Best Big And Tall Office Chairs That You Can Buy If You Work Long

Big And Tall Office Chairs

We have been selling big and tall office chairs for over 13 years. From chairs that start at $200, to high-end options that retail for up to $3,000, we’ve seen almost everything available. Having sold office seating this long, one thing has become clear, there is no single best option for everyone. Instead, there are a handful of options ranging in price that should suit most user’s needs. Whether you are big, tall or both, our best of list should have something to fit your needs.

1. Best Big And Tall Office Chairs Bariatric Chair – Concept Seating 3156HR

Our number one overall pick is the Concept Seating 3156HR. This chair is not for everyone, but it is hands down the strongest chair we offer. Rated for up to 1,000 lbs., it is overbuilt and designed to last a long time. While there are other products on the market that are rated at 1,000 lbs., none are quite like the 3156HR.

A chair this size typically doesn’t come with adjustments, but that’s not the case with the 3156HR. It includes a bariatric tilt mechanism, with three seat angle positions and two seperate back positions. There is also a seat depth adjustment which offers four depth options.

Height adjustment on the 3156HR is done by turning a large hand wheel, which adjusts the height of the screw jack. Once the position is found, you can tighten the jam nut with the attached handle. There is 3” of height adjustment on the bariatric chair. As you can tell from the description, it’s unlike any other chair you’ve read about.

The 3165HR also comes with the same fully articulating headrest on the 3152 HR listed above. This provides plenty of flexibility, no matter how you like to use your headrest.

Might Not Be a Great Fit For

At almost $3,000, the 3156HR bariatric chair is not in the budget for everyone. If you’ve had issues breaking other chairs in the past, this is a solid investment to avoid those problems.

Because of the capacity of the chair, making adjustments isn’t as intuitive as other products in the list. They are more design to provide customization to fit one user, with the intent of setting it up and not changing again.

The 3156HR is overbuilt throughout the entire chair. Because of this, it’s not the most pleasing to the eye. Of all the chairs in the list, it is the least attractive.

2. Best Big And Tall Office Chairs For 24 Hour Use – Concept Seating 3152HR

Our top pick for 24-hour use, the Concept Seating 3152HR is a workhorse. One of our bestselling 24-hour chairs, the 3152HR is solid and currently manufactured in Wisconsin. The 3152HR comes with a 550 lb. weight capacity and at first glance it’s hard to believe it’s not rated for more.

Featuring a unique seven leg base, the additional legs create easier movement and allow for better stability than most five leg alternatives. The ease of movement is especially important for those that are closer to the capacity of the chair.

While it wasn’t picked as the best for ergonomics, the 3152HR was close to making the cut. Featuring seat height, seat depth, five position tilt lock, an adjustable height backrest, inflatable lumbar and fully articulating headrest, the list goes on. The arms can adjust an additional 2.5” wider, for a total of 5” overall width adjustment. The swing away T arms option provide a solution for those who don’t always like to use armrests.

The fully articulating headrest is one of the most unique we’ve tested on any model. It can be adjusted to be used as a neck roll, headrest or rotated out of the way completely.

Might Not Be a Great Fit For

Because the seat pan is only 23” wide, it might not be a great fit for all users. The Dymetrol suspension seat provides good support for long periods but can make the chair feel a bit narrower than 23” wide.

Built for durability, the aesthetics of the 3152HR are not for everyone. If you’ve had issues breaking chairs in the past, that’s probably not as big of a concern. If you’re looking for something sleek, this is not the chair.

If you’re adding this chair to a share work environment with users under 5’6” tall, you should consider adding the partial foot ring option. This will give shorter users the ability to properly support their feet, while keeping a normal chair feel for those that don’t. This feature is available for an added cost of $91.

Big And Tall Office Chairs


3. Best Big And Tall Office Chairs Ergonomics – Neutral Posture Pillow Top 

Our best pick for ergonomics, is also the largest chair featured in our list. With a seat width of 27” wide, the Neutral Posture Pillow Top is an absolute beast. If you’re looking for a chair that you can sink into, but still have great support, this is it. Made in the USA, the Pillow Top chair from Neutral posture comes standard with a 500 lb. capacity.

Being listed for our best ergonomics pick means this chair comes with all the bells and whistles of a high-end ergonomic chair. Its multi-function mechanism includes: seat depth, seat angle, back height and independent back angle adjustment.

Featuring two-cylinder options, the big and tall Pillow Top is available with a 3” tall (16” to 19”) or a 5” tall (18” – 23”) cylinder. This is one of the few chairs in the list that is capable of comfortable seating someone up to 7 feet tall.

Customization of the Pillow Top is not a problem. There are 33 fabric and 12 leather upholstery options for the pillow top. All leather options are top grain and high-end quality.

Might Not Be a Great Fit For

Like the BTOD GO-99-3-GG chair, the Pillow Top is massive and won’t fit everyone. If you’re looking for something a bit narrower, it is available in the Pillow Top Junior version, which is offered in a 23” wide option.

Because of its customization with upholstery, the Neutral Posture Pillow Top chair is not returnable. If you’re on the fence about colors, we do send color swatches to verify it fits your space.

4. Best Warranty – Cramer Triton Max

Having a solid warranty is one of the most important things to consider when buying a big and tall chair. Being dubbed the best warranty in our list isn’t a small feat, but we feel confident the Triton Max is deserving of it. The most common components to break on big and tall chairs are casters, cylinders and arms. With 15-year coverage on these components, the Cramer Triton Max is made in the USA and built to last.

Even though the Triton Max appears like a standard office chair at first glance, it is anything but. With a 23” wide seat and 500 lb. capacity, it will have no issues holding most users over 400 lbs. comfortably. The secret to Cramer’s durability is in the 28” die cast aluminum base, 14” gauge steel seat pan and 16-gauge steel pressed steel inner back plate (18-gauge outer shell).

The Triton Max comes standard with a contoured molded seat pad that includes a waterfall edge. The 3.25” thick seat pad offers good support for extended periods of sitting. There is an optional upgrade for those needing a larger back. The x-large option is 22” wide and 24.75” high.

The Triton Max is the first chair in the list to offer customization. With over 90 upholstery options, you can create a chair that is unique to your space. There is also healthcare grade upholster options available that prevent bacteria growth and are super easy to clean.

5. Best Mesh Big And Tall Office Chairs – BTOD GO-99-3-GG 

With a 25.5” wide seat, the BTOD GO-99-3-GG is a huge mesh office chair. Rated at 500 lbs., it won’t have issues supporting the weight comfortably. One of our most popular big and tall chairs, the GO-99-3-GG is also our largest mesh back option.

With a 5” thick seat pad, most users should have no issues sitting comfortably for long periods of time in this chair. With a 24/7 rating, you can also rest assured the warranty covers this type of extended sitting as well.

The GO-99-3-GG is the only chair in the list under $400 to offer a 3” ratchet back height adjustment. This gives the added flexibility to change back heights, depending on your specific requirements. The ventilated back will keep you cooler throughout the day. The GO-99-3-GG includes a height adjustable lumbar support system, allowing you to customize the lumbar support systems fit to your body.

Big And Tall Office Chairs

If you’re not tall, this could be a good option for you. The GO-99-3-GG has a more modest range of 18” to 22”, which is perfect for people that are between 5’7” and 6’4” tall.


The most important thing to consider is size first. Ensuring the seat and back fit you comfortably is a great place to start. If the chair is the correct size, you’ll want to ensure it has a good capacity. Picking something right at your current weight could pose an issue in the future.

If this is a long-term investment, you’ll want to consider a good warranty. Cheap chairs will often break down sooner and have shorter warranties. Paying a little more up front can pay big dividends down the road.

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