This Is How You Can Block YouTube Ads Android

block youtube ads android

Ads on YouTube are annoying as well as unbearable. Block YouTube ads Android is the question that AdLock developers get the most. Here is how you can get rid of annoying YouTube ads.

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Unable To Skip Ads?

It’s not a glitch of service. YouTube first introduced ads in the year 2018. Non-skippable ads can appear anywhere in the video and first, those ads were as long as 5 seconds, but now they can last for 15-20 seconds. It becomes more annoying when you are forced to watch those advertisements.

Two Advertisements In A Row:

YouTube itself thinks that launching back-to-back ads it does a favor for viewers, as it’s meant to reduce the number of ad interruptions later in the video. But the thing is totally different. Viewers are forced to watch two ads in a row and ads in the middle of the video also.

Entire Music Video As YouTube Ads:

Sometimes you don’t bother to skip pre-rolls for example when your hands are busy, and you’re fine waiting for 15 seconds before an actual video starts. And then you’re surprised to find yourself unwillingly watching someone’s else music video which lasts at least 3 minutes. Promoting a music video as a pre-roll ad is a popular practice it allows to reach more views from the real people, though it doesn’t guarantee the love of the viewers.

Now, let us move on to the main topic of how you can block YouTube ads Android.

block youtube ads android

Upgrade Your Account To Premium:

YouTube has launched its premium version that will enable you to watch Ads-free videos every time.

Let Us Know The Perks Of YouTube Premium-

  • Ad free videos
  • You can download videos that you can watch even after you are offline
  • Play videos in the background when using other applications, games, and when your screen is off;
  • A bunch of features for YouTube Music, etc.

block youtube ads android

Use Ad-Free Browser For Android:

If you don’t want to add another subscription to your list of expenses, then you should download an ad-free browser that works on Android. You can also use AdLock to cut off your expenses.

Google Play offers a wide range of different ad-free browsers like Brave Browser, AVG Browser, etc. Most of them are free of charge and provide decent features like a built-in VPN, adblocker, tracker blocker, private browsing mode, etc. These browsers work quite well and are restricted in their operations. Like the operations are only available in PC browser. This is where AdLock stands out from the crowd. AdLock application for Android devices is a definitive leader, as it blocks adverts systemwide.

Block YouTube Ads Android Using AdLock:

Launch the YouTube application click the “Share” button below the video, select the AdLock application, and watch the video without ads. You can also watch YouTube without those annoying ads by enabling AdLock in your browser.

The browser version is as convenient as the native YouTube application, especially if it is running in Google Chrome. For quick access, you can add the icon of the browser version of YouTube to your desktop. To do so, open the YouTube tab in your Google Chrome, click “Options” and then select “Add to Home Screen”.

How To Block Youtube Ads Android Without Ad Block:

If you want to watch videos without ads, you will need a third-party client for YouTube. There are various analogs with many options included.

block youtube ads android

Here are their main advantages:

  • Most applications do not require the root access;
  • No need to install an additional ad blocker;
  • Work on most Android devices;
  • Remove all annoying ads.


Follow the steps and you can easily remove those annoying ads from Youtube and watch ad-free content.

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