Top 10 Best WiFi Analyzer Apps for Android

best wifi analyzer apps

We are back with another great article featuring the list of top 10 best WiFi Analyzer apps for Android. One of the irritating problem that anyone can face is the weak WiFi speed and strength. All the parameters that can be used to analyze a WIFI networks are technical.

We always need a WiFi analyser tool in order to study, identify and fix the related problems. In this perspective, many developers have contributed to provide the best WiFi Analyzer apps. Currently, there are numerous WiFi Analyzer apps are available on Google Playstore. Therefore, finding the best confuses a user, especially difficult for a beginner.

Therefore, below we have featured the list of top 10 best WiFi Analyzer apps for Android platform. We strongly recommend to all readers to go through the whole article to understand the every perspective of the list and not to miss any important updates. Also read best anonymous chat apps for android.

List of Top 10 Best WiFi Analyzer Apps for Android of 2019

1. Network Signal Info

This list of top 10 best Wi-Fi Analyser Apps for Android begins with Network Signal Info. This app gives users an accurate information about the connected Wi-Fi network including the signal strength as well. This app is very user-friendly and offers a decent interface. It also provides all basic information about the Connected Wi-Fi network like Mac address, SSID, Wi-Fi data transfer speed. Gateway IP address and more.

This app comes with both free and paid versions. If you want to get rid of ads then you can go with the paid version. Apart from that many useful features also get unlocked in the paid version.

2. ScanFi

Second, we have ScanFi. This app is very popular among users who always try to convert their android device into a perfect Wi-Fi Analyser. Hopefully, ScanFi do its job very well. Not only providing user-friendly interface but also offers in-demand advanced features on the app. Using this app, users can perform 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi scanning. For better understanding, it shows Graphical representation of running Wi-Fi networks.

You can download this app completely free from Google Play Store. The app is free to use as well. To get the knowledge of accurate speed and strength of a Wi-Fi network, ScanFi works best.

3. WiFi Manager

Here, you have appointed a manager to identify and manage all your Wi-Fi networks. Lol! Using this app, users can manage of all their Wi-Fi connections in their home and office as well. The interface of this app is decent and clean. Even, it also offers a graphical representation channel radar in order to view and satisfied with connection of a particular wireless network. It is a must try app in this list.

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4. WiFi Signal Strength

WiFi Signal Strength is another popular and leading WiFi Analyzer app of this list. Moreover, the best thing about WiFi Signal Strength is that it provides on-demand information about a particular WiFi network. So, if you are in search of the better place where your WiFi signal strength is excellent then this app is especially developed for you. You can give it a try.

5. WiFi Data – Signal Analyzer

This is another useful app when it comes to get an accurate information of a Wi-Fi network around you. The app is very popular and high download app among advanced WiFi users. Using it, you can understand the signal strength of your WiFi network and maintain it up-to-date to get the best of speed and strength all the time.

On the home-screen, this app consists of four tabs. They are connections, access points lists, channel and signal tabs. You can download it from Google Play Store.

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6. WiFi Analyzer

In the middle of this list, we have WiFi Analyzer as another best Wi-Fi Analyzer app for all android devices. This app is completely free to download from Google Play Store. This app is not that much fancy or loaded with more advanced features, just highlighting the simplicity with basic and useful features. You will find advertisements within the app. Moreover, it also provides the graphical representation of wireless network around you. Therefore, it is the best app to just analyze WiFi networks and find the best solution regarding signal and strength.

7. Open Signal

This is the best app for in-depth WiFi network analysis. One of the best thing is it does not have advertisements and you can download it completely free from Google Play Store. This app can be used in locating the nearest mobile tower, get the accurate knowledge of connected WiFi network, perform speed and strength tests, perform latency tests and more.

Moreover, it also provides all basic and useful information about the connected and other WiFi networks as well. Open Signal of not only designed for WiFi network testing but also for cellular monitoring.

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8. WiFi Monitor

This list will remain incomplete if we forget to feature WiFi Monitor app in this list. This app is a single stop solution for all your WiFi analysis requirements. If intellectually used, this app is going to provide you the best of information that will be very useful in identifying the WiFi networks accurately.

It has an awesome set of tabs within the app. They are Connection, Network and Channels tabs. Apart from that there are also some charts are available for good network understanding. This app provides WiFi analysis by various technical factors, Wifi channel traffic distribution chart, identify the areas with weak signals.

9. WiFi Analyzer- Home WiFi Alert

From newbie to intermediates to expert users, all can freely use WiFi Analyzer- Home WiFi Alert app. If gives the information about signal strength of WiFi networks in dB so that you can identify the areas where the WiFi signals are weak. Moreover, it also provides Graphical representation of all WiFi networks for better understanding. Apart from that it also provide some built-in tools that are very helpful in securing your home WiFi networks.

10. WiFi Analytics Tool

On the last of this list but not the least, we have WiFi Analytics Tool. This app is mainly focused on advanced graphical representation of all utilities. These make the learning process easier to understand and execute as well. It has a built-in WiFi Analyzer for better representation of available WiFi networks. It has a separate section for WiFi signal strength analysis. Even, it offers Channel Interference Analyzer and all the required information gets represented in graphical form. Interested users can download it from Google Play Store.

Few More Words

Here, we have a featured the list of top 10 best. WiFi Analyzer apps for Android platform of 2019. Comment below if you face any questions, we will try our best to give answers and don’t forget to mention below if you are aware of any other best WiFi Analyzer app for Android platform that must be discussed here.

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