Byju’s is Providing its Learning App to Children of Maharashtra Police Officials for Free


INTRO: The world’s most valuable ed-tech company, Byju’s has today announced that it is offering its learning app to the children of Maharashtra police officials for free.

Byju’s Announced Free Learning To Children Of Maharashtra Police 

This is the company’s way to thank the officials for their vital role as the nation combats the COVID-19 pandemic. With the app, police official’s children will be able to access free online lessons and live classes. Also, they will be able to take practice tests and watch interactive videos on the platform.The initiative will benefit the children of over 1 lakh police personnel in Maharashtra.

 Mrinal Mohit, Byju’s COO said: 

“Our police forces have gone beyond the limits for the call of duty at this time of coronavirus crisis to safeguard the health and safety of citizens. We want to express our gratitude towards these COVID-warriors and as a learning company, the most impactful way to demonstrate our solidarity is by ensuring that their children have access to the best learning solution from the comfort of their homes. The wards of all the Maharashtra Police officials will now be able to access and learn from for free from our app. We hope our initiative gives our brave officials one less thing to worry about during this uncertain time,”

Adding on to that, the Pune police commissioner, Dr. K Venkatesham said in his statement, “This initiative will help close to 1 lakh officials in the state and we would like to thank them for taking a step to help the officials who are relentlessly protecting the people of the country.


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