Best Xposed Framework Modules For Rooted Devices (Free Download)

Best Xposed Framework Modules
Best Xposed Framework Modules

Best Xposed Framework Modules Introduction

Xposed framework modules are really useful if you are using a rooted android device. If your devices I sorted then you need to download the Xposed framework and Best Xposed Framework Modules to enjoy all features. If you are the one like me the fan of the rooted device. Then, these best and amazing modules for the exposed framework is just amazing for you.

Best Xposed Framework Modules
Best Xposed Framework Modules

Basically, you put in an app known as Xposed Installer that helps you to transfer different apps that area unit the particular programs that do all the modifying. See our Xposed Framework: What it’s Install It guide for specific directions on obtaining this app on your device and putting in the modules.

Tip: All of the apps below ought to be equally accessible despite that company makes your humanoid phone, as well as Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

Note: bear in mind to modify the module once putting in it. To do this, attend the most menu in Xposed Installer and access the Modules section. place a sign on the box next to no matter you would like enabled then restart the device.

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YouTube AdAway (Download Now)

Just as the name suggests, the YouTube AdAway Xposed module can take away advertisements on the official YouTube app yet because of the YouTube TV, Gaming, and children apps. This module disables another thing too, like video suggestions and data card teasers.

Snapprefs (Download Now)

You can auto-save Snapchat photos and videos on humanoid with the Snappprefs Xposed module. A number of different options area unit enclosed, too, like varied paint tools to increase what you’ll do before causing a Snapchat message, like a blur tool; weather, speed, and site spoofing.

The choice to disable Discover in order that you are not mistreatment of extra data; the power to require screenshots secretly while not alerting the recipient; and additional.

GravityBox (Download Now)

GravityBox is Associate in Nursing arsenal jam-packed with humanoid tweaks. enclosed area unit lock screen tweaks, standing bar tweaks, power tweaks, show tweaks, media tweaks, navigation key tweaks, and others.

You can do all types of things with these tweaks, like change the battery indicator style; center the clock, hide it altogether, or show the date, too; show a true time traffic monitor within the standing bar; modify a screen recorder and screenshot tool within the power menu; modify a non-intrusive incoming decision feature that pushes the decision to the background rather than interrupting what you are doing; build the amount keys skip tracks once music is taking part in whereas the phone is locked; and far additional.

You have to transfer the proper version of GravityBox that works together with your Android OS. Follow these links for cookie, candy, Lollipop, KitKat, JellyBean, and Nougat, or do a probe from the transfer section of Xposed Installer. Hopefully, you understand.

CrappaLinks (Download Now)

Sometimes, after you open a link on your phone that ought to go on to another app, like Google Play or YouTube, the link opens during a browser window at intervals the app that you simply opened the link from.

CrappaLinks fixes this in order that you’ll open those links directly in those apps, similar to you would like.

XBlast Tools (Download Now)

This Xposed Framework module helps you to customise a lot of various things on your humanoid, all of that area unit categorised into sections like standing Bar, Navigation Bar, Multi-Tasking, Quiet Hours, Driving Mode, Phone Tweaks, Carrier Label, Gradient Settings, Volume Button Tweaks, and several other others.

For example, within the Visual Tweaks section, within the Keyboard space, you’ll select a custom background colour, a colour for the keys and/or key text, yet as disable the fullscreen keyboard.

Final Words and Conclusion

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