BSNL Is Bringing Its 4G Services For Users, Tenders Roll Out

BSNL Bringing 4G Services Users Tenders approved

BSNL is finally coming with 4G services for users. There are more or less 50,000 sites all across North, West, South and East zone. BSNL Bringing 4G Services Users Tenders approved.

Budgets And Other Details:

BSNL has a budget of 11,000 crores. There are 7000 sites more in Mumbai and Delhi. That will cost around 8697 crores. Tenders are out and the last date to apply for the contractors is 8th May. The company is also planning to upgrade its 2G and 3G connectivity to 4G, which will cost around 3500 to 4000 crores more.

BSNL Bringing 4G Services Users Tenders approved

BSNL Bringing 4G Services Users Tenders approved – Whom To Give The Tenders:

BSNL will offer the tender to the contractor who will cost the lowest to get the job done. The contractors are L1 contractors. After that, the contractors will be asked to choose three sites out of five on which they will work.

After the three sites are determined, another contractor will be chosen who will have the second-lowest-cost after L1. They will be known as L2. If L2 declines, the work will be allocated to L3 contractors.

BSNL Bringing 4G Services Users Tenders approved

State Government-owned telecom operator is planning to expand as their employee costs come down.

Last year, the company has allowed 70,000 crores as a restoration package, out of which 29,937 was spent on voluntary retirement personnel. This voluntary retirement scheme was available for those employees who have crossed 50 years age.

To everyone’s surprise, 78,300 BSNL employees and 14,378 employees of MTNL chose VRS. Due to VRS, the cost for employees has come down drastically.

This is the reason why the company is allowing its funds and resources to expand its 4G services all across India. BSNL is also going to receive a Rs 15,000 crore sovereign guarantee from the government so that it can raise money from the market. The company is yet to receive the guarantee but is expected to get it this month.

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