Best PSVR Games You Must Play Once [Genuine List]


Here in this article, we have listed top best PSVR games down based on their rankings, reviews, and popularity.

PlayStation Virtual Reality or PSVR games is one of the most popular categorizations of games that gives you the real touch of the game. Virtual reality is emerging as one of the most popular gaming mediums where players can beat virtual reality on other PlayStations. There are n numbers of psvr games available in the market for all the gaming lovers. They are the result of enhanced technology that is turning every imagination into reality.


Blood & Truth

Blood & Truth is a first-person shooter game. This game focuses on shooting. In the game, you are the player as a soldier who has to protect his family from a London crime boss. You can hide behind various things and cover and pick up different guns to shoot your enemies. And you will be a soldier in-game named Ryan Marks, and this is your deadliest mission ever.

In this game, you have to save your family from a ruthless criminal who wants to kill you and your family. Blood & Truth has won many awards for its strong storyline and excellent graphics. This game provides you with a unique experience. This game is worth a try.


Tetris Effect

Tetris effect is a tile-matching video game. Like the original Tetris game, you must place tetrominoes into a playfield to clear complete lines. Tetris effect also adds themes and music across thirty different stages with gameplay tied to the beat of the music.

There is a zone mechanic that allows players to place several blocks at once, which will enable them to potentially clear out more than sixteen lines simultaneously, performing a decahexatris. The game also includes a meta game leveling system that leads to new challenges for players as they progress. This game is so good; you must give it a try.



Farpoint is a virtual reality first-person shooting game and one of the best PSVR games. This game is a virtual reality space adventure set on a hostile alien planet. It also features online cooperative play and single-player campaigns. The storyline of the game is that you were going into space, and you landed somewhere on a hostile alien planet. That’s where your journey begins; you have to explore, hide, survive, and kill.

The main aim  of the game is that you have to return on earth. While playing the game, you will come along with many surprises. This game will entertain you every single time. It is a must-try game!



Moss is a virtual reality adventure game. It is a first-person perspective game. The player is displayed in the game as a masked face and orb. Unlike most other games, the quill is aware of the player ( quill is a young mouse in-game ). The player controls the quill, navigating environments and enemies. The player also can manipulate the situation to navigate obstacles and solve puzzles.

Quill also communicates with the player using sign language for puzzle hints and emotional responses. The player can also change positions to have different perspectives of the world, leaning to see around buildings or standing up and getting an aerial view. This game is so good to play. It is really worth a try.



Best PSVR Games You Must Play Once [Genuine List]This game is all about malfunctioning artificial intelligence and fighting off viruses and corrupted security programs. Destroying data nodes in each level raises the layer level to a maximum number of 10. Raising the scale changes the background music, enemies of the standard, and layout of the game. There are five levels, dubbed area.

Although only four can be accessed at the start, achieving a hundred percent level score for all four levels of the game unlock area 5. This game also contains a lot of other things to entertain you. In the game, you will be running on the rails having a missile. You shoot your enemies, with the missile. This game is really worth a try.



Best PSVR Games You Must Play Once [Genuine List]Superhot is an independent first-person shooter game. This game sets the player in a minimalistic environment, taking out hostile attackers trying to kill them. Weapons picked up by the player have fixed ammunition and break easily, requiring them to rely on defeating enemies to attain new weapons or making melee kills. Taking a single hit from an enemy kills the player, requiring them to restart the level.

Though the game mechanics are typical for most shooters, time only usually progresses when the player moves or fires a gun, otherwise, time is slowed. It is described in the game’s tagline that time only moves when you set a step. It allows the player to alter their actions to avoid the path of bullets or better assess their current situation. Excluding this all, there are also many more features in the game, and it entertains you whenever you play it. This game is a power back performer. You must give it a try!


Concrete Genie

Best PSVR Games You Must Play Once [Genuine List]

Concrete Genie is another popular game in the list of best PSVR games. The storyline of the game is so good and realistic that you feel like you live the game. Unlike other games, this game is safe for kids, and you can enjoy it with your family. The main storyline of the game starts with a boy, who lives in an abandoned town, and is bullied by some children.

He has no friends, but he is good at drawing, the bullies tear his book and shatter it, the boy goes to a place while searching for the book where whatever he draws becomes alive. He brings some creatures, and they become alive and friends with him. Later the boy is told to color the whole city to make it active again; now, you have to face all the problems that come in your journey while creating a tower. The game has an excellent storyline waiting for you. This game is really so touching, and you must give this game a try.


Firewall zero hour

Firewall zero hour

Firewall zero hours are online or offline via training, virtual reality tactical action shooter where players are called contractors who take on contracts issued from agents known as mother and father. Each contractor in the game has its different passive skill for use on the field, which can help support the player end of the enemy team from completing their objective.

There are 12 Contractors in the game. Players get to choose from all with a set primary skill and a secondary you can edit.  Weapons are also customizable; you can customize them however, you want. Players get to practice their tactics against AI enemies that scale with rank either solo or in a four-player squad, either private or public matchmaking. You must give a shot to this game!


Rec room

Rec room

The rec room is a virtual reality online video game. One of the exclusive features of this game is that you can play this game without any virtual reality headset. There are two parts in-game in ordinary and virtual reality. You need a virtual headset to play the virtual role of the game. But without a headset also you can enjoy the game. The game has various modes , including first-person shooters, cooperative action role-playing games, charades- like the game, and six sports games. The rec room also provides you with many game tools.

There is even walking mode, which helps you pick up different things like weapons, balls, etc. There are too many more items in the game that always entertain you. You can also play this game on your regular phone without any VR headset. But if you have a VR set, then this game is killer for you; its ultra HD graphics just make you feel like you’re in heaven. This game is really worth a try.


Iron Man Vr

Iron Man Vr

Iron Man Vr is a virtual reality shooter game. It is a first-person perspective game that is very easy to play with a strong storyline. In the main storyline of the fame, a mysterious computer hacker and terrorist is known as a ghost; he begins attacking Tony Stark and his company. He wants revenge for all the deaths caused by weapons the company manufactured in years before stark becoming an iron man.

In the game, you are presented as an iron man, and you have to navigate the game as iron man, the game is newly released, and you can play it on PlayStation. This game has ultra HD graphics, which make you entertained throughout the game. This game is really worth a try.


Final Words About Best PSVR Games

All the above games are best PSVR games that will make your day. You can access almost all the games from their official websites, and if you are a beginner, you can consider their tutorials that will make you aware of every tactic of the game. Do drop the name of your favorite game in the comment box.

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