BIGO Re-brands ‘LIKE’ to ‘Likee’


Like Re-branded to Likee. What’s New?

On 24th June 2019, Like Video is Re-branded to Likee. Now, it is published on Google Play Store as “Likee- Formerly LIKE Video“. This app already has crossed over 100 million plus downloads on Google Play Store, and it is holding a star rating of 4.6 out of 5. BIGO TECHNOLOGY is the parent company that made the initiative. In the update, a good number of new features are introduced inside the app. The app’s user interface is now more beautiful, and a great number of excellent features are added inside the app.

Growing as an internet sensation, Likee has given everyone a huge user base platform to create short videos and gain popularity overnight. I also downloaded and installed the Likee app on my Galaxy S10. It has a total size of 44 MB. We tested and tried all the features. We are happy to share that there are lots of new features are introduced inside the app that has made short video creation easier with added filters and other configurations. The same features we are going to discuss below.

A Redefined Homepage UI

For me, an update without a redesigned user interface is not that excellent kind of level. This key aspect gets more important when we talk about a popular social media app. Though the update, even a first-time user so-called beginner can easily understand and create a short video. Now, no more professional editing skills are required. Thus, it can be concluded that the user interface is now more user-friendly. The whole design of homepage user-interface has changed.

Newly Added Beauty Filters

This update also brings some newly added beauty filters to the Likee app. Not only beauty filters there are some other features are too introduced including skin softening, slimming down of the face, removing spots and more. Thus, it generates a complete package to beautify your short video and get a fan base plus popularity speedily.

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A houseful of Special Effects and Filters

The main thing that made the Likee video so popular is its in-built app special effects and filters. The app already has an excellent base of special effects and what we need filters. With the update, a wide range of effects are added to the app. Baby pink, Elegance and Modern are some filters you get with the update. Apart from that, some new stickers and magical emotions are also updated. We recommend giving a handful of clicks on every new filter to try and taste every new individual filter and special effect yourself.

A Step Towards New Content every time

Why said? Because both nearby and follow tabs are upgraded. Therefore, you will find every kind of video you were thinking of, i.e. exploring a series of food, life hacks, funny videos, motivating videos, music videos and more. It not only provides the user with a wide class of videos but also gives video creator new audience and boosts the popularity. Therefore, we expect to get fresh and hardcore content every time we open the Likee app.

More Diversified Content

The content base of the Likee app has shifted a bit. Perhaps, you will get a more diversified content than what you were streaming before. In very simple words, we would like to say that Likee app is not only just a platform to stream short, entertaining videos. Now, you can also enjoy various educational videos, DIY videos, tutorial videos and boost up your knowledge.

You will also find several media channels Likee app because Dainikn, ANI, IndiaTV and more media houses have partnered with the company. Apart from media houses, several celebrities including Zakir Khan, Shakti Mohan and RJ Naved have also partnered with the company. Thus, you can follow your favourite media channels and celebrities as well. Overall, we have got a complete idea about the content base we will be going to get on Likee app.

All New Talent Creator Union and Rewards Features

The good news is that now their content creates get reward against their, i.e. users can earn money by creating awesome content videos on Likee app. To make this experience more user-friendly, all new talent creator union platform is introduced inside the app. Before that, viewers can only give rewards to content makes while they are live, but now, the creators can be rewarded even while watching the video.

These rewards will motivate the video creators, and the videos will be directly proportional improved with fresh base and video content. Apart from that there is a leaderboard feature is also provided them can be used to view the list of top video creators in your country. Perhaps, it will not only boost the video content quality but also increase the competition within video creators. Overall, the viewers are going to get high-quality content all the time.

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Likee — One of the Leading Video Content Creation platform

Those who have a good sort of talent embedded in them must use the Likee platform because you do gain not only popularity but also share your knowledge regarding the various topics. Due to the diversification of content, the Likee app is going to give an all-new experience to users. The best part is that Likee app connects users to the millions of talented artists and celebrities from all around the world. Even, there is a supreme feature is also highlighted that let you create mind-blowing videos in few seconds. Though, the app, there are some in-app purchases as well.

Don’t forget to comment below your views about this re-branding of Like Video app to Likee App and let us know which newly added feature you find the best while getting enrolled with the app. Stay tuned with us for more regular updates.

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