5 Best Proxy Sites For School & Colleges 2019: Unblocked Proxy Sites

Best Proxy Sites

What are some best proxy sites for school & college guys? Well, that’s what we are ahead to tell you. In school & collages, you don’t have permission to visit each & every site, mostly porn sites, torrent sites or social networking sites. Now, that time you starts searching for the way to access all that. Then after, you came to know that using proxy sites are one of the most easiest way to access so.

Yes, one can commit that VPN (Virtual Private Network) are the best way for accessing those sites but most of the VPNs are paid. If you could afford then surely go with that.

Best Proxy Sites

Another best alternative for those VPNs is Using Free & Best Proxy Sites Like Whoer.net.

One more problem occurs is, now School & Colleges have also information about these proxy sites and they block these sites too. If you’re using a proxy site which is not so popular & not blocked in your school, then you might have faced out slow loading issues with that. But don’t worry, the all listed sites are unique one which is probably not blocked in your school or college.

There are an ample amount of proxy sites available on the Internet & all claims to be the best from them, but are they? You don’t have to reasearch about it, we already did & got some awesome unblocked & best Proxy Sites for school & collages. So, without being said, let’s get going.

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5 Best Proxy Sites For School & Collages 2017

We hope you know the basics about proxy sites or servers, means how they works or how to use them. If you don’t, then keep reading this article till last.

Let’s start with the list.

1. QuickProx

QuickProx - #1 Best Proxy Sites For School

QuickProx is a free & fast proxy site which lets you use the basic features including, Encrypt URL, Encrypt Page, Allow Cookies, Remove Scripts & Remove Objects. To use this site, you just need to open it and then after enter the blocked URL, you want to access.

2. NewIPNow

NewIPNow - Best Free Proxy Sites For School

This is one of the awesome proxy site which has the premium support too starting from $5/month. This allows you to change multiple IPs at a time & even don’t irritate you with annoying ads while surfing the web. To use this site, you just need to open it and then enter the URL you want to access.

3. HideMyAss

HideMyAss - Best Proxy Sites For School

HideMyAss is one of the most wonderful proxy sites which has a pretty clean interface apart from the annoying ads prompting to upgrade to premium plan. This works smoothly even for free with minimum standard speed, so be sure to checkout this site.

4. Hide Me

HideMe - Best Proxy & VPN Site

Hide.Me is world’s most popular VPN site. Majority of people don’t know about Proxy feature of this site. Once you enter into this site, you just have to enter URL you want to visit and that’s it. Speed is also fair while browsing the web.

5. Proxy Site

Proxy Site - Best Proxy Sites For School

The last one is Proxy Site. This works smoother in case of accessing social networking sites. There are multiple social icons added on the homepage to access them quickly. Also, you just have the enter the website URL & hit enter to visit that.

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How to Use Proxy Sites or Servers?

If you’re thinking that you have to be very techie or having good web skills to access these sites, then you’re absolutely wrong. There’s nothing easier than using a proxy site.

  • Firstly, visit a proxy site.
  • Choose any server.
  • Enter URL & hit enter.
  • That’s it.

So easy to do, right?

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How Proxy Sites or Servers Work?

This simple question may hit your mind that, how the heck these proxy sites work?

Well, that’s too simple like as using it.

Let’s look how it works.

  • You visit a proxy site & enter a URL.
  • Proxy sites change your IP address to random.
  • That’s it, you original IP address is you can say, spoofed and now you can use web without any restrictions.
Start using these 5 Best Proxy Sites For School 

Start using these free & fast proxy sites in us for school & colleges now. We are soon coming with a long list of unblocked proxy sites in Us which works pretty smoother.


  1. Can you make a list for paid proxy providers? Like oxylabs/luminati/Stormproxies and so on, while free providers do sound great I am not too sure how safe they are to use.

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