Best Logo Making App That You Can Use If You Want A Cool Logo

Best Logo Making App

There are a lot of reasons to need a logo. You may have a shop on Etsy and need an eye-catching design or you may need one for your YouTube or Twitch channel. Whatever the reason, a logo is kind of a big deal. It identifies you quickly and it looks professional. There are a ton of ways to make a logo. Some even make their own with various drawing or graphic design apps. Others aren’t so artistically talented and may need a little extra assistance. We can help out either way. Here are some excellent logo making apps to help you make something that look at least relatively decent. Let us talk about Best Logo Making App.

Getting a great logo for your business is very important—it is the face of your brand, after all. The good thing about making a logo: you have options. The bad: many of these are expensive, especially if you’re an entrepreneur just starting out. That’s where logo design apps come in.

Best Logo Making App, Advantages Of Logo Making Apps:

  • On-the-go convenience. First, and needless to say, you can use them anytime and anywhere. This may seem superfluous at first, but it makes a huge difference when you consider that the life of an entrepreneur is often on the move, running from one meeting to another. Therefore it’s much easier to carve out 10 minutes here and there to come up with several iterations of a logo on your phone, as opposed to needing to sit down in front of your desktop to get it done.
  • Easy, user-friendly interface. Secondly, apps tend to have a better user interface than most of their web counterparts. Because the mobile screen real estate is significantly smaller, the apps are typically very well organized and lead you from one step of creating a logo to the next without overwhelming you. Also, you can use your fingers to resize, rotate and move things around, which is more fun than using a mouse.
  • Modern designs. Finally, the style and quality of the design you get with the apps itself is different. This ranges widely from one app to the other, but in general I’ve found mobile logo maker apps to offer more modern designs than many web-based logo makers.

The Best Logo Making App

So you can focus your time on the top options, we’re including below a ranking of the logo apps we tried out, according to these criteria:

  • Ease of use: measures how user-friendly and quick to create a logo the tool is, from Easy to Complex (90% fall in the Easy or Medium categories).
  • Customizability: measures how much you can customize the logo suggestions, e.g. by color, layout, size etc, from Low to High.
  • Cost: measures the cost to download the app itself and/or to download the logo you created, from 0 (when it’s completely free) to three-dollar signs as the most expensive option.
  • End result: measures how much I love the logo I got—within the constraints of using a logo maker app—from 1 star to 4 stars.
  • Best for: Since there’s not a universal “best” app for all logo needs, this is a quick tip on which kind of business and brand each app is best suited for.

Let’s take a look at all your options when it comes to getting a logo, ranked from most expensive to most affordable:

Adobe apps Best Logo Making App

Price: Free / $52.99 per month

Adobe has some of the most powerful creator tools available and it’s no different on mobile. Some options for logo needs include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Capture, Adobe Comp, and a few others. For the purposes of this list, though, we like Illustrator and Capture the most. Illustrator is basically a less powerful, mobile version of the desktop app. You can create a lot of artwork there and turn them into logos. Capture lets you take pictures of things and turn them into vector graphics. Capture in particular is excellent for a good, simple logo, especially if you see some inspiration in real life. You can use the apps for free, but you need the Creative Cloud subscription to unlock everything.

Best Logo Making App


Price: Free / $12.95 per month / $119.49 per year

Canva is kind of the big dog in this space. It’s a graphic design app with a bunch of features for general graphic design and some more specific use cases. You can start out with a blank canvas or import a design you already have. Additionally, you can add text, photos, and other elements. You also get access to 500 fonts, logo templates, and some other goodies. It’s a bit expensive and we’re never fans of subscriptions. Otherwise, it’s a solid app overall.

Dotpict Best Logo Making App

Price: Free / $6.49

Dotpict is a simple drawing app for pixel artists. Pixel are is kind of in right now for a lot of creators and an app like this lets you create your own pieces of pixel art rather easily. It’s a simple app overall, but it includes some neat features like a consistent auto-save and it lets you draw without hiding the pen tip with your finger. Additionally, you get the usual stuff like undo, redo, zoom, and you can add or remove the pixel grid to see your final product as you work. The app is free to use or you can get the pro version for $6.49.

Font Rush

Price: Free / $3.99

Font Rush is an excellent tool if you need a logo. It boasts over 200 fonts along with 250 background images for use on photos. You can, of course, use this app on logos as well if you want to. It’s a simple process. You import your logo image, add your text, and then change the font until you find something you like. It is mostly for social media and other such platforms and so the tools work toward that end, but it’s one of the few good ways to find some neat fonts for your logo project.

Ibis Paint X

Price: Free / Up to $7.99

Ibis Paint X is a drawing app with a lot of excellent features for logo designers. It comes with 2,500 various materials, 800 fonts, 335 brushes, 64 filters, a few dozen screen tones, 27 blending modes, and a stroke stabilization feature for more consistent lines. From there, the rest is up to you. You can design your logo, add text, and make it your own. A lot of logo maker apps use templates of some sort so you lose a bit of originality. Ibis is powerful enough for you to make something 100% original. The premium version is a bit pricey but we think it’s worth it.

Iris Logo Maker Best Logo Making App

Iris Studios makes a relatively decent logo generator. It features a lot of the same stuff you see in almost every logo maker, including various shapes, colors, backgrounds, textures, stickers, and other graphical elements. You simply find the combination you want and the app does the rest. You can add text and change the font (along with color) as necessary. Most of the stickers and icons are categorized in 25 different categories. It’s easy to use for simple stuff, but it gets expensive pretty quickly if you want the premium version.

Logo Maker by Shopify

Price: Free

Logo Maker by Shopify is a super simple and free logo maker app. It works rather well for its price tag. You can create shapes, add colors and icons, and even add text as well. This one walks you through the process in a fairly logical manner. You choose your category, some design elements, and the app generates something for you. You can always retry if you don’t like the first idea. It’s a good, easy answer for those who need something quick.

Logo Maker Plus

Price: Free / $2.99-$4.99 / $4.99 per month

Logo Maker Plus is one of the more popular logo maker apps. It gives you a full editor where you can add graphics, change colors, and do all sorts of other tricks. The app offers a large number of graphic elements for free and you can buy more with single in-app purchases. For instance, you can get 700 additional graphics (plus no ads) for $3.99 or 1,000 (plus no ads) for $4.99. The options are powerful enough to come up with some neat stuff and you can even transport transparent backgrounds with your logo. The $4.99 per month price tag is only for people who intend to sell logos they make with the app so it won’t matter to most people.

Best Logo Making App

Palette Best Logo Making App

Palette is an interesting design app. It doesn’t make logos or anything fancy like that. Instead, it helps you find colors. You can take a photo of something and the app tells you all of the colors along with the hex code of each one so you can reproduce it in other apps. You can also save favorite colors, use stock photos or your own, and you can even create and save full color palettes. From there, just take the hex values and plug them in to other apps to get the exact colors you want. It’s a helpful tool you can use to help get your logo just the right color.

Z Mobile Logo Maker

Price: Free / $4.99 per month / $14.99 per year

Z Mobile’s Logo Maker is another simple solution for a quick logo. You start from the ground up with a blank canvas and you add a bunch of elements until you get something you like. The app includes over 100 background images, 3D rotation, textures and overlays, filters, over 100 fonts, and you can render it with a transparent background for use on other graphics. The free version is more or less fine and it comes with a monthly subscription to unlock all of the features.

Logo Maker Shop (by: Limepresso)

While starting with a blank canvas is an option, it’s always easier to start by looking at the 1000+ logo templates that the app comes with. Once you pick your favorite, you can customize the text using the 200+ fonts and choose to add different symbols and a background to really personalize the template to your brand.


The logo templates are really modern and well-designed, even the free ones! Most options are either wordmark style or have simple, clean icons. If your brand is bold and hip, look no further.


Some templates (categorized as “Basic”) are free, but most templates are marked as “Pro” and can be accessed by paying $10.

Best Logo Making App Makr (by: Happy Media) 

Start by choosing a template, categorized by Business, Wedding, Monograms, Campus Life, Events & Activities, Sports, Fun, Local, Gifts, Charity. Alternatively, you could start with a blank canvas and upload your own pictures and shapes. Then customize the template by changing icons, text, colors, styling etc. You can also upload your own art. Finally, you can download your transparent PNG file. Besides logos, you can use this app also to design tees or totes, which can also be relevant for your business.

Makr designs are certainly hip and modern. Your logo may not end up being that differentiated as the icons are pretty basic (there’s no specific travel-oriented icons, for example), but it will be sleek and well-balanced in terms of the font and shapes. Therefore this app is probably best suited to retail businesses, and also a good choice if you want a wordmark logo without icons.

Logo maker – Logo Creator (by: Chue Dave)

Start by choosing a B&W logo template among the suggested options—some of them are accessible, others are locked in the free app. Next, edit your icon in a canvas display that allows you to adjust fonts, colors and overlays, and also to add stickers (such as icons, ornaments and ribbons) or even your own pictures.

The free app is quite limited, but once you unlock the paid options, there’s a lot you can do with this app! It comes with a ton of preloaded backgrounds, icons, overlays to create various versions of your logo. The editor is easy and fun to use. The aesthetics of the logos definitely veers toward casual rather than professional, however, so this would not be the best choice if your company serves other businesses, for instance.

Watercolor Logo Maker (by: Tap Flat Apps)

First, choose the watercolor-style shape that will constitute the background for your logo. Then, you’ll be led to the editor, where you can adjust colors, add text, and make further customizations.

As the name indicates, this app offers watercolor style logos. The question you should ask yourself is: does this match my company’s brand? If you’re running an art store or an ice-cream shop; if your brand is cute and a bit whimsical; this could be a perfect choice. If you’re running a B2B company, keep moving.

DesignMantic – Logo Maker (by: Right Solution)

The app’s process is quite similar to the desktop version, which we’ve previously covered. Basically, you enter your company name and optionally a slogan. Then the app will automatically generate a variety of logos for you—keep scrolling to see a lot of different combinations. To get more specific results, pick your industry from their drop-down menu. Once you find a template you like, adjust the logo by customizing fonts, colors, and all that good stuff.

There are thousands of icons to choose from, so the industry categorization really helps. The icons are definitely on the cartoonish side and less modern. However, there are more logo opportunities on DesignMantic than many other mobile logo apps when it comes to professional businesses on the more serious side of branding. Unfortunately, the user experience of the canvas and editing is not as seamless as that of other apps.

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker (by: RoadRocks)

First, you pick the icon for your logo from the following categories: Iconic (abstract icons), Pro (professional/business icons), Art, Lifestyle, Fashion and People. You can tap and hold to add Favorites as you peruse the logo options. After picking an icon, you can add your company name, which you can further edit by font, size, and alignment. You can keep editing by changing the icon colors and optionally a background color. Finally, you can send it to yourself via email directly within the app.

Generally, the style of the icons is cartoonish: a step beyond clip-arts, but still not very modern. As nice as it is to use your fingers to move and resize the icon and text, this gives you less control: sometimes you end up doing things you didn’t mean to without an option to undo the changes.

Logo Maker + Logo Creator (by: Jagwinder Singh)

Scroll through the many categories of templates, including Bagdes, Frames, Artworks, Masks, Signs, Vintage etc. to get a sense of the wide array of directions that you can take your logo. Then, select your favorite to move onto editing, where you can tweak your fonts, backgrounds, and colors.

The interface of this app is quite confusing, with a lot of categories of logos, some of which fairly random. The UX of the editor too is unnecessarily complex. Some of the templates aren’t fully editable and the color ranges are limited. The most frustrating aspect of this experience were ads that covered the screen every 10 seconds as you’re editing — not necessarily the best technique to get the user to convert to paid. Free logo design app with limited range, and pay $4 to unlock everything.

Summary – Are logo design apps for you?

To sum up, a logo maker app can be a good resource for entrepreneurs, especially as you’re just starting out, or if you need a quick, disposable logo for an event. While apps have their limitations in styles and differentiation, as all online logo makers do, they are a convenient, fast and cheap way to produce a first logo for your business. Especially if you’re running a consumer business and your brand is young and modern, mobile apps can offer a solid logo solution.

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