Top 5 Best Ways to Keep Secure your PC (2019)


Prevention is better than cure. That’s correct. Thus, if you are in the search of the best ways to keep your Windows machine secure then you are doing one of the best job right now. Hopefully, below we have listed the top 5 best ways to keep your Windows PC secure. All the below methods are 100% working and it is an updated list as per the current attack criteria of malware on Windows machines.

Windows is one of the best operating system and it is holding a very huge database of users. Most of us usually don’t take a step forward without having an internet connection. Thus, being careful of malware and viruses while surfing internet on Windows PC is a must attention. Therefore, make sure to give a complete reading to the below article if you don’t want to catch by a virus or malware.

List of Top 5 Best Ways to Keep Your PC Secure of 2019

1. Update Your Windows PC


Microsoft’s Windows Operating System is one of the best operating system available out there which is used worldwide. And, because of this huge user-base, chances of getting viruses injured in one of them system increases. With the incremental in the hardware, software updates from the official sources, new techniques to hack Windows and software are also developing.

Thus, when you update a software or Windows then it becomes very hard for hackers to get virus injured in your Windows desktop/ laptop.
There is a very clear reason behind this Windows update comes with bug fixes, bugles experience, performance improvement, security updates and much more. Therefore, it is highly recommended to always update your Windows desktop/ laptop with the latest Windows version.

You can either update Windows manually or automatically by system on your Laptop/ desktop. The choice is yours. Still, it is highly recommended to set up your PC to install Windows 10 updates automatically. Even, if your Windows machine is running outdated from several months then the chance of getting malware or virus affected increases.

Therefore, you must update your Windows PC to the latest version. You can also look into system settings to manually check whether your Windows PC is updated or not. Updating Windows to the latest version is not a rocket science. Anyone interested user can easily update their Windows machine to the latest version.

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2. Deal Carefully with E-mails

Whether you are being a professional or student. Working with the right pathway, you have to do lots of emails and receive a big jar of emails as well. Most of the emails come with attachments as per the motive of the email. If you are not receiving a genuine email rather than it is an advertisement email then be careful with it. If there is any attachment attached then it may be captured with malware.

Even most of the people don’t take care of it while dealing with E-mails. For a normal student or professional it is just an email having an attachment but the conditions can be worse once it is placed on your Windows PC. There are chances that the level you are concerned about security, your colleagues, employees, friends or any email sender is not that much concerned about security.

Therefore, it is better to be careful while dealing with E-mails having an attachment attached. An unsolicited email having an attachment attached is not a good thing at all. Thus, if you don’t want to face any issues or problems in future then we highly recommend all of you to check whether the email is genuine or not then delete the email permanently if it is not.

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3. Be Aware of Phishing Scams

With the Windows updates rolling out, Windows operating system is getting better and it is getting more for tough and challenging for hackers develop malware or viruses to getting into the Windows machine. Thus, in order to crack the Windows security updates, hackers are also getting more concerned and developing more powerful malware and viruses. Not only that new techniques and methods are also invented in order to injure malware into your Windows computer.

One of the common example is pop-up advertisements and malicious websites. They are even growing day by day. Their motive is to get your attention by showing you free or amazing deals, cashback, discounts. Once you click on them then they will ask you to fill information about you like a survey. First time users or newbie unknown users usually fall into their trap and fill in all their personal details in the required fields.
Once done. They found themselves fooled and nothing happened. However, from the Hacker side they got information about you then they will sell a bunch of similar data to various websites, advertisements agencies and you will be targeted against advertisements again and again.

Therefore, it is better to stay away from these fake pop-ups and malware filled websites to ensure no malware has attacked in your Windows computer. Don’t and never fill such surveys and pop-ups that ask you for your personal information and basic contact details if you don’t want to getting trouble with advertisements again and again.

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4. Never Download Files from Untrusted Sources

There are a good number of websites running out there on the internet usually called malware rich websites. One of the main aspect to point out such websites is that they never ends with .com. There are chances that the content you are looking for is not available from official websites sometimes and it can be downloaded from these so-called fake websites. They will attract you and most of the sometimes they have very similar interface like the genuine one.

Even, these websites does not offer the origin download. Once the file gets downloaded, you will find this not to the genuine download. Therefore, downloading required files only from the trusted websites and sources is best to follow.

5. Encrypt and Backup Your Files

Most of us usually carry our office documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more in our Windows laptop. Loosing them is worse. Even, someone has accessed your laptop in the absence of yours is not good. Thus, make sure to set up a password on your laptop that comes up every time you boot up your Windows machine.

Also, never forget to encrypt and Backup your confidential and important data. Thus, the unknown person will not be able to access your encrypted files. Having a backup of them and backup stored on other device will give you a comfortable sleep.

Summing Up

We have featured the list of top 5 best ways to keep your Windows PC Secure of 2019. Let us know in the comment section below if you know any other best way to keep Windows PC Secure and stay away from malware that must be listed above.


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