Best Pubg Alternatives To Play After Pubg Ban In India

Best Pubg Alternatives To Play After Pubg Ban In India

Best Pubg Alternatives: Winner winner, chicken dinner, was the most loved statement of gaming lovers. PUBG was not a game; it was an emotion. Friends, families, relatives, everyone came together on their phone when it was time to play a squad match.

The thrilling gameplay and high-quality graphics made pubg the favorite of all game lovers. From day to day matches to world level tournaments, pubg traveled a long way in India.

The recent announcement by the government of India left all the pubg lovers disheartened and astonished.

But if you think you will not get the enjoyment and thrill again, you are wrong.

There are many games available in the gaming world that will become the alternative of pubg very soon. You are well versed in some of the other options, whereas some might be new for you.

Best Pubg Alternatives:

Here in this article, we will learn about the Best Pubg Alternatives:

Free Fire

Free fire, as we know free fire is the most downloaded game on google play store, it has over 500 million downloads on google play, and one more reason why free fire is the best alternative of pubg is that it requires less ram and memory space as compared to other games given in the list. It almost has the same graphics and gameplay compared to pubg. It has many levels and maps for you to munch on.the game is a survival game; Free Fire does not need an intro but then also.

Best Pubg Alternatives To Play In India

You will be spawned on an Island where there will be e 60 or 100 people according to the level you choose. You have to kill, survive, and hide from the enemy. If you do not want to play with random players, you can just invite your friends and play together and have fun, or either if you want to work on your skills and play a real battle, you can play with random players by auto searching.

The game also has many features like vehicles, guns, and pistols, and the best part is that you can customize your gun skin, clothes, and everything. It is a power back performance game. It will not disappoint you. But the only problem is that its graphics are a little childish, but this is the best game in the list of Best Pubg Alternatives.



Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the Play Store. It is an online video game developed by Epic Games,  it was released in 2017, but in three years only, it has got a huge number of Fame. Only in three years, it became one of the most popular games and won many awards. Fortnite is a free to play Battle Royale game in which up to 100 players fight to be the last person standing. Along with the phone, you can play it on Windows, Mac OS, X PlayStation, and Xbox. Fortnite draws more than 125 million players in less than a year.

Best Pubg Alternatives To Play In India

Fortnite is divided into three parts: Fortnite Save The World, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite creative. In Fortnite Save the world, you have to save the world from the zombies. In Fortnite Battle Royale, you have to battle. And in Fortnite creativity, you have to be creative, and you can construct buildings with your will. Fortnite consists of many features like guns and vehicles. It, too, has a variety of maps and levels. You can easily download games and have fun. It is worth a try.


Call of duty

When we were talking about pubg and native and did not talk about Call of Duty, it is not fair, well you might be surprised to know, but the same company of Garena also publishes the call of duty. Call of Duty was launched in March 2019, and in one year, it emerged to be one of the most popular and downloaded games of the year 2019. The game is an online battle game, and it is free to play. You will always enjoy the game. There are different settings in the game, so your preferences should always be cared for.

Best Pubg Alternatives To Play In India

The game features battle royale mode, in which you will be spawned on the island along with 100 other people, and you have to survive till the last. If you survive the game and its enemies, you win the game. In the game, players can choose to play solo or duet matches in multiplayer mode. The game has two types of in-game currency, one is credits, which you can earn throughout playing.

Why COD?

In the game, there are also COD points that have to be brought with real-world money. And if you think you cannot play the game without paying, there is no such thing like that you can play the full game without any money, but some of its exclusive character weapons can be bought with cod points. If you do not want to play with random players, you can play in a private room. Both multiplayer and Battle Royale mode can be all accessed.

Here you can call your friends and have fun. There are various game modes like prop hunt, One-Shot one kill, snipers only, and gun game. Various new modes are added in games like zombies, raid mod. The game is an endless survival mode with many things like vehicles, cars, will never be feeling bored after playing this game.


Battlelands Royale

If you are the one who is bored with those old battle royale games with the same graphics, then battle lands royale is only meant for you. The game introduces a fun twist to the battle Royal. The game has entertaining characters and lets you play in solo mode or squad Mod. With each round lasting just three to five minutes on average. The game only consists of 32 players at a time. It did not have a huge crowd. There will be parachutes that will deliver you to the desired location on the map. You have to Grab some loot to kill others, survive and be the last one standing.

Best Pubg Alternatives To Play In India

Unlike other games that have their graphics like men and women, but the game has fun characters. The game is only designed for mobile devices. It just runs heavenly, and it works well on any phone. Battle royale only takes 200mb storage on your phone. The visuals are just too perfect, and you get plenty of customization options for your character. A Finland based country makes the game. It was launched a few months ago.

Battle royale is a top-rated game right now and has more than 10 million downloads on the app store and play store. It is an entertaining game. If you are an action lover, you must try this game because if you don’t have tried the game, you lack your gaming experience.


Knives Out

Knives  out is one of the most popular Pubg Alternatives, or you can say it is full of graphics copy-paste of pubg only with a few changes. In simple world knives out, just copied pubg only thing you find that is changed is color, even the name of locations are also the same. The gameplay is just like pubg in the game. You have to jump out of a plane and jump on a desire location; you have to jump, kill, and survive.

Knives Out

The only player that will win is Last Man Standing .there are various vehicles, modes, features in the game that will help you enjoy the game. Like pubg, this game is fully customizable, and you can customize your character, guns, car, and everything you see in the game. There are various options like- backpack, scope, map button, kill bar, and total numbers of players. The game is the exact copy of the pubg.

The only difference is that a memory space knives out take a little bit less space than pubg. If you cannot play pubg and still want to play the same game, then knife out is only meant for is worth a try game.


Final Words About Best Pubg Alternatives:

Now, when pubg has left all of us, we are left with all these Pubg Alternatives. All the above games follow the same gameplay as of pubg. You can expect the same thrill, adventure, and fun in all the other options. You can download all of them for your android or ios and enjoy it with your friends.

Undoubtedly, Pubg was the most loved game in the entire nation. These Pubg Alternatives will make sure that you do not miss your favorite pubg and can spend your time cheering with your friends.


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