10 Best Racing Games of All Time

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Love to play racing games? Owning a PlayStation/ Xbox/ Powerful Windows/ Mac? Then you must try below listed top 10 best racing games of all time. We searched and tried lots of racing games, and we found top 10 best racing games that are listed below. For an ideal unbeatable racing games real world graphics, cars, tracks, gaming modes, physics, audio works a lot in finding the best racing games of all time. Thus, make sure to give a complete reading to the below article to get every detailed update and not to miss any important information.

The List of Top 10 Best Racing Games of All Time

1. Shift 2: Unleashed

On the top of this list, we have Shift 2: Unleashed as the best racing game you can try on. This game is the 17th game of the Need for Speed gaming series. This game is available on major platforms like PlayStation, Windows, Xbox and Mac OS. Here, you will find a vast variety of 145 unbeatable cars from 37 different manufacturers. The graphics of the game looks like real world.

It offers the best racing game physics and awesome real world graphics that makes the game outstanding. Moreover, there are 36 tracks where players can compete.

2. F1 2017

F1 2017 is another best racing game you will enjoy. This game is compatible with all major gaming platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Linux, Mac OS and Windows. This game is the ninth release of the Formula One racing game series. All the 20 circuits of the formula one season are available inside it. 10 teams and the 20 drivers are racing and competing against each other.

Apart from that F1 2017 also comes with Team Management mode. Player will learn and get more knowledge about development of car parts.

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3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the most popular and widely played racing game of all time. The best is that it is available for almost all widely used operating systems like Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows and Linux. There are both single players and online multiplayer mode are available inside the game. There is a huge variety of cars and the graphics of the game are really mind-blowing.

You each race will be judged by giving five star. Your aim is not just to complete the race with first position but there are some other objectives are also that need to be completed.

4. Project Cars 2

Next, we have Project Cars 2. This game is known to be the best racing simulation game. You can play this game in both single player and online multiplayer modes. Project Cars 2 is compatible with Windows, Xbox and PlayStation. There are a totals of 182 cars to choose from. The graphics of Project Cars 2 is best what you can expect from a dream racing game.

If you want to cut your boring time and convert into an amazing moment then spontaneously go with Project Cars 2. Even the huge track roaster offers 46 tracks in 121 layouts.

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5. Real Racing 3

From its name, it is very clear that this game is all about real racing. Yes! Its true. The graphics of the game looks real world. You can download this game completely free from Google Play Store and App Store. The developer of the game earns when you make an in-app purchase. You will earn in-game cash based on your performance in the game. You can use it to maintain the condition of your vehicle.

Real racing 3 is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. Here, you will find 209 outstanding cars from 33 different manufacturers. Apart from that there are 19 tracks available inside the game.

6. Gran Turismo Sport

In the middle is this list, we have Gran Turismo Sport. This game is only compatible with PlayStation. This game is the thirteenth installment in the series of Gran Turismo. There are main two game modes are available inside it namely arcade mode and sports mode. Moreover, it also features online multiplayer racing mode too.

In the game, you can get access to all 177 cars based on the progress and your performance. There are 19 locations are also available to select from.

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7. Wipeout Omega Collection

Wipeout Omega Collection is a different kind of racing game with futuristic theme. Here, you have to control ships. Make sure to win the race and at the same time make sure that ship does not collide with another ship. Actually, it will decrease the energy shield level and once, the energy shield level breaks down then the ship will explode. Currently, this game is only available with PlayStation.

Each ship has its own features, characteristics. Finding the best one depends on you. Collection is the tenth installment in the Wipeout Omega series.

8. Colin McRae Dirt

Colin McRae Dirt is compatible with major gaming platforms including Windows, Xbox and PlayStation. It also features both single and multiplayer gaming modes. Apart from that it also features most demanding gaming modes namely career mode, championship mode, rally world and more. Whether its physics, graphics, new added vehicles, audio, Colin McRae Dirt plays the best role of it.

Colin McRae Dirt is the sixth installment in the Colin McRae Rally series. Each action you perform, you will be rewarded with points. The points will enhance your chance to win.

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9. Driveclub

Driveclub is another best racing game that you will enjoy a lot. This game offers a very different gameplay as compared to other racing games. There are racing events arranged around the World. Not only tours, it also features championship tournaments, campaign mode, campaign mode, time trials and much more. Even, users can also customize their cars, driver and clubs too. This game is compatible with PlayStation only.

10. MotoGP 14

On the last of this list but not the least, we have MotoGP 14. All the gaming aspects like graphics, audio, physics, newly added vehicles all are at the peak when you put your hands over Moto GP 14. You can play this game in either single or Multiplayer modes. Apart from that it has other gaming modes like Time Attack, Championship, Grand Prix, Career and more. This game is compatible with PlayStation, Windows and Xbox gaming platforms.

Feel the Heat

Playing a racing is waste of time until you get yourself fully emerged in the gaming environment. Like you are driving the sports car Yourself and noting is more important than aim. Thus, for those die-hard racing gamer, above we have listed top 10 best racing games of all time. Comment below if you have any questions.


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