Best Subreddits On Reddit in 2020 to get more views

Best Subreddits On Reddit in 2020 to get more views

Hey! In this article, we are going to know about some best subreddits on reddit. Digital media is the currently fastest and most accessible source of information. The information and news of the entire world is only a click away. From google to yahoo to a lot of websites, all are serving information to you 24*7.

Such a popular website is Reddit, which is an American news aggregation and content sharing website. A lot of people across the world are fond of Reddit because of its user-friendly nature. People love to read content shared on Reddit.

Reddit is divided into many subparts known as subreddits. In layman language, you can call it a niche of content. For example, there is a separate subreddit for food lovers, a different community for meme lovers, and so on. You can select any subreddit of your choice and read content related to it. You can also share your knowledge on that topic with your subreddit community.

12 Best Subreddits On Reddit

Here is a list of best subreddits on Reddit which you must look as it will bring a big smile on your face:



Best Subreddits On Reddit in 2020 to get more views

You must have heard of quora and other answering platforms THAT answer your queries. Ask Reddit subreddit is a similar platform where you can post any question, and other people will answer it. You can also solve a problem if you think you have an answer. This promotes the exchange of knowledge and thoughts among people. So if you have a question stuck in your mind for a long time, then take it on the Ask Reddit platform. You get the answers in no time, and the solutions are valuable.


Photoshop battles

Best Subreddits On Reddit in 2020 to get more views

If you have photoshop installed in your system, then you must participate in photoshop battle subreddit. This subreddit features an everyday battle between artworks done on photoshops. It tends to promote talents all over the world by showcasing digital skills. You do not need to be an expert for participating in the battle. You can share your simple photoshop editing and let people see your hidden talent.



Best Subreddits On Reddit in 2020 to get more views

This subreddit is probably one of the most popular and best subreddits on reddit. IAmA is popular and stands for asking me anything in which you can ask questions to people about their life career and other technical issues. In the past few years, this subreddit has gained a lot of popularity as some celebrities are also participating in this. You can find a person who belongs to your fraternity and ask questions related to your field. For example, you can ask the doctor the steps on how to be a doctor or carpenter something about Woods. This is an informal q and a session that involve a lot of people across the globe, and it’s exciting.



Best Subreddits On Reddit in 2020 to get more views

Science is the answer to all questions. In a whole day, many problems arise in the human mind which are left unanswered, but now you can look up to ask science subreddit for all your foolish queries and get their logical and scientific explanation. These explanations will not only boost your scientific knowledge but also help you in not spreading misunderstandings and misconceptions about a particular thing.

You might have heard a lot of myths and superstitions and probably believe them, but you can check their scientific, logical explanation on the subreddit and decide whether you want to find them or not. You can also share your gain knowledge with your friends and family to stop spreading misunderstandings among ordinary people. From answers of Biology chemistry mathematics to day to day life confusion, this subreddit will answer all your queries with its scientific solution



Best Subreddits On Reddit in 2020 to get more views

DIY or do-it-yourself is the trend everyone is following nowadays. This makes life more comfortable as you get to learn everyday hacks by which you can do your own work without any help. From making greeting cards to cooking food, do it yourself is available for every single job on this planet. You can check DIY subreddit to get some cool do it yourself which you can apply in your day to day life to make your experience more enjoyable, amazing and comfortable. With this subreddit, you can build almost everything by yourself, and you get to learn a lot of life hacks which will save you time and will help you a lot.



A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

Aww is probably the word which we use after several times at a. A lot of times when we browse through a page, and we are stuck on some pictures which open a mouth as it mesmerizes our eyes. Many times the images of cute babies are cute dogs that will make you say aww. All of the subreddit you can check some lovely pictures and make yourself happy as it will be a treat for the eyes and your heart. If you have not looked at this subreddit yet, then you are missing some cute things. Open this subreddit to see some adorable pictures and say aww for every pic.


Perfect Timing

Nobody expects the unplanned!

One of the best things that exist on the planet is to get a perfect school picture. But thanks to ideal timing subreddit that brings a smile on your face by displaying some of the most relaxed photos that depict perfect timing. The images will make sure that you stumble on the page as it is tough to take off eyes from those pictures full stop so get access to some cool and a bit embarrassing photos which will make you enjoy a lot.


Wholesome Memes

Wholesome Memes

Are you one of those who Giggles under the blanket reading means at midnight while everybody is sleeping? If Meme is your addiction, then Wholesome memes subreddit is the perfect platform for you. It can be your ultimate source of fun as you get access to read all the trending and new funny memes on this platform. You can also circulate them in your friends’ circle to share happiness. Subreddit brings you non-offensive memes that will make you laugh hard and will force you to bring a smile on others by sharing them. If you believe memes is the modern form of making people happy, then this platform is only for you.




Who is not foody? Mostly everyone loves to binge on something. Fooding culture has brought people together. You try new recipes with your family, which brings you much closer. Now you can check all the good and popular methods on this subreddit at ease. From Indian to international cuisine you can try your hand in everything using this subreddit. A lot of food bloggers share their recipes which you can try to bring a smile on your family member’s face. The pictures which are present on the page will make your mouth watered for sure.




This subreddit is a gift for a fitness freak. If you are finding trouble in losing your weight or you want to stay fit, then you must look up the articles on this subreddit. A lot of fitness experts talk about their fitness journey on this platform which will probably inspire you to get your dumbbells. You can check the picture of other people about their fitness journey and get inspired by them. You can also share your fitness journey and inspire others to get started.


Camping And Hiking

Camping And Hiking

Do you love spending your vacation hiking somewhere in the deep forests or mountains? You can plan your next camping and hiking by taking the help of camping and hiking subreddit. You can get many articles and write-ups related to camping which can help you in planning your next vacation. A lot of people share their camping or hiking experience on this subreddit. You can take some tips from their knowledge and look up pictures to get the exact idea about the location, fare and every obstacle you might face.


100 Years Ago

100 Years Ago

Are you one of those who love to explore all the books kept in the history rack? Well, 100 years ago is the digital library for you that will take you back into history. Using this subreddit, you can peep into history and read about incidents that happened hundreds of years ago from now. The black and white pictures support history as they act as evidence. This subreddit is extremely helpful for history enthusiastic or history scholars. This subreddit is a gift for history lovers, and you must check it out.


These were some best subreddits on reddit which can help you a lot. The subreddit platforms will take you to your favorite topic where you can look into similar things and choose the best one. From reading memes to learning how to cook, thanks to subreddit for being a guide in every sphere of life. Do not forget to let us know in the comment section, which is your favourite subreddit.


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