12 Best Sharing Files Sites To Share Files [Genuine Sites]


As this writing piece shall unfold itself, it will let you know about some of the best sharing files sites. Never in the history of human existence, we witnessed such a massive development in a particular sector that is technology. And, the curious thing is that it all happened in a brief period. The boom of the Internet has brought a revolution. And, regarding this context, it has also given us a lot of freedom. 

No matter in which part of the country or in which part of the world you are sitting, you can share anything and everything. And, you can do all this by with the help of just one click. It is amazing. Today, the Internet has made it adjustable to everyone and anyone to share files that are especially cloud files.

Whether you are an associate of the company or a freelancer, sharing files holds equal value for you. And therefore, it becomes essential that you are aware of the best file sharing sites. If you know about some of the best file sharing sites, you will not face much problem, and this is great. Therefore, it is advisable to stay tuned, and with this note, let’s get started:

12 Best Sharing Files Sites

  • Google drive
  • Bit.ai
  • Jumpshare
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Box
  • Amazon Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Hightail
  • Mediafire
  • FileShare
  • Zippyshare
  • DropSend

It will not be justice with you if we do not discuss each one of these files sharing sites in detail. After sharing the information, we are sure that it shall help you get a clear picture. Also, you would be able to decide which one could be the perfect choice for you. Let’s begin:

Google drive

The first file share that we have on the list is Google Drive, and it is because of all the just reasons. It is one of the most famous and widely used file sharing sites.

12 Best Sharing Files Sites To Share Files [Genuine Sites]

It has got its millions of users, and this is something that is known to everyone. Google Drive is google’s cloud storage, and here you can store all your files, audios, and videos. It is very flexible. Not just this, Google also offers some robust and diverse apps to its users. It could undoubtedly be one of your first choices.


The file-sharing site name that we have on the list is of Bit.ai. It is equally popular, a bit less than Google Drive, but when it comes to its working, then it works amazingly.

12 Best Sharing Files Sites To Share Files [Genuine Sites]

It has got a lot of users. The mode of working has changed a lot in contemporary times. And therefore, today is the need to have file sharing sites that allow us to share files of different formats. If you find something like this, you have hopped in just the right place because Bit.ai is the master of it. Explore it now if you haven’t yet.


Moving on with the list, the next file-sharing site name that we have on the list is jumpscare. It is yet another excellent file-sharing site that is preferred by users worldwide.

12 Best Sharing Files Sites To Share Files [Genuine Sites]

It is one of the rarest single platforms that support visual collaboration, and it is just great and something very peculiar. Talking about its interface, it is user friendly, which means it is straightforward to work with Jumpshare. It could be your preference if you do not want to face any complexity and want to get done with the work very swiftly.

Microsoft OneDrive

Continuing the list of best sharing file sites, the next name that we have on the list is Microsoft OneDrive. You automatically build trust when you read Microsoft, and there Is no harm in it because it is indeed an excellent sharing site.

12 Best Sharing Files Sites To Share Files [Genuine Sites]

Working here is very simple and easy. You can drag and drop the files that you want to share, and not just this; you also get the option to save files or photos to one drive. Did you know that Onedrive also includes office 365 because it offers more flexibility to its users? All in all, it could prove out to be a great choice.


The next name that we have on the list of best sharing files is of Box. You know there are instances where you need to interact and share the files with a professional crowd.


And, here, It becomes essential that one be very cautious in the selection. It is where Box could be the perfect choice for you. This file-sharing site allows seamless transfer of files, and it is just amazing. It quickly shares large files without taking much time, and this is precisely what is needing in the professional arena. Overall, it could be perfect for you if you want to work in a professional arena.

Amazon Drive

Let’s hop on to our next file-sharing site, and it is none other than Amazon Drive. You cannot afford to doubt its credibility because it is of amazon, and it is bound to work amazingly. 

Amazon Photos Storage

It has a cloud storage solution, and it allows the sharing of multimedia and is not restricting to any one particular arena. It works exceptionally well. And it also provides backup of the files, which makes the work very easy for you.


We are quite sure that you must have heard the name of the next file-sharing site, and its name is Dropbox. Talking about its specifications, I am considered the gold standard when we talk about various file sharing sites.


The best thing about it is that it offers desktop clients, and it works amazingly well. Another great and amazing this about this site is that it allows collaboration with 100,000 third-party apps, which is just great. We are very sure of the fact that if you prefer Dropbox, it is not going to disappoint you.


Coming up with the next name, we have Hightail. It is the best file sharing site you can ever come across. It works great. Formerly, it was previously known as YouSendIt, but its name got changed to Hightail later on.


We must notify you that it will be very complicated for the average user to use it. It also offers a diversity of options. Either you can choose to go with the free plan, or you can again go with the hightail, not which shall cost you some money. So, the choice is all yours, and you must know accordingly.


Let’s straightaway move on to our next name, and it is Media share. Media share holds a good title when you talk about some of the best file-sharing sites.


It is amicable and not just files. You can share a lot of other things with the help of this file-sharing file. It works amazingly well. Initially, it gives you 4gb data for free, which you can later expand, and it might cost you some money as well. Overall. It an e the perfect pick for you, and it also works in a very swift manner.


Coming up with the next name, we have ShareFile. It is a new file storage service that is being serviced by a digital workplace, and it works amazingly well.


It is one of the safest and secure ways to transfer all your files. It could be your ideal as it contains anything and everything you might look at in the best file-sharing site. The other thing about this file-sharing site is that it is very plain and simple to use. Therefore, it has also got a large number of fans working, and people ue it widely.


WithWorkingting much time, let’s just straight away hop on to the next name in the list of best sharing files sites that we have on the list, and it is Zippyshare.


It is another excellent sharing site, and also it is straightforward to use, which attracts a lot of users. Though it does not have a visually appealing interface for working, it works amazingly well. And therefore, we must not doubt on its credibility. It takes very little time to share files, and that is why it is very much credible.


Last but not least, the next name that we have on the list is DropSend, it is another excellent file-sharing site.


It could undoubtedly be your first choice because of all the fantastic features that it possesses. Its user interface is straightforward to work with, and the visual layout is also very appealing. And this is one of the things that attracts a lot of users towards it. Another great thing about this file-sharing site is that it takes very little time to share the files.

Final Words

So, now we are done after sharing some of the best sharing files sites. We are sure that you will like some of the sites and shall probably be able to find your favorite choice. Another thing to note here is that it is straightforward to work with all these sharing files sites. What are you waiting for and it’s great? Isn’t it great? Go no and start the quest? Hop on your favorite file-sharing site and get started with it? In case you think that we missed out on a particular thing, don’t forget to bring it to our notice. And you can do sharing your brutal honest review in the comment section given below. Happy sharing


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