Top 5 Best Thermal Paste for 2019

Best Thermal Paste

To cool down the Temperature and to boost the performance of your CPU or GPU, you can use appropriate thermal paste. Here we sorted 5 best Thermal Pastes for 2019. In the case, you have to work with expertise because the wrong step can decline the performance and even damage your appliance.

If you are a gamer, then you must need to use it to cool down your PC temperature.

With a right thermal paste, you can lower down the temperature by 10 degrees. Some heat sinks are best in the market for your processor, but a thermal paste can fill the little space in-between. It will affect directly proportional the overall cooling and performance.

So, are you already in search for the best of thermal paste you can use to boost the performance of your CPU or GPU? Congrats! Your search ends here. Below we have listed top 5 best thermal paste of 2019 that you can apply to cool down and boost the performance of your CPU or GPU.

Below we have listed best of non-capacitive thermal paste and best of liquid metal thermal paste. Make sure to read the below article completely to not miss any updates and to get the all required relevant information.

Best Thermal Paste

List of Best Thermal Pastes for 2019

Best of Non-Capacitive Thermal Paste

1. Arctic Silver 5: 99.9% Silver Thermal Compound


On the top of this list, we have Arctic Silver 5 as one of the best non-capacitive thermal paste of 2019. Thanks to its 99.9% micronized silver that gives it a high output. By applying it, your CPU will tend to work more effectively even at the tight and high-frequency performance. This high output is all because of the efficient micronized silver.

Arctic Silver 5 still considered as a ceramic TIM. Make sure not to spill it over the PC components. The manufacturer itself warns to be careful while applying. Keep in mind that the paste consumes much longer time to settle in.

Therefore, to be victim to the best CPU performance, you will need to be patient. In the market, you will also find some ceramic TIMs featuring micronized diamonds. We always suggest you avoid them. The reason is that there will be not much performance when compared to it, and they are harsh as well. Also checkout Best Laptops Under 25000.

2. Arctic MX-4: Best of Carbon-Based Thermal Paste

Arctic MX-4

This heat sink compound is one is the best carbon-based thermal grease. The best with Arctic MX-4 is that it does not take much time to settle down settle in. When you apply it, you can place the more cooling same as immediately. Apart from that, it is not electrically conductive because Arctic MX-4 does not contain any metal.

Because of its practical syringe design, you will not face any restrictions while applying it. Another key factor with Arctic MX-4 is that it is not as much expensive. For a regular user, this carbon-based thermal paste is the best.

3. Noctua NT-H1: Best for Overclocking

Noctua NT-H1

On the top of this list, we have Noctua NT-H1: Great Thermal Paste for Overclocking. Above mentioned, Arctic MX-4 is best for regular use as already said. If your purpose is overclocking, then Noctua NT-H1 is one stop solution for you. This one is cheaper when compared to Arctic MX-4. Even, it can keep your CPU up to 2° cooler than compared to Arctic MX-4.

As Noctua NT-H1 is not capacitive, even at high CPU loads, it can conduct heat very well. Keep in mind that it comes with less paste, but it is enough for maximum 15 applications.

Noctua NT-H1 also does not consume settling time. When compared with natural compounds, this paste is thick and dry.

4. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut: Best High-End Ceramic TIM

Third, we have Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut as one of the best and most expensive non-capacitive thermal paste in the list. This grease stands to be the most efficient thermally conductive ceramic paste as it delivers 12.5W/mk. One of the good thing with this thermal paste is that it doesn’t conduct electricity at all. Moreover, it doesn’t take time to settle in. For hardcore PC builders, Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is a gift.

It contains the only 1G of paste. You can even apply it very quickly. The TIM will give you the best result for maximum 3 to 4 appliances if appropriately used. However, Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is expensive as well. It is twice expensive as much as the Noctua NT-H1.

When properly applied, it will give you up to 3-4° lower temperature than the Noctua NT-H1 and Arctic Silver 5. If you can afford more than Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 11.1G is good to go as well.

Best of Liquid Metal Thermal Compound

5. Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut: Suggested

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut never disappoints you, if appropriately applied with caution. Till today, Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut is one of the best thermal paste that comes with 73 W/mk. This liquid metal thermal paste is specially manufactured for those who wish to extend their performance to the maximum.

Keep in mind that you are using a liquid thermal paste, therefore, never use it on aluminum heatsinks because leave black colored stains and damage your application. This is an electrically capacitive liquid metal thermal paste. So, it must be used with more expertise.

Before, applying this liquid metal thermal paste, you have to safely clean heatsink with isopropyl alcohol. This is a must follow step. Once done, you can use very little paste, and with the help of a brush, you have to spread it. This thermal paste is the best because it comes with all the required tools for a flawless workflow.

In order to gain the best of performance, you have to overclock your CPU or GPU which can be possible by lowering the temperature. With the quality of your heatsink, more relaxed and the rest of your PC rig, this liquid metal thermal paste called Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut can lower your temperature by over 10°.

summing up

Here we have the list of top 5 best thermal paste for 2019. We hope this article helped you. Don’t forget to comment below guys if you know any other best thermal paste that must be listed here. Subscribe our news latter for more amazing articles and updates.

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