Best White Gaming Mice That Looks Great At Cheap Price

Best White Gaming Mice

If you are looking for the best white gaming mouse to match your gaming set up, the mice listed below are all a great choice depending on your available budget. All the mice below deliver great performance and have the necessary features to take your gaming to the next level. They are all in different price brackets, but each one of these mice has something to bring to the table or gaming desk in this case. They all have good to great accuracy, ergonomic design to comfortably fit your hands, and reliable to last you for months if not years to come.

What makes a good gaming mouse?


A gaming mouse must have an accurate sensor be it optical or laser. Most people think that a higher DPI means better performance, but that is a common mistake that most people make. A low DPI mouse may still perform better than a higher DPI mouse if its sensor is more accurate. Therefore, make sure the sensor of your gaming is of good quality.


A gaming mouse must have an ergonomic shape that makes it comfortable. What good is a gaming mouse that has all the best features if it feels terrible in hand? The arrangement and smoothness of clicks of the buttons must also be taken in to account.


A gaming mouse must be reliable during gameplay and its overall longevity. Its button switches must be robust. Its internal and external structure must also be robust so that it may last you for months to come.

Cooler Master MM711 Best White Gaming Mice

An upgrade to the original MM710, the recently-released MM711 from Cooler Master is a small ambidextrous mouse that’s also the second-lightest gaming mice ever released by Cooler Master at 60 grams.

If you’re looking for a light and white gaming mouse, the MM711 is hard to NOT recommend. The PixArt PMW3389 is basically everything that you could ask for, capable of adjusting to even the smallest increments. It’s also adjustable up to 16,000 DPI.

The Omron switches are great, while the side buttons have minimal travel yet feel satisfying to click. Also, unlike other gaming mice in its price range, the scroll wheel is fairly quiet and feels stable.

As for the software, the MM711 benefits from both mainstream and unique features. For example, there’s a nice range of RGB lighting options for the MM711, with several unique options like angle tuning.

If there’s one problem with the MM711 is that it feels like its price. This isn’t to say that it feels cheap. It’s just that it doesn’t feel expensive at all. It’s relatively solid, but it doesn’t feel like it can withstand more than a couple of beatings. At the same time, the underside has been known to scratch mouse pads, which isn’t great at all. But performance-wise, the M711 is easy to recommend and well worth buying.

Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse Best White Gaming Mice

Not all of us are fans of spending an exorbitant amount of money on good gaming mice, and Glorious obviously agree. Their Glorious Model O mouse in glossy or matte white is one of the prettiest gaming mice out there, and its reasonable price only makes things better.

Moreover, Glorious has also recently released the lighter Model O Minus which weighs in at 58 grams with the original being 67 grams. It has an excellent Pixart PMW-3360 sensor and Omron mechanical switches, so performance will be excellent. Packed inside the very lightweight honeycomb shell are RGB lights for the side and scroll wheel, but with that many holes, the entire mouse shines. And with the glossy white finish, it does look stunning.

Best White Gaming Mice

This mouse connects to your PC with Glorious’ extremely lightweight Ascended Cord, and you can use the software to customize just about any aspect of the mouse, from the 6 customizable buttons to the RGB lights and the DPI settings.

Razer Lancehead Tournament Mercury Mouse

If you want something with a higher DPI sensor than any other mouse on this list, you might be interested in this Razer mouse with true tracking up to 16,000 DPI. This mouse has one of the fastest sensor in the world tracking 450 inches per second which puts it on the charts for professional gaming.

The Razer Lancehead also features Omron switches for the fastest response times and 50 million clicks. This mouse is fully customizable and the settings can be saved both onboard and in cloud storage. Additionally, it is ready for left or right-handed gamers since it is an ambidextrous mouse. Of course, you can choose your own color with this mouse as well, though this one is centered on absolute optimum performance.

XTRFY M4 Best White Gaming Mice

The M4 is arguably the most reasonably priced and well-built lightweight gaming mouse available today at 69 grams, as well as a $60 price range.

It comes equipped with Pixart’s top-of-the-line PMW3389 sensor, with 400 IPS, and on-the-fly sensitive settings that you can adjust from 400 up to 16,000 CPI, as well as 125 to 1,000 Hz polling rate.

The ultra-light construction and unique, ambidextrous design is also paired with XTRFY’s very own “EZcord”. This makes for a softer, lighter, and more flexible cable that results in smoother swipes. Plus, as an added bonus, you can choose a color for the cable that can match your mouse.

This is all housed inside a mouse that’s engineered for durability and lightweight. The shell, for example, doesn’t feel light at all. Not to mention, even though the mouse looks quite large at first glance, it immediately dawns on you on your first use that the mouse is built for quality, first and foremost.

With Omron switches that are rated for 20 million pro-played clicks, the M4 can and should last you for a long time.

G-Wolves Hati Best White Gaming Mice

The G-Wolves Hati is another great white gaming mouse. Although it has a similar design to other gaming mouse, the Hati makes enough improvements to stand out as its very own product.

Take for example, its lightweight. At 61 grams, it weighs a lot less than the Logitech G Pro Wireless at 80 grams. It also comes equipped with the industry-standard Pixart PMW3360 gaming sensor with support for up to 12,000 DPI and a maximum IPS of 250. It’s also optimized for right-handed gaming with two extra buttons.

While a glossy white could have done it better in terms of functionality, the argument exists that the choice to give it a matte coating makes it look better.

Finally, as a welcome bonus, the Hati comes shipped with a lot of extra. This long list of extras include an extra pair of mouse skates and paracord cable, as well as extra grips, and extra Omron switches for both Mouse 1 and Mouse 2 buttons.

Best White Gaming Mice

G203 Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

The Prodigy Series Logitech mouse is celebrated for its speed. Its performance is up to eight times faster than a standard mouse. If you prefer a high sensitive mouse, this may be the one for you.

It incorporates advanced button tensioning allowing a reduction in the force needed to click the primary left and right buttons. This mouse also includes 6 programmable buttons.

Moreover, this mouse has a 6,000 DPI sensor, so it’s still very accurate, plus it has on-the-fly DPI shifting from 200-6000 DPI. The near-instant response of this mouse makes it a favorite in this price range. This one is a strong competitor with its low price. It also features awesome aesthetics with different brightness levels and 16.8 million colors of programmable lighting.


Hopefully, this article was helpful for you. Let us know which one are you planning to buy and what made you think so.

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