5 Ways to Avoid Online Fraud/Scam


It is almost impossible to avoid encountering fraudulent schemes online—because they are essentially everywhere. In fact, it can sometimes feel like the odds are against you when it comes to online fraud, as so many people on the internet are looking for ways to take advantage of you or hack into your personal details.

According to the infographic below, all a hacker needs to defraud you is access to your sensitive data like passwords and bank account details. Before looking through this infographic for more details on your online safety, here are five quick ways to avoid online fraud:

Only Provide Your Information to Websites with the Padlock Icon

You should only make transactions on websites that have the padlock icon before their web address. Websites that do not have this icon are either fraudulent or cannot guarantee you the protection of the personal details you provide them.

Spot Phishing Schemes

Attackers who lure their victims to willfully give them their details often mask themselves as corporations or individuals we trust. They can pose as a government agency, bank, trusted corporation or even our friends and family. Therefore, make sure you verify the validity of emails and messages before acting on them so they don’t lead you to a fraudulent site.

Use Sophisticated Security Systems for Sensitive Accounts

Using the password verification system is no longer effective for securing sensitive accounts that contain your banking details. Sites that hold this information are now offering another layer of security, which makes it more difficult for unauthorized access. However, the fact that users are ignoring this feature is a testament to how much we take security issues for granted. The smartest thing to do is become security conscious and adopt two-factor authentication on all sites that require our banking details for their services.

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Be Vigilant Online

Finally, stay vigilant online and try as much as possible to reduce your vulnerability. It is evident that scammers feed off of our greed with mouth-watering deals that will spur us to expose our data. Deals and prices that seem too good to be true are most likely fraudulent and they might put our finances and safety at risk.

Best Ways to Be Safe from these Fraud/Scam Infographic

Ways to avoid online fraud scam

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