Best MMORPG Games You Should Give A Try In 2020

Best MMORPG Games

Gaming is another way to live our fantasies. Thanks to the massively multiplayer online role-playing games or MMORPG, the gamers feel a bit more alive. These games take you away from this world and drop you into the world of fantasies. There are adventures, action, battles, magic, and much more. In This article we’ll discuss about best MMORPG Games.

But what is the best MMORPG game?

Scroll down to find the names of some of the best MMORPG games that will make your day:

Blade and soul

Best MMORPG games

Master the martial art and fight the dark power to seek vengeance for all their wrong deeds, with blade and soul. This Korean game gives you a chance to live your martial art fantasies. Intricately designed with hints of the visual style of artist Hyung Tae Kim, the game offers an exciting gameplay.

Like other MMORPG games, you are privileged to customize your character and give it an outlook you would want for yourself.

The entire game revolves around unique races and ten compelling classes that will blow your mind.

Choose to be the mighty Gon, and be the master of the natural world, Yun, or the mystical Lyn, either way, the battle will be storming and filled with joy.

The game’s outstanding graphics will allure you to stay longer in the game as the sharp characters are too fascinating to ignore!

Become a mighty determined warrior and rise, strive, avenge, and seek your vengeance!

Final Fantasy

Best MMORPG games

The entire idea of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game is to live the Fantasy we dream. When it comes to gamers’ imagination, they dream of fantastic gameplay, a lot of adventure, action, thrillers, and brilliant graphics. Final Fantasy is a blended mixture of all such elements.

The game takes you into a virtual world where all the players can interact with each other and the environment. The players can create and customize their characters, including name, race, gender, facial feature, starting classes, and everything else.

The players have to fight enemies using a physical attack, weapon skills, and magical attacks throughout the game. The game features a beautiful story that has been plotted in the fictional world of Hydaelyn. So get your access to the game and enjoy it to the fullest and relive your gaming fantasies.

Download the game for free from its official website.

Guild Wars 2

Best MMORPG games

Guild Wars 2 takes the fascination a bit higher. The game is a mixture of exclusive storylines, fearless characters, instanced combat, dynamic events, and outstanding gameplay—the awe-inspiring landscapes of the gameland feature fast-paced action combat, which make it a must-play game.

You can customize your character and emerge as one of the five primary races from Tyria- noble humans, valiant norn, ferocious charr, ingenious asura, or mysterious sylvari.

Once you know what you want to be, it’s time to opt for a profession for you. Choose between eight explicit professions, each having its indispensable power, that will fit your style.

Either you choose to be a magical duelist, Mesmer, and use many powerful tools and strategies to ensure that their enemies can’t believe their own eyes, or be guardians and devote your life protecting the allies and smiting the enemies.

Whatever profession you will choose, fun is at your doorstep! Attack, dodge, or roll away from enemy blows, choose from the game’s great combats and try to stick longer without surrendering yourself to the enemy.

This game is crazy in a nutshell, and you must taste the craziness for at least once!

Play the game from its official website for free.

Star Wars

Best MMORPG games

The entire series of star games counts as must-play games for MMORPG lovers. If you choose to play Star Wars, squadrons will be ready to master the art of starfighter combat and get into the battle.

Get to live your fantasy of being a pilot with the authentic piloting experience of Star Wars: Squadrons.

Get up and buckle up for the dogfight alongside your squadron! Customize your character and modify starfighter and triumph as a team.

The players playing pilots have to complete tactical objectives across known and never-before-seen battlefields throughout the game, including the gas giant of Yavin Prime and Galician shattered moon.

You will fall for this game, so give it a try!

Download the game for free from its official website.


Best MMORPG games


If you want to taste the higher level of adventure and danger, you must try the awarded and officially licensed game- Neverwinter. The game features the dangerous dungeons and dragons that take you off into a whole world of fire, adventure, and a bucket full of adrenaline rush!

It is an entirely free game where you get to visit iconic locations, classes, and encounters. Throughout your Forgotten Realms journey, you have to defend your beloved city by facing off dangers.

Get to witness epic stories, action combat, customize your roleplay, and enter the fantastic world of Neverwinter beholding your breath.

Download the game for free from its official website.


Best MMORPG games

This game is crazy, dangerous, enthralling, and everything that would synonym ‘best game.’ The graphics of the game are sharp enough to scratch your heart!

TERA short for The Exiled Realm of Arborea is a gift to all the gamers by Bluehole Studio.

The game is packed with extensive MMORPG features like questing, crafting, action, and a one-on-one fight. Incorporated with a third-person camera view, the game features real-time battle combat that will leave you with a ‘wow.’

The game is all about ‘do or die.’ You have to attack your enemies with a cross-hair cursor and meanwhile dodge their attacks to save your life. Control the characters of the game with the help of your mouse cursor pad or keyboard controls.

You get to customize your character from the seven available races, each gifted with a set of unique ‘racial skills.’

Take yourself into a completely different animated zone with this superb MMORPG game.

Download the game for free from its official website.


Best MMORPG games

Epic fantasy is a word that can truly define this awesome MMORPG game. The game is entirely free of predefined paths and progression. You get to siphon incredible powers from 165 unique class combinations and travel your journey from the starting continents of Haranya and Nuia to the lost shores of Auroria, where magic was born.

Define your path and ahead with your self made progression by contouring uncountable dangers.

Master over 20 crafting skills, build houses, farm trade, and live into fantasyland away from the hassles’ real world.

Download the game for free from its official website.

World of warcraft

Best MMORPG games

Races, talents, and classes are indispensable parts of a fantasy world known as the world of warcraft. It is a top-rated MMORPG game that takes you on a roller coaster ride of adventure. The game offers you to feel like a hero and be one of Azeroth’s legends and fight against the darkness.

While you enter Azeroth, you have to customize your character and give yourself a heroic hairdo. Define your avatar in the game by choosing your class and race. Pick any that make you feel the best of you.

Get your access to your spellbook and keep track of your abilities. To stay ahead in the game, the player needs to have a subtle knowledge of resources, and knowing how to pace their attacks is a must.

So what are you waiting for? Download the game and explore this fantasy world and be the hero you have always dreamt of!

Download the game for free from its official website.



Suppose you are willing for a thrill in MMORPG games, this game is the best option for is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game. This game was first a browser game, but later looking at its popularity level, it was also launched on different platforms.

Runescape had over 200 million accounts created, and the Guinness World Record recognizes it as the world’s largest and most updated free MMORPG. This game takes place in a Gielinor, a medieval fantasy divided into different kingdoms, regions, and cities.

The player gets to travel throughout Gielinor. RuneScape is not based on a linear storyline; instead, players set their own goals and objectives. Unlike other games, players can choose to fight non-player characters, and PC Monsters complete quest to increase their experience.

The players interact with others through trading, chatting, or participating in mini-games and activities. In contrast, others required Cooperative and collaborative play. This game is worth a try if you are an MMORPG game lover.

Download the game for free from its official website.

Final words For Best MMORPG games

It was the list of the best MMORPG games that you should give a shot! Drop the name of your favorite game in the comments section below.

And Also, if any game you know that’s not in the list, let everyone know in comment section.

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