Bharti Airtel Offers 1Gbps Speed With Broadband Plans


Bharti Airtel is one of the most famous competitors in the market of broadband. Bharti Airtel Offers 1Gbps Speed Broadband Plans. Gopal Vittal, CEO of Bharti Airtel has said that they will continue providing 1Gbps data speed for broadband plans.

Anyone who wishes to install this needs to contact Airtel. Everyone is working from home. If two persons in the same house share the same WiFi will lead to network congestion and slowing of the internet.

Bharti Airtel Offers 1Gbps Speed Broadband Plans – Airtel Xstream Broadband Plans:

Didn’t like the 1Gbps plan of Airtel? You can still choose another available broadband plan of Airtel. The cheapest plan you will get under the Airtel Xstream plans is priced at rupees 799. Under this plan, you will get 150GB data for one month. After that, you will get unlimited data with a speed of 100Mbps.

Bharti Airtel Offers 1Gbps Speed Broadband Plans

The second plan from the ISP is of Rs 999 and will give you 300GB high-speed data at 200 Mbps speeds after which the speeds will be reduced. You can also upgrade to a six-month plan if you want and it will provide you with unlimited high-speed data every month for Rs 5,544 which is excluding GST.

If you’re going to go for the 1 Gbps speed plan, you will have to pay Rs 3,999 per month and will be given unlimited data. Airtel’s unlimited internet means 3.3TB data.

Bharti Airtel Offers 1Gbps Speed Broadband Plans

Broadband Services In India:

Millions of customers are relying on broadband services in India. As of now, there are 19 million broadband customers in India. There are another 17 million customers who have installed broadband in their houses to continue working from home. Airtel has promised to provide highspeed internet to the customers during this uncertain period. Airtel has also improved their IVR system. Millions of people are working in their homes at the moment and ensuring that a smooth flow of work continues, Airtel will be working hard in the background with its broadband service and keep people connected.

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