Best Vacation Planner Apps 2020 [Updated & Genuine List]


We all love to travel and go new places to explore. But now, the question arises where to go? What would be the budget and some issues like this? Are you also someone who is also confused about these things? Are you worried? If you are, then do not worry because you have got your back. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best vacation planner apps that would help you immensely to try out the possibly the best thing for you. What are we waiting for! Let’s get started:

The best planner apps make your work a lot easier. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Planner apps give you a broader horizon of things ranging from the hostel, flights, etc.
  • Planner helps to solve all the queries that you might have in the process of making some choices.
  • It also helps you to get the most affordable things available in the market.
  • You can also have a look into endless spreadsheets, which would be of great help as it would give you more ideas.

Best Vacation Planner Apps

  • TripAdvisor
  • Visit a City
  • CityMaps2Go
  • Rome2rio
  • Triple
  • Culture Trip

Now that we know about some of these Best Vacation Planner Apps. It is time to discuss each one of them in a bit of detail. Let’s get into it


Best Vacation Planner App

The first name on the list is TripAdvisor. Without a doubt, it is one of the most trusted and favorable vacation planner apps present for you. It is a fantastic app. It is the SmartTravel’s parent Company, and you would be surprised to know, but it is the granddaddy of trip planner apps.

There are various good things about this app. One of them is unlike other apps, which gives significant preference to only cities; it also lists small areas. And, this something amazing. It lets you explore every corner of the globe, along with restaurants, hotels, and vacation rentals. After exploring every minute details, it gives you the option to decide and which way to go for. The diverse facility that it provides is something scarce and unusual at the same time.

You can also create customized itineraries about things or places that you might like. When you search for a particular city, it also caters to you with different reviews, photos, and videos of different places and things. In case you do not get satisfied with the facilities provided by this app, you can also go to its forum for better clarification.

It is available on both the devices that are Android and IOS.

Visit a City

Best Vacation Planner App

The next name on the list is to Visit a City. This is yet another great vacation planner present out there for you for your use. It holds some of the fantastic features in it. One of the best things about it is that it contains the capacity to acknowledge the two most common problems. First of all, when you search for a city, it gives you the full insight and the time that will be taken to cover most of the fantastic places or the places that you would like to see. Secondly, it also gives you the best possible options for sightseeing when you put up a search on it.

Another good thing about this vacation planner app is that it gives you the freedom to bring change in itinerary. It gives you this option whenever you opt for a new city and this something amazing. But, you must remember that the plans that it provides does not include the rate of breakfast and lunch or be it any kind of food.

You can also book a tour through Visit a City. It is available on both the devices that are Android and IOS.

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Best Vacation Planner App

The next name on the list is CityMaps2Go. It is also one of the most useful visits planner app. It offers a handy offline map, which helps you to customize with personal points of the internet. The best thing about this app is that it displays your current location irrespective of whether you have an internet facility or not.

The app includes thousands of offline maps from just anywhere on earth, which means it is useful for travelers who do not want to pay international data charges when heading overseas. This feature provided by this app is just amazing.

You can also book tours through CityMaps2Go. It is available on both the devices that are on Android and IOS.



The next name in the list is of Rome2rio. The best part about planning a trip is preparing for all the fantastic places you can go and have fun there. But, the most common problem is the problem of logistics. Here is when Rome 2rio comes for help. It does all the things very efficiently, and this is amazing. The app helps you to search for almost every mode of transportation.  It can be dull, train subways, bus, taxi, or even ber. Isn’t this amazing!

The app also gives you the option to enter two destinations within a given city or two points farther apart. You can do whatever you want. It is very relaxed and comfortable, and you do not have to rush. Another good thing about this app is that it is available on both the operating systems that are Android and IOs.



Next up, we have a TripIt. It is one of the most fantastic vacation planner apps present out there for you. It is a fixture travel app list. It is suitable for all good reasons. It gives you offline access to the itinerary, which is just amazing. You can also sync this app with your phone’s calendar and set an alarm. Later on, you can also share the desirable information with your loved ones, which is fantastic.

You simply forward each confirmation email to [email protected] and let the app do the rest. Usually, this app is available for free, but if you want to have access to more incredible features, you can opt for the pro version. To avail of the upgraded version, you shall have to pay $49 per year, which is not a significant amount in front of the fantastic features that it provides.

Besides, it is available on both the operating systems that are Android and IOs. This app can be on your priority list while opting out for the best vacation planner app.

Culture Trip

Culture Trip

Last but not least, the name that we have on the list is of Culture Trip. It is one of the fantastic apps to be a specific vacation app present out there. It brings travelers a little bit out of the mainstream. It also has a very apt tagline. It also makes travelers curious by highlighting unique, off the beaten path options in popular destinations.

It has recommendations for more than 200 destinations worldwide, which is just amazing and celebrated at the same time. With this app’s help, you can think of being more local and bringing a local perspective to your trip planning.

It uses the publication’s content as a starting point. While reading all the articles, you can save specific places and can have a look after. This feature provided by this app is just amazing, and we must accept that it is quite rare also. It is available on both the operating systems that are Android and IOs.

Final Words

So, this was the list of some of the Best Vacation Planner App. We have tried our best to incorporate every deserving name on this list. Even after this, in case you think that some names should have been mentioned here, discuss the same in the comment section below. Trust us; it would be an immense help for the readers and us, as it would help them get a higher perspective.

Besides, we have tried to discuss also some of the fantastic features that this app has. We believe this piece of writing would be some help for you. It was all for now. Happy Vacation ☺


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