5 Best Nova Launcher Themes In 2018 (Trending & Hot)

Best Nova Launcher Themes
Best Nova Launcher Themes

Best Nova Launcher Themes Overview

Nova launcher is one of the best launcher available on the internet. It is the free and worth for trying launcher. The Nova Launcher Prime App is also available to download but you can also download it for free. Today we have the Best Nova Launcher Themes that everyone loves to use in their nova launcher.

If you are looking for the awesome and the Best Nova Launcher Theme then you are in right place. Yes, STG is the best place and today We are going to share some awesome thees for nova launcher. that you can download for free.

Best Nova Launcher Themes
Best Nova Launcher Themes

Note: A big issue with Using Best Nova Launcher themes and icon packs is that there are fully no thanks to cowl all apps once it involves coming up with custom icons. thus solely thought apps that area unit already established have custom icons offered. If you’re employing a comparatively new app or Associate in Nursing obscure one, chances are high that the icon pack might not support it. There are many workarounds you’ll use to eliminate those misplaced icons, however, this method will take tons of your time looking at what percentage app icons you would like to interchange.

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Best Nova Launcher Themes Free Download

#1 CandyCons (Download Now)

The icon of this theme is just love. CandyCons stand out just because it follows Google’s material style and it’s fabulous with Nova Launcher’s simple interface. By cons square measure all styled consistently with the colour palette that comes with Google material design pointers. every icon is formed with nice attention to detail and appears fantastic.

Best Nova Launcher Themes
Best Nova Launcher Themes

The star Launcher icon pack comes with 1070 icons still as totally different colour variants for a few apps. There also are twenty totally different wallpapers that escort the pack and that they complement the icons rather well. I think this of the best nova launcher themes.

#2 Polycon (Download now)

Polycon comes with 800 totally different vector icons that scale unbelievably well on any screen size still as resolution. There conjointly custom folder icons, custom app drawer icons and a server-based icon requesting system. It conjointly follows Google’s material style image and appears fantastic any wallpaper. you’ll be able to set up star Launcher’s custom theme colour to something and therefore the icons can look nice with it. there’s conjointly a custom dashboard style that permits for additional customization.

Best Nova Launcher Themes

However, the developers have touched on to a different project thus you won’t be able to request additional icons however the enclosed one’s square measure up to now and appearance fantastic.this is the reason it is in the list of Best Nova Launcher Themes.

#3 Material Style (Download Now)

The material style is altogether the fad of late and there’s an honest reason behind that. Not solely the look appearance specialized however conjointly goes surprisingly well with a variety of various wallpapers. the colour palette and shadows are all like an expertly crafted and therefore the icons look fascinating and colourful.

Best Nova Launcher Themes
Best Nova Launcher Themes

There square measure over 920 icons on the market on this icon pack for star Launcher. However, you can also get over seventy wallpapers that not solely look superb however also assist you to build an idea trying star Launcher theme that suits your desires absolutely. You’ll conjointly get dynamic calendars, the choice to request additional icons and even steady and regular updates.

#4 Lines (Download Now)

Trust Me Sometimes all you wish could be a square icon that goes well with nearly something you’ll be able to combine it with. Lines is precisely what the name implies, the icons square measure fabricated from lines that square measure elegant and delightful to appear at. I’ve been in person exploitation this for nearly six months and fully love its style. it’s a minimalistic look that goes very well with a black and white theme.

Best Nova Launcher Themes
Best Nova Launcher Themes

yes, for sure, you’ll be able to combine it with nearly something as a result of straightforward trying minimalistic icons square measure nearly magic once it involves pairing up. Red and white, blue and white, and even purple and white can work absolutely well. There additionally hundred and wallpapers on the market for you to decide on from that the decisions are plentiful so it can be one of the best nova launcher themes.


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