Buying A Drone in 2020: Is It Legit Or Waste Of Money?

Buying A Drone

The drones are quickly becoming an important instrument in everyday business. They’re being used for managing the crops and assisting law enforcement agencies with solving their cases. There is a good chance you probably have seen a drone flying overhead with its low humming noise. You might be wondering why the drones are incredibly popular these days. Here is the guide of Buying A Drone.

Well, in this guide I’m going to share my top 9 amazing reasons why you should buy drones for beginners. If you’re thinking of getting one, but you aren’t sure whether you should buy it. I recommend that you read my article about How to Buy a Drone: Guide for Beginners. It’ll explain to you how to choose and buy the right drone just for you. As the drone market is constantly evolving, I recommend you bookmark this guide for reference or if you need to convince someone to get a drone.

Reason 1 Of Buying A Drone: Drones are becoming affordable

First and foremost, one of the best reasons why you should buy a drone for beginners is they’re becoming affordable. Thanks to tricking down technology. When the drones first launched in the consumer market, they were expensive, and only professional remote pilots who is wealthy enough could afford them. Now, the drones can be easily bought for just under $50. Not only they are cheap, but they are also becoming super easy enough to fly even that beginners who have no prior flying experience can pick up one.

Indeed, the quality of drones has changed dramatically over time. Today, you are seeing a lot of fresh, modern, and stylish drones on the markets. The remote controllers also have been redesigned several times to appear professional and beginner-friendly. In a simple way that beginners can understand what each button does.

Reason 2 Buying A Drone: Create a unique perspective from the sky

The camera drones bring out a lot of uniqueness and different perspective that breaks our view on the ground level. However, if you’re to capture a high-quality aerial view, you need to have a drone that’s capable of producing beautiful aerial shots like the one above.

Fortunately, there are several professional camera drones that are available to consumers. In fact, most of them are beginner-friendly. You’ll be surprise by how features-packed they’re given the fact that they are equipped with a 12MP camera and is super easy to fly for beginners. This presents an amazing opportunity for beginners and entry-level aerial photographers to experience a whole new level.

Buying A Drone

Reason 3: Make money while you fly your drones

If that’s anything about flying the drones, it is the potential to make money… while you fly your drones. Believe it or not, you can actually do that. The only drawback to that is you need to be Part 107 certified in order to operate the drone commercially. You can read my guide on how to become part 107 certified drone pilot which contains all the information that you need to know. There are a lot of clients in different industries that usually pay as low as $100 to sometimes as high as $10,000 per flight mission.

Bonus point, if you want to start your own drone business. I recommend signing up for a drone training program. That program will cover everything that you need to know how to run your own drone business effectively. Plus, you will get leads from clients who are looking for drone services. In addition to that, there are monthly experts workshop that will help you stay at the top of the game.

Reason 4 Buying A Drone: Provides support with emergency efforts

The drones are amazing for providing support with emergency efforts. They can offer an aerial overview of the scene that delivers intelligence to the officials for asserting the risks and threats. In fact, some drone pilots did fly their drones to help out with the emergency efforts. Drones aren’t just limited for recreational purposes, but they do have their own uses in the law enforcement and fire service agencies.

For emergency efforts, generally, an adaptable drone is preferred. This means the drone needs to have a long control distance, good flying time and packed with a powerful camera.

Reason 5 Buying A Drone: Drones enhances police officers’ performance

Did you know that the United States ranks 47th on the Crime Index as of 2018 according to this article? Even though the United States is an advanced country with a turbulence economy, it stills lags behind in preventing crimes from happening. Often because the crimes go unnoticed and the law enforcement agencies are just starting to catch up on technology.

The drones provide law enforcement agencies a completely new toolset in addition to their current equipment. This allows the police officers to investigate crime spots and identify potential hazards before entering the hot spots. Not only it minimizes the risks, but the data gathered by drones also provide the officers with necessary aerial intelligence so that they can plan better.

While it’s affordable to buy a professional camera drone, the DJI Inspire 2 drone is the choice. However, for those cash-strapped police agencies, the Phantom 4 Pro is a better alternative. Both have amazing camera quality, great battery life, and can handle extreme weather with ease. They come with a lot of features that make it easy for police officers to do their jobs thanks to built-in intelligent flight modes.

Reason 6: Race drones with your friends

Racing the drones with your friends is one of my top reasons why you should buy a drone for beginners. They’re incredibly fun to fly. Usually, these racing drones are packed with high speed and powerful propulsion force that allows them to zip across the skies effortlessly. For professional racing drones, they require at least some flying experiences such as the ability to perform a backflip, front flip, and such.

Buying A Drone

Luckily, there are some great quality entry-level racing drones for beginners. They are inexpensive and easily readily available to those who want to learn and master this racing quadcopter.

Reason 7: Drones Are Good For Traveling

What’s more fun than going on an adventure to see new culture and experience? Of course, it’ll have to be a drone that’s easy enough to take with you anywhere you go. If you’re looking for the best travel drones to take with you.

The drones are good for traveling for a very great reason. Despite the fact that there are some country drone laws that vary across the world. The drone does what a camera can’t do: experience a breathtaking view from the sky. They enhance your travel experience by giving you the opportunity to see things that are otherwise limited to yourself on the ground level.

Reason 9 Buying A Drone: Drones Help Surveying Buildings More Precisely

Surveying the buildings for damage and inspection is one of many reasons why drones are good. If you ever hired a roof inspector, you will understand the process that you have to go through. All of these hassles such as a ladder, spending too much time, and not getting the right estimate to repair the damage.

The drones can easily inspect the roof for damage as short as 30 minutes or less. Not only it is simple and effective, but the drones also reduce liabilities and risk toward roof inspectors and yourself. You will need an intelligent drone with a camera that is capable of performing close aerial footage. Autel X-Star Premium or Yuneec Q500 is the best choice.


This is one of my top 9 amazing reasons why you should buy drones. The drones aren’t going away anytime soon. So, if you’re thinking of getting one yourself or for your friends and family member. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy one of these high-quality drones as a gift. I hope you find my guide about the top 25 amazing reasons why you should buy drones helpful and insightful. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below.

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