Top 5 Best Selfie Filter Apps For Android 2020

Best Selfie Filter Apps For Android

Are you crazy to click sweet selfies? If your answer is yes, then surprise! Here’s the list of top 5 best selfie filter apps for Android. If you’re wondering for the Apps to make you look shiny, then these all are able to do so.

Basically, the pre-installed Camera in an Android phone (Except Oppo), didn’t have more filter options, to make your selfie look incredible. But, don’t worry, there are ample apps available on the Google Play Store which will help you to click even better selfies.

There are some cool photo editing apps for Android available, which could add filters in your picture even after clicking, but the fun does not sustain there, right? We all want to do it in live time, so why not stick with some decent selfie shooter apps right now!

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Top 5 Best Selfie Filter Apps For Android In 2020

These all apps, which we’re going to reveal today are personally tested on my own. I’ll add few pictures clicked using these apps of mine and will also add screenshot of the interface of the apps.

Means without doubting on these apps; whether they’re perfect or not, you can just hit on the install button. So, let’s get started.

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Camera

YouCam Perfect Logo

Well, I know you all don’t want to get a Play Store like a description of the app, right? Don’t worry, I’ll only share my personal opinion and the features of the app which I used and found prodigious.

YouCam Perfect provides options to choose filters in real-time & there are plenty of filters available. Even after clicking picture with another filter, you can always change the filter later & also edit the photo using the app’s editor.

YouCam Perfect Selfie camera Interface
Me in the picture

You can see in the above image that, there is also a live time blur option in the app selfie clicker and the three icons located in the right-bottom used to change filters.

An option which came once you click your selfie, are shown in the below images, also on the right side I have added my selfie.

YouCam Perfect - Selfie Camera Interface final lookup

You can see that, once I clicked my selfie YouCam Perfect is showing three options there to Retake, Face Beautify & save the picture option. On the other side, that’s my selfie. Looking cool, Isn’t that?

Final Words About YouCam Perfect – Selfie Camera 

This is one of the best selfie filter apps for Android I ever found in my collections. I have tried a lot of alternatives too, all of them are cool, but this one deserves to be the best of them.

The app is free to use with ads, while the In-App purchase option is there to remove those annoying ads.

Download YouCam Perfect Now!!! (App Size: 35.99MB)

AirBrush – Easy Photo Editor

Airbrush logo

As promised, I won’t represent this app like descriptions in Play Store. I have installed this app, clicked some selfies, and then after preferring this to you all.

AirBrush provides tons of options while taking selfies like filters, etc. It has that many options while taking selfies it seems annoying to enjoy the selfie time. But even after those irksome moments, this app has some excellent filters which YouCam Perfect is missing. Edit photo option is also available in this app.

AirBrush Selfie camera interface

The first image which is left side is of the home screen of the AirBrush app. Firstly, you have to tap on the selfie and then the camera will be open on your screen. On the other side, there is a camera interface of AirBrush.

From the top, it has a lot of options like smooth, slim, etc. and in the bottom, there is an icon of three circles overlapped on each other to change filters in live time.

Once you click your selfie, the option shown on-screen is listed below.

AirBrush Selfie Camera Review & Final interface lookup

After clicking, it shows save option, and once again those three circles overlapped on each other to change filters. Once you tap that option, different filter options will be shown on the screen like in the right-side image above.

You have to just scroll through the filter to change that, and once done, tap on tick icon to save.

Final Words about AirBrush Selfie Camera 

AirBrush is one of the best selfie filter apps for Android. In my opinion, the picture that came out using this app is really meritorious, if used perfectly.

The app is free to use with ads, while the In-App purchase option is there to remove those annoying ads.

Download AirBrush Now!!! (App Size: 26.12MB)

Candy Camera – Selfie Photo

Candy Camera Logo

This app called Candy Camera bears tons of filters inside and also having settings to take selfies instantly by tapping the screen. Candy Camera has 100 million + downloads on the Google play store.

But… we haven’t followed the crowd, let’s find, is it really deserves to be one of the best selfie filter apps or not.

Candy Camera has tons of filters to choose from and also a brightness controller on the right side of the screen vertically. You can change the filters by just swiping the screen left and right. This app is packed with various features with the best selfie clicking.

Candy Camera Interface

The first screenshot is of the home screen which appears once you enter the Candy Camera app. They will show you some guide on-screen that how to change filters, etc. After you have clicked your selfie, options appear are shown in the right-side image above.

You can edit your picture, change the filter & beautify your picture, even after you clicked. Isn’t that awesome feature?

So, once you tap on the edit and filter option the screen appear is shown below.

Candy Camera Selfie Photo Final Interface lookup

Using the edit option you can edit your taken picture and apart from that edit option, the filter option will give you a similar interface like the above right-side image. You can change the filters from there and apply them into your picture.

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Final Words about Candy Camera Selfie Photo

Candy Camera is one of the best selfie filters app for Android, which offers various features too. If you’re looking for a small size app, which also doesn’t eat more resource and provide better service then go with Candy Camera.

The only annoying part of Candy Camera is the Watermark on photos.

This app is totally free to use and also there’s options like In-app purchase for this app.

Download Candy Camera Now!!! (App Size: 16.11MB)


Retrica Logo

This app has also exciting filters inside. Well, Retrica does not allow editing of a pic, it’s totally focused on clicking sweetest selfies ever.

Retrica only allows you to change filters and collage your pictures inside multiple frames. Well, the interface of Retrica is totally managed like to click selfies instantly. This decision comes out when I opened the app, there’s no welcome screen there.

Retrica Selfie Camera Interface

The very first screen came out on your screen when you open Retrica, which is shown in the left-side image above. The middle hole button is used to click selfies while the three circles overlapped on each other allows you to change filters.

Once you slide your fingers towards left, there comes a screen which is shown in the right-side above. You can sign up on Retrica to share your images.

Retrica All Features & Final Interface Lookup

As I said, when you tap filters button there comes plenty of filters on your screen and from that, you can choose one. Once you click your selfie, there’s no option to change filters, you have just click on the next icon to save that.

Final Words about Retrica

Retrica is one the wonderful selfie camera which contains dozens of filters to choose from. This app doesn’t have editing options, otherwise, in terms of selfie, it’s cool.

The is totally free to use.

Download Retrica Now!!! (App Size: 34.08MB)

Sweet Selfie Candy New Name (Best selfie filter app 2017)

Sweet Selfie logo

Sweet selfie is one of the favorite selfie shooter app. As it sports, 200+ selfie filters which are likely amazing. It doesn’t bear only color filters but also having some cool, stars, music & other dewdrops like filters to make selfie sweet.

Sweet Selfie Interface

The first screen which appears on your screen is shown in the first left-side image above. There come options like Selfie, collage, edit & activities. The second screen comes when you tap on the selfie icon.

I have selected my favorite filter there on screen. You can always choose various filters given there by tapping on three circles overlapped on each other icon.

Sweet Selfie Candy New Name Interface

Here the first image shows different filter options and another image screen appears when I clicked my selfie using a sweet selfie app. You can see that at last, I have selected a music filter even I have clicked my selfie in stars filter.

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Final Words about Sweet Selfie Candy New Name 

Sweet selfie is an awesome selfie shooter app with tons of filters inside. The only problem with this app is the watermark on photos, which I totally hate.

There is an In-app purchase option to remove that mark from your photos.

Download Sweet Selfie Candy New Name Now!!! (App size: 10.46MB)

Wrapping Up (Best Selfie Filter Apps 2017)

According to me, these were the latest and best selfie filter apps for Android 2017.

If someone is glancing that where is the BeautyPlus Selfie Camera, then according to my experience that app is now worst. I have a reason.

That app makes picture quality so dull and also it makes selfies look unusual and noisy.

Kindly use above mentioned Top 5 Best Selfie Filter Apps for Android and leave feedback which one results awesome for you.


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