Best Open Air PC Cases That You Can Give A Try

best open air pc cases

Do you want to enhance the look of your PC and make it look more attractive? Then you should buy an open-air PC case. So let us discuss about Best Open Air PC Cases.

Open-air PC cases have a lot to do with looks. For instance, you can make your PC look good by installing fancy RGB components. These include RGB LED strips, RGB fans, RGB radiators, RGB CPU cooler, and RGB RAM.

Not only this, but there are also other advantages of having these cases.

Top 7 Best Open Air PC Case

1. In Win Signature Motorcycle Steel Tube ATX Computer Case Best Open Air PC Cases

First of all, you will be able to view all the components installed in your PC with great ease. Secondly, if you find something wrong in the PC, you can easily remove or install any component without going into trouble.

Most importantly, an open-air case keeps your PC cool. That means it allows better airflow and ventilation. Now, you will not have to come across your PC shutting off very often because of becoming hot in a closed space.

With several new things coming up in the market, it is really difficult to select the best one, as there is a variety of open-air PC cases available with varying features. For deep insight, scroll down and check out some of the best ones!

In Win introduces us to its unique, stylish, and modern open-air PC case. It is made up of aluminum pipes and tubes, and the design bears great resemblance with the sporty motorbike chassis. It is exactly for that reason that it has been named as the Signature Motorcycle Steel Tube ATX Computer Case.

If you have this amazing PC case, you surely would not need any case fans because of its open space frame. This D-Frame allows great airflow and heat dissipation, which makes it work efficiently.

Not only this, but the In Win PC case has enough capacity for high-end gaming components along with the graphics card. What can be more exciting than having stored all your favorite gaming components in just one PC case?

The list of features goes on further to a sandblasted aluminum motherboard tray that is fixed horizontally so that you can easily get access to all the ports on the upper side of the case. Meanwhile, the front of the port offers you with only two USB 3.0 ports as well as audio jacks.

Moreover, to enhance the look of the case, the company has fitted two tempered glass panels on both sides. Along with this, the case comes with a 120mm radiator, up to 220mm PSU, 330 mm long graphics card, and 160mm tall CPU coolers.

One of the good things about all these components is that they are quite easy to install. The guide that comes along will help you fix them in just a few minutes.

Interestingly, the company has made this case in sporty colors like red, blue, green, orange, and white. You can choose what you like the best.

Thus, you should try having it for your PC for better output.

2. Thermaltake Core P5 Tempered Glass Black Edition ATX Open Frame

Thermaltake is well-known for producing the best open-air PC cases than any other company. The Core P5 is known for many features, among which its supreme liquid cooling support tops them all.

Its liquid-cooling support delivers excellent cooling, and with the help of DIY/AIO liquid-cooling systems and air-cooling units, you can form a complete thermal solution. The cooling support works through the entire case. You can even install the AIO (All-in-one) cooler, which is designed to support the liquid cooling system and HDD expansion.

In addition to this, you can add case fans that range up to 140mm, a 480mm liquid cooling radiator as well as a long graphic card for better visual effects.

Furthermore, with this PC case, you can show off your graphics card and power supply with the help of a versatile GPU and PSU orientation with a special bracket design. Also, with the use of an ITX-motherboard, you can get a vertical PSU layout.

Hence, it is fully modular. Such a design also ensures that there are no more unreachable screw corners and gaps. In addition, you can freely build the system with modular panels, brackets, racks, and pre-design mounting arrays.

best open air pc cases

Apart from this, the PC case is very user-friendly. Also, it allows customization which means that you can mount it on a wall as a decoration with the help of brackets, or place it vertically or horizontally; depending on however you like it.

Other than this, its 5mm thick tempered glass window makes it meet the highest standards in the market. This is precisely because the open frame case enables you to view each and every RGB component of the system clearly. You can also view the backside.

Lastly, it incorporates the idea of 3D printing. Thus, it allows users to download 3D printing accessory files on 3D Makers Microsite to get a printout.

 3. Thermaltake Core P7 E-ATX Open Frame Best Open Air PC Cases

Thermaltake Core P7 is similar to Core P5 in many aspects. It also comes with a lot of features that are almost the same as the ones in P5. These include the supreme liquid cooling support, three-way placement layout, versatile GPU and PSU orientation and a 5mm thick temper glass window for a crystal clear view.

It is a full-tower case available in different chassis sizes with great beauty and very high quality. The Core P7 has such a big case that it has too much space for cable management. And since there is enough flexibility in this ultimate chassis, you can install the chassis at 45, 90, 180 and 270 degrees to the front side of the main case.

What further makes it remarkable is its expansion capability. It is solely design for high-end gaming which is why it has a motherboard up to standard E-ATX, a tower CPU cooler and a dual expansion slot VGA without reservoir.

Not only this, but the amazing P7 consists of a powerful storage expansion that can store up to eight 3.5’’/2.5’’ storage devices. This is hence, so far, the best feature one can use.

Additionally, the two side panels can be folded like a trifold board or wallet that can extend the case even further. These side panels are so designed that a 480mm radiator can be fitted on both sides of the case.

Moreover, its assembly is not at all a headache. The drive-bays are removable, and the modular design which can be dismantled makes it quite customizable.

Although you can’t mount it on the wall because of its heavyweight, it can be placed anywhere on its stand. Wherever it is kept, the beauty is undeniable.

4. Cougar Conqueror ATX Gaming Case

Cougar CONQUEROR has a design that makes it stand out among all other open-air PC cases. It is great for any gamer and has no substitute as yet. This case chiefly has the sleekest Sci-fi aesthetics and is so aggressively designed that it somehow reflects the appearance of a fighter.

Also, its strength cannot be doubt because the aluminum framing makes it sturdy and durable. The case is heavy, yet possesses a solid build.

best open air pc cases

Gamers generally opt for this because it has tons of storage space that can hold almost seven drives. This is crazy! Out of these 7, three bays can be fitted with 3.5’’ drives, whereas the rest of the four can only accommodate 2.5’’ drives.

Similar to other open-air PC cases, this one also uses water cooling support. A 7.5’’ high cooler makes it work better and keep the components cool. In addition, there are two radiators, one at the top and the other on the front.

Along with this, it has superb expandability. And the seven expansion slots are proof of it.

The 5mm thick temper glass panels enable you to view the components clearly and keep a check on them. Furthermore, the case takes the worry of overheating away as 120mm LED fans are pre-install. Thus, it ensures adequate airflow.

Overall, it is a perfect choice for gamers.


You can’t deny the fact that all the open-air PC cases mentioned above stand out because of their contrasting qualities. They are all well-built and display all their components amazingly through the glass panels.

It looks as if the hexagonal prism has very systematically isolate all the components in a way that gives it a beautiful look. It is also the one offering modular drive trays and a good amount of storage.

You are definitely not going to find this super-classy design anywhere else. So, the Core P90 is highly recommend for people who want to try something new that differs from the normal trend.

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