BSNL Introduces Anycast DNS For Improved Speed And Reduced Latency


Anycast DNS offers “substantial benefits” to both end users and content providers including improved network latency. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has introduced Anycast DNS onto its system designed to deliver better connectivity and this feature is also going to reduce latency. Several BSNL employees in the past week have taken it to Twitter to inform users about the latest development. Additionally, BSNL through its corporate account is asking users about the complaints of low internet speed. The company has also advised its users to change the DNS manually to increase network speed. Under the Anycast DNS, BSNL is implementing to the DNS along with,, series.

BSNL Introduces Anycast DNS

NS1 says an Anycast is a routing method that enables a customer to connect to a single address route to several destinations. BSNL Introduces Anycast DNS.

The firm also says that DNS Anycast selects a DNS with the least network hops. Users will not face any reduction in performance even if the entire data center goes offline. The advantage of NS1 is it includes automatic load balancing, improves network reliability, and improves network availability.

The traffic distributed across the entire network, NS1 says Anycast DNS will damp the effect of Distributed Denial Of Service(DDOS). Note that Anycast is one of the methods of internet protocol along with Unicast, Broadcast, Multicast and Geocast.

BSNL Introduces Anycast DNS

The latest move from BSNL Introduces Anycast DNS will certainly aid users seeking better connectivity from the state owned operator. While the government of India is going to ease the lockdown rules of COVID-19, several employees have to work from home. BSNL, on the other hand, is extending its Work From Home plan that offers 5GB daily data providing 10 Mbps speed till June 21st.

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