Bharti Airtel Family Postpaid Plans: Rs 749 Starting Price

Bharti Airtel Family Postpaid

Airtel Family Plans are the best for families who want to save money on mobile internet usage. Bharti Airtel Family Postpaid. Bharti Airtel offers— ‘Airtel Family Postpaid Plans’ to the existing and new subscribers. These plans range between 749 to 1599 rupees.

The basic advantage of these plans is that they include unlimited nationwide calling and unlimited national roaming facility. Some other benefits that you can get are free Amazon Prime video for a year and ZEE5 Premium membership. The membership renews every month. Users will also get Airtel XStream membership.

Bharti Airtel Family Postpaid

Let’s take a look at all of the plans offered by Airtel under its Family Postpaid Plans offer. So basically, the aim of Airtel by launching this plan is to help families save money by not choosing plans individually. Airtel’s website claims that families who have been using this plan can save up to 20% of their money on mobile data. It is a postpaid plan but for the whole family. You will get one single bill for all of the users in the plan.

Airtel Family Postpaid Details:

This is the cheapest plan under the Airtel Family postpaid plan. The data allowance for this plan is 125GB. 125GB is for a single connection. If you are thinking about this plan, you should know that there are one primary user and two secondary users or two add-on connections. You have to actually pay rupees 749 for three connections. The price excludes taxes. Do make a note that the two add-on connections include a regular add-on and a data add-on; The data add-on allows users to just consume data benefit from the primary connection.

Another family postpaid plan costs rupees 999. This is a plan which can hit the spot with more than four-person families. So, you might have already guessed that five people can use this plan. What you didn’t guess about is the amount of data that is at your disposal. There is a total of 150GB data that can be used across five connections. A total of four add-ons will be given including three regular add-ons and one data add-on.

Bharti Airtel Family Postpaid

The rupees 1599 is the costliest among all. This plan can be shared among two people. The best thing about this plan is there are no data FUP limits for either of the user. Both the primary and the secondary user can avail themselves unlimited data and will get unlimited calling facilities as well. Although Airtel is marketing that the Rs 1,599 Family Plan offers unlimited data benefit, it is actually capped at 500GB per month.

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