Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing

Best Zoom Alternatives

Zoom became the most popular video conferencing app, however, the security loopholes and data mismanagement results in dooming of this app fame. Here are some Best Zoom Alternatives that you may try.

Best Zoom Alternatives:

Here are some best zoom alternatives that you can consider during this pandemic.

1. Google Meet vs Zoom:

Google is the latest player in the field of video conferencing. On 8th May, it became accessible to everyone who has a Google account. Until 30th September, there is no limit on video conferencing, after that users will be able to do video calling for 60 minutes. You can add 100 people to the group for video conferencing. Google Meet has a simpler UI. There are two buttons on the top. One is for hosting a meeting and another is for joining a meeting.

The only con of this app is users cannot record videos. Members of the GSuite family only can record videos on this app. Unlike Zoom, it does not have any security threats.

Best Zoom Alternatives

2. Facebook Messenger Rooms:

Next up we have Facebook Messenger Rooms. Facebook has recently launched Messenger Rooms. This feature is available for all Messenger users. Messenger Rooms do not allow more than 50 users. You don’t need a Facebook profile to join a video conference.

On the Messenger app, the user will have a “Create Room” option just below your profile. It will instantly create a video conference which can be joined by others from even a web browser without a Facebook account.

Best Zoom Alternatives

3. Jitsi Meet:

Next, we have Jitsi Meet. Jitsi Meet is an open-source app. It is similar to Zoom. The main pros of using Jitsi Meet are, it has some dedicated mobile apps, easy to use and It allows you to directly live stream on YouTube from within Jitsi Meet. Jitsi Meet lets you add 75 participants in a video call. There is no time limit on video conference. You can also record and share your video conferences.

The con of this app is its quality. The video quality is not up-to-the-mark. It is average.

Best Zoom Alternatives

4. Skype:

Skype wasn’t considered a Zoom alternative as creating video conferences was relatively complex for non-Skype users. Microsoft has abandoned Skype in pursuit of Microsoft Teams. But, until recently, it has introduced Skype Meet. It’s a simple web app that requires no sign-up to either host or to join a meeting.

Non-Skype users can join the meeting without downloading Skype. 49 members at a time can join a video conference.

Best Zoom Alternatives

5. Cisco Webex:

The final Zoom alternative is Cisco Webex. It was one of the app that went free during the Work From Home time. You can schedule a meeting for 100 members. Webex also allows screen sharing and recording of meetings. Similar to Zoom, it has a personal meeting room.

Best Zoom Alternatives

The Best Zoom Alternative – Conclusions:

The Latest launched, Google Meet and Facebook Rooms are real alternatives of Zoom. For super privacy, Jitsi Meet is the best choice for you.

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