Best Minecraft Builds That Are Really Cool And You Should Try

Best Minecraft Builds

What are the best Minecraft builds for Java and Windows 10 edition? Mojang’s creative sandbox game has been around for more than a decade and, in that time, its dedicate artists and architects have produced a dizzying array of cool builds in Minecraft for your viewing pleasure. In this article, we will be talking about Best Minecraft Builds.

Sampling the cream of the Minecraft mega build crop is like taking an all-inclusive tour of not just this world, but many – just without any food and accommodation. This list will take you to Middle-earth, Tamriel, and Azeroth to name a few, while still having you home in time for tea. But, if you’re happier having a poke around your home planet of Earth, you can visit the – not-yet-sunk, luckily – RMS Titanic, and Europe’s Imperial Summer Palace.

Just as you’ll find in our selection of the Best Minecraft Builds and Minecraft skins, this collection of builds has something for every kind of player. So pack your bags and get ready to marvel at the best combinations of brick and mortar to ever grace Mojang’s pixel-perfect universe – here are the very best Minecraft builds around.


The Imperial Summer Palace is based on many of Europe’s most famous buildings AND Best Minecraft Builds, taking inspiration from Schönbrunn Palace, Versailles, and St. Petersburg’s Hermitage. It’s regal, both outside and in, with its gorgeous gardens complementing vast, opulent interiors.


It just so happens that one of the most distinctive homes ever constructed suits Minecraft rather well – proved by the many reproductions of Frank Lloyd Wright’s angular creation, Fallingwater. If you need a hand getting to your new water retreat, here’s how to make a boat in Minecraft.


Similarly, there are many Minecraft mega builds of the Titanic out there, including this one built way back in the alpha days of Mojang’s sandbox, but we like this French interpretation the best as it shows off the most color and detail.


For all the real-world architecture that serves as inspiration, there’s plenty in the realm of high fantasy that also tickles the imagination. Take this fantastic Minas Tirith to render, for example, which is as beautiful as it is imposing.


The only thing that could impress us more would be if someone started work on a Minecraft build that encompassed the whole of Middle-earth itself, all those famous locations from the… wait, what? Are you serious?

Excuse us, we’ve just been informed that this Middle-earth project is underway and, despite it not being unfinished, it’s already one of the best Minecraft servers you can visit.

Best Minecraft Builds


We’re not sure this space shuttle would make it through Eath’s atmosphere. But we do like the idea of being able to build your own rocket.


Attention to detail, patience and hours and hours of free time. This Minecrafter likely has it all. This impressive creation was lovingly crafted back in 2013 but is no less impressive now. It’s said to represent King’s Landing from Game of Thrones.


Another Minecrafter with some serious talent. This impressive city view was incredibly crafted within Minecraft and yet at a glance could easily be mistaken for a real city.


Sometimes it’s the simplest creations that catch the eye. This humble treehouse might not be as impressive as some of the other Minecraft creations on our list, but it’s certainly a fantastic sight. We can imagine it as a great place to duck into and escape from reality.


It might look too good to be true, but until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out later this year, this amazing Minecraft map might be the closest you can get to the technological future of Night City.


Any sizeable city needs an airport, and this super-accurate example is an impressive one, at that. With a fleet of planes and even a detailed parking lot, it’s a great recreation.


Although some might argue that this plane is nowhere near decimated enough to have really crashed in this forest, we just appreciate the detail. A fair bit of effort must have gone into making this one if nothing else.


Moving from ancient Rome to ancient Greece takes us to Athens’ Acropolis, one of the wonders of the ancient world for good reason. It’s a stunning site, and almost as impressive in this Minecraft map as it is in reality.

Best Minecraft Builds


This masterpiece was created by Drash2005 and is designed to be a Minecraft replica of the real ship SS Augusta Victoria that originally sailed the seas in 1888. This Minecraft version was even built with the same dimensions as the original ship, which is an impressive feat in itself.


And there you have it, the best Minecraft builds the genius architects of Mojang’s world could rustle up. It’s a journey that’s taken in multiple worlds – including the entirety of our own, that’s still blowing our minds – mazes, and quaint fictional Minecraft villages. Now you’re done, take a gander at the games like Minecraft you should try next. But, if you’re a Mojang loyalist, try your best to overcome the holiday blues and save up the pennies for your next life-changing adventure to the most amazing builds in Minecraft.

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