Best Screen Recorder For Android Works Without Root

Best Screen Recorder For Android

Recording a smartphone screen is very dodgy task but thanks to those best screen recorder app developers who made it possible & slightly easy to do. There are a lot of screen recorder available for Android but considering from them that which is best screen recorder is little bit difficult work.

But, don’t worry!

We’re introducing one of the best screen recorder ever which works without rooting your Android & having exciting features. Using this app, you can record video upto 20-60FPS in full-HD (1280×720) resolution. Not only this, you can turn on your front/back camera while screen recording and also show yourself there in a customisable box. Sounds cool, right? So, let’s get started.

Best Screen Recorder For Android

Best Screen Recorder For Android 2017: #1 Best Screen Recording App Ever

So, the screen recording app which we are going to talk about is “AZ Screen Recorder“. Basically, it looks like similar to all other recorders but after looking at the capabilities of this recorder, we found it really handsome app than any other else. It contains some annoying ads in their app but once you do In-App purchase all ads is removed and you have also access to some more cool features inside the app.

AZ Screen Recorder allows to record screen without showing starting point (not force you to show their selves) in their own app and also allows you to end video without doing any branding,etc. You can not only trim your recorded video with this app even also edit that video there. You can add emojis, texts, etc. using this app and also capture frames snapshot from the video. In our opinion, this app is dashing and performs even better than any other screen recording app. Let’s take a look at it’s all features.

AZ Best Screen Recorder For Android: All Features

Well, there are a lot features of this app and you can’t understand it without using or watching a tutorial. We are also going to add a tutorial about this best screen recording app for Android which makes it more easy to understand. Let’s go ahead to its features.

#1 Controller Type

There are two types of controllers given to control this app, one is bubble type and another one is bar type. These both have same features just the style is different so it’s upon your personal preference to select one, which looks you great.

#2 Controller Options

In this options, there are three options embedded out of them only two is used. Which are as follows,

  • Use Magic Button: This feature creates an invisible button that allows you to do everything like pause, draw, etc. without showing the controller.
  • Pause Option: This feature provides you different settings to stop recording like press power button to stop recording or 4 similar options like that.

#3 Video Configuration

This option allows you to customise the video which you are going to record next. There is option like below to customise.

  • Resolution: You can set resolution like 1280×720, etc.
  • Frame Rate: You can select a frame rate. This option is helpful when you are recording a racing game etc.
  • Bit-Rate: There’s auto option, which is default but We always prefer to choose manually depending upon your current situation.
  • Orientation: Which one you need, portrait or landscape. In games landscape mode is good.
  • Time-Lapse: Helps you choose video speed. Better to disable it.

#4 Audio Configuration

This option asks you whether you want to record microphone sound in you auio or not. There are some noisy places where you don’t want to record microphone, you can do so by turning off this option from settings page.

#5 Overlay Information

You can overlay a lot of things while recording is done. This feature is totally awesome.

  • Text or Logo: Helps you to add a logo or text anywhere on the screen.
  • Show touches: This app is helpful for your viewers because it shows a point circle icon wherever you touches your screen.
  • Show camera: You can show front/back camera in real time screen recording. Choose the size of your cameras screen also.
  • Camera setting: You can customise the size, select front or back from this setting option.

#6 Timer

There are three useful options in this tab.

  • Time recording: Allows you to show your video recording time like 00:00 in real-time.
  • Countdown before start: In some cases, you firstly want to enter there and then want to start recording for that it’s featuring countdown to start recording.
  • Countdown value: You can set it to 2-3 second whatever delay you want after clicking on start recording button.

#7 Others

Here you can change the output directory of your video. Means where you want to save your recorded video, in a preferred file or something like that.

AZ Screen Recorder: Some More Features of this Best screen recorder for Android

This apps also allows you to edit your recorded videos.

From that editor, you can cut mid clip, trim you videos. Add texts, stickers,etc. Also allows you to capture frame shots from recorded video.

Means their editor is also cool but that editing is not enough.

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Download AZ Screen Recorder For Android From Here: Best Screen Recorder For Android 

Here is the link google play store to download this best screen recording app ever.

Download here

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