BHIM App v1.2: All Bug Fixes & With More Regional Language Support

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BHIM App v1.2 got major improvements with more regional language support. This app becomes popular app of Google Play Store India within 48 hours. The UPI based app called BHIM is launched by our honorable PM Narendra Modi.

This app is downloaded 1.2 crore times in 20 days after launch. This app lets you allows to make payments, receive payments, etc. without an charges.

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Download BHIM App v1.2: All Issues Resolved

When it was launched, the app size is also little bit more and also the app is showing errors while verifying the SIM card.

One major problem in this app is you can’t use it without having the same number inserted in the phone where BHIM App is located.

Previously, who will have to insert SIM Card into primary SIM slot, otherwise the app didn’t able to generate OTP to verify your number.

At present, all those issues are resolved and now app is working very smoothly.

Apart from those all bugs, the app size is diminished.

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BHIM App v1.2: What are the improvements?

The major improvements are:-

OTP problem which is now resolved.

Having more regional language support.

Odia, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Gujarati apart from English and Hindi.

One new feature which is introduced inside the is called ‘Pay to Aadhaar Number’. 

By using this feature, one can transfer money to beneficiary bank account linked with that Aadhar number.

SPAM Reporting 

In BHIM App, anyone can request you for money, right? But now no longer…

It means that, it will now block that unknown person or SPAMMER who request you money.

A. P. Hota, MD & CEO, NPCI said,

We are pleased to launch the new upgrade for all BHIM users. The new version offers enhanced security features, superior user experience which makes digital transactions much more safe and secure. We believe this will lead to higher acceptance among customers as well as merchants. At NPCI we remain committed to customer centric approach by constantly innovating and improvising our services.

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