BSNL 4G Expansion Plan Hits Roadblock In Expansion Of Sites


BSNL has plans to expand the mobile industry by deploying 4G sites all across India. BSNL 4G Expansion Plan Hits Roadblock Expansion Sites.

BSNL Struggling With 4G Expansion Yet Again:

It seems BSNL is struggling with its operations of deploying 4G sites in some circles of India. State owning telco got a cash influx of Rs 70,000 crore only six months back for the revival, and there are already talks about making more revival plans for the company.

BSNL 4G Expansion Plan Hits Roadblock Expansion Sites

BSNL doesn’t provide 4G services yet. So BSNL is in an attempt to capture some share of the market by expanding into 4G sites. BSNL roll out a tender on March 23 for procuring 4G equipment for use for expansion. The value of the contract is roughly 9,000 crore. With this equipments, nearly 50,000 sites were to be upgraded. But as always, things didn’t go the right way for BSNL.

BSNL 4G Expansion Plan Hits Roadblock Expansion Sites:

BSNL has been only offering 2G and 3G services even in the year 2020. This puts the telecom operator behind the likes of consumers. To compete with the major telcos like Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, and Vodafone, BSNL has decided to tale 4G projects.

BSNL to get its break for 4G finally, but on April 15, TEPC alert all the government offices about the unfair tenders which are rolling out by BSNL. TEPC stands for Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council. TEPC represents domestic companies that manufacture telecom equipment such as Sterlite, Tejas Networks, Vihaan Networks, and HFCL.

BSNL 4G Expansion Plan Hits Roadblock Expansion Sites

BSNL’s Tenders Ignoring the Indian Government’s Make In India Initiative:

Make in India’ initiative is a strong drive from the Modi government to help domestic manufacturers and service providers grow. But it seems like BSNL is ignoring the Modi Government’s drive. Domestic manufacturers couldn’t participate because of policies such as the companies who have experience of setting up networks for at least 20 million subscriber base and more. At the same time, the tender going out to a foreign company would also mean there is a threat of non-India entities trying to steal data from Indian networks.

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