our best to resolve your problems.

Also, share this useful guide to all your friends and family who are starting with logo for their brand. Make sure to follow us on our social media platforms to stay updated.

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