Best Online Browser Games 2020 [Play Games Without Downloading]


Hey! In this article we are going to know about some of the best online browser games. Games occupy a very special corner in everyone’s hearts. We all have spent our childhood playing games. The games have indeed changed from Raja, Mantri, Chor, sipahi to pubg, and call of duty but the feelings are still the same. We all have spent our childhood playing arcade games such as snake games, helicopter flying, etc. before the high tech action game centers our lives.

In case you miss your childhood games and want to play them again then you must feel happy that the games are still available on web browsers. Es, they have gotten into transformations but are old enough to give you nostalgia. You can play online browser games as they are free of cost and easily available. You do not need to download them as they are available on the browser itself.


Best Online Browser Games

Many browser games are enough to entertain you. Here is a list of some best online browser games which you must give a shot!:


If you are tired and tensed about your child because he spends long hours in gaming then you have got a new and better way. Hand over the online Browser game Prodigy to your child which will fulfill his  Desire of gaming and will remove your tension as it will improve his math skills.

Prodigy is a multiplayer online role-playing game where the child can be a young wizard who has to travel the entire fantasy world. To go ahead in the game the wizard needs to fight an enemy for which he has to solve a set of maths questions. This game is very helpful to improve the math skills of 1st to 8th standard. refreshes the memory of playing the snake game on Nokia. Well, it is an enhanced and more digital version of the snake that came in which you play with millions of players around the world. your only goal in this game is to become the longest snake as it will make you the winner of the game.

But to win the game you have to grow for which you have to get other Slithers to run into your body. It is a fun game that not only refreshes your mind but also puts fronts to the beautiful memories of childhood.

Best online browser games

For every one of us, the most special time of life was our childhood and memories related to it. We all must have played the snake game on Nokia phones which was probably the first game of everyone. You can now play a power line to get the same feel of the Snake game on Nokia. this time the snake has gone more digital and neon in colors.

The snake is first a Neon cube and then you have to keep eating other neon cubes to grow in size but there will be many more snakes there. You have to take care that you do not run into other snakes as it will take you back to your cube size and from there you have to start all over again. If you have to gain speed you have to walk along with the Neon snakes but not submerge into them.



We all are fond of the fantasy characters that we watch on television. Adventure Quest is a single-player RPG game that allows you to be one of those characters. You get to choose any character of your choice which can be a ninja, Wizard, fighter, or anything else and then fight against 700 Monsters.

You have to keep completing the Quest in between as the more you win when the stronger your character gets and then it will become easier for you to kill those Monsters. Adventure Quest is a magical world where you are a warrior who has to kill all the living Monsters and emerge as the winner of the fantasy world.



Best online browser games

Runescape is an MMORPG game that takes you into a fantasy world of Gielinor. The world Features diverse races, guilds, and Asian Gods who are fighting each other for domination. The Incredible graphics of the game make it more appealing for The Gamers. The game is a box full of adventure and action where you have to take part by exploring the world. To win the game, you have to make sure that you complete all the quests.



Best online browser games

Browser quest is a popular online browser game that takes you into a different world. In that world, You step As a young Warrior who has to find friends, adventure, and treasure. In between your journey you will meet a lot of enemies whom you have to kill. You can kill them alone or if you have made friends you can kill them with your friends. Once you kill your enemies you must collect the loot as it will help you a lot in the game. This is a little action-adventure game which you must try on your web browser for free of cost.


Everybody Edits

Best online browser games

Everybody edits is another popular web browser game that people love to play. it is a live multiplayer platform game where you indirectly compete with your friends. You have to create labels for them which they have to overcome if they want to win against you otherwise you are the winner. It is a fun and brain wrestling game where you have to use your mind in designing the level for your friends.


Pokémon Showdown

Pokémon Showdown

The little Pokemon is my favorite of all. We all must have played pokemon video games once in our life.  Pokemon Showdown is an online browser game that gives you the ability to play the easy version of Pokemon. It welcomes you into an ongoing battle where you have to level up and finish off your enemies.

In the game, you can build your team and choose the type of Pokemon you want to play with. It’s a fun game where you get to beat your enemies but for that, you have to catch them which requires attention and love for the game.




Neopets is an adorable game where you get to own virtual pets. You have to take care of the pets by using neo cash. You can earn your cash, buy real money, or win by chance in a game. Throughout the game, you have to feed and care for the Neopets and make sure that they do not die. It’s an adorable Timepass game where you get the feeling of having a real pet virtually. is another game to the memories refresh of childhood games. Most of us have played the Pictionary or drawn something in our childhood where we used to draw something on paper and our friends guessed it.

The same game is now available in a digital way where up to 10 players can play at a time. As soon as the game starts one player gets to draw something of his choice and others has to guess the word correctly. It’s up to you how hard you can make the word and make it difficult for your friends to guess. You have to try to get maximum points by guessing the correct answer as it will make you win this online browser game.


Frogger classic

Best online browser games

Frogger classic dates back to 1981 but still, it is one of the favorite online Browser games. As a little frog, your goal is to travel across the road but make sure that you do not bump with cars trucks, logs, Turtles, and other obstacles that will move horizontally on your screen. To get the progress in your score you have to move your frogs safely to their homes without bumping into any obstacle. This is a fun arcade game which you can play using your favorite online Browser for free of cost.


Helicopter game

Helicopter game

Helicopter game is another classic arcade game that you can play using your browser for free of cost. Your only goal in this game is to fly your helicopter as far as possible without crashing.

In the game your competition is with yourself and your records, you have to keep breaking your records to set a new one. Make sure that you do not crash with anything because as soon as you crash all your hard work will go in vain and you have to start all over again. You can try your patience and check how far you can fly!


Final Words

This was the list of best online browser games that you can play without downloading. You simply need to search for the game, open its official site, and get started. The games are free of cost and will entertain you a lot. Most of the browser games refresh memories of childhood that will make you feel better. So, you must give it a shot!

Do not forget to let us know in the comment section which game refreshes your memory of childhood.


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