BHIM App In Top Charts of Google Play Store Within 48 hours Only!

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You are might aware of this cool UPI based app launched by PM Modi called “BHIM App”. We already shared a how to download BHIM & how to use it, in one of our recent article. This post is just because of the popularity attained by BHIM App within 48 hours.

Just after the launch of 48 hours of this app, this app is in Top Charts of Google Play Store India. Sounds amazing, agree? The only reason behind the popularity of this app is our PM. We all know that our PM has a lot of followers and they always prefer his suggestions at any cost. Not only this, this app features are also a good reason of its popularity.

This app has an eloquent interface which allows you do transactions easily, while other don’t have. The main feature of this app is, its works offline. Let’s see the 10 points below, helps us to get what is BHIM easily.

Download BHIM App

BHIM App In Top Charts of Google Play Store India: Here’s the features of BHIM App

Below are the 10 points by us which elaborates the features of this app.

  • BHIM App is used to send or receive payments without having a network connection, with help of mobile number only.
  • BHIM is the most popular app of India in only 48 hours of launching.
  • There is no charges to use BHIM App.
  • BHIM App is download 3,000,000+ times on Google Play Store and having 5,00,000 transactions daily.
  • This app is able to identify your phone number linked bank account easily without getting much information. You can use only one account at a time using BHIM App but you can also use multiple using Parallel space app.
  • If the receiver or shopkeeper uses BHIM App, then just open your app and tap on “Send Money”, enter amount and send it to merchant’s BHIM linked phone number.
  • For those who don’t want to follow above methods to send or receive payments can use QR Codes to do the same. You can generate QR code using BHIM App & then once a payee scan it through his smartphone & enter the amount, payment will be sent.
  • Even without an internet connection you can use this app by dialing *99#. Read more about that service here.
  • Once you enter in the app, you need to verify you bank linked phone number with OTP. If you’re facing issue in getting OTP just clear your app data and try again
  • There is limit of daily transactions which is minimum of Rs 10,000 per transaction and 20,000 within 24 hrs.

That’s all about the current status of this most popular app. Stay tuned with us to get more updates like this. Thank you reading this blog post. Subscribe to our push notification service to get latest updates.


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