Best Tech Gifts To Gift Your Loved Ones This Christmas Day

Best Tech Gifts

Looking for the hottest tech gifts of 2020? Even if gadgets aren’t your thing, these innovative products might make you reconsider.

Techies are some of the most exciting people to shop for and there are some pretty cool products coming out this year. From a high-flying drone to an Oculus Quest headset that blocks out the noise — there are so many fun, useful items on the market.

1. Best Tech Gifts Amazon Smart Plug 

Once you’ve installed these in your house you’ll have a hard time going back. I use them with our living room lamps, so I can tell Alexa to turn them on the second I walk in the door. You can also schedule the lights to come on when you want.

2. Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

In addition to its immersive sound, this Bluetooth speaker has six different color settings. It makes the perfect bedside table light or outdoor speaker.

3. Best Tech Gifts Tile Mate 

This little square is a location tracker and it’s the absolute perfect gift for anyone who constantly loses their keys or wallet. You can make it ring from up to 200 feet away, which is perfect for those everyday necessities that somehow get lost around the house.

4. Topvision Mini Projector

If someone sidled up to me at a party and whipped this tiny projector to display a movie, I’d probably give them my hand in marriage. This projects clear, bright films and it can be connected to your phone or computer.

Best Tech Gifts

5. Best Tech Gifts Bose SoundLink Micro Portable Outdoor Speaker 

It’s also waterproof and lasts up to six hours after one charge. It amazed at the sound quality.

6. Keychain Charger

This might be the most convenient way to charge your phone. Snap the charger onto any key ring, and carry it with you everywhere you go. The tassels come in pink, black, white, and blue.

7. Best Tech Gifts Dyson Airwrap 

The Airwrap comes with a variety of tools, including a curler, that can take your hair from completely wet to perfectly styled without using extreme heat.

8. Digital Picture Frame

This is the perfect gift for family members who keep requesting to see photos of your adventures. It has a 10-inch screen that displays high-resolution photos. It can also play music or videos. It would be perfect to pre-load with photos or a sweet video ahead of time for an extra surprise.

9. Stroller Hook Charger 

This hook is almost as tough. It holds up to 25 pounds and is definitely a powerful update to your morning stroll.

10. Oral-B White Pro Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

this toothbrush as a stocking stuffer last year and you will never look back. Your pearly whites feel clean and the self-timer helps me actually brush for two full minutes. The charge lasts long enough to take it on a weekend trip with no problem.

Best Tech Gifts

11. Best Tech Gifts Courant Catch 1 Wireless Charger 

Get one of these wireless chargers this year and found it completely game-changing. You can just toss your phone on the dock and it charges the phone completely without ever having to plug it in. There are even larger versions that can accommodate two phones or your phone and AirPods.

12. Mophie Battery Case

Why waste time sitting by the phone charger? This battery pack phone case fits iPhones in sizes 6s, 6s Plus and 7 plus. The case provides an extra 12 hours of talk time, 8 hours of video streaming or web browsing or 7 hours of gaming.

13. Best Tech Gifts Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker

The latest Fitbit uses heart rate-monitoring to make sure that it accurately tracks calorie burn and resting heart rate. It can also give insight into how well your giftee is sleeping and it stays charged for up to five days.

14. Campark Waterproof Action Camera

Anyone who is into mountain biking, scuba diving or rock climbing needs this waterproof camera. It includes 4K resolution, a 2-inch HD screen and a wide-angle lens. Start moving!

15. Best Tech Gifts SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 128GB

No one wants to spend money on a new phone when you’ve made it through all of your storage — with this device, you won’t have to. This flash drive allows you to back up your phone with ease. Seriously, you won’t be able to remember how you got by without it.

16. Self-Rolling Smart Yoga Mat

Everyone hates rolling up yoga mats so much that it almost keeps me from going to class. Now, you don’t have to worry about it. This soft, cushy yoga mat rolls itself up and grips to the floor, so there’s no more sweaty slipping. It also comes with yoga routines that you can hear using any smart speaker.


I hope you liked this tech gifting ideas that can be gifted to anyone. Stay tuned to our website for more How Tos, technical reviews and more.

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