How To Bypass Android Device Pattern Lock In 5 Minute (*2018*)

bypass android device pattern lock
Bypass Android Device Pattern Lock

How To Bypass Android Device Pattern Lock Overview

Bypass Android Device Pattern Lock: Android Device pattern is one of the best things for its security. But, Today we teach you how to bypass/unlock android device pattern lock within 5 minutes. Yes, I am not kidding here trust me guys it is possible. In this article, we mention some methods that help you to bypass any android device pattern lock.

bypass android device pattern lock
Bypass Android Device Pattern Lock

Now, I know 1 thing comes in your mind that what about PIN and Passcode locks. Don’t worry about that too. Here I will teach you the proper methods that really work and fruitful.

All the methods that we have mentioned below will 100% working for you. Recently out team tested each and every method to see which one is working to bypass android device pattern. Then we collected these 2 methods that really worth for time.

Requirement To Bypass Any Android Device Pattern Lock

  • Android Device (Simple)
  • Working Internet (In some cases)
  • A little bit of mind (Obviously you have it)

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#Method 1 To Bypass Android Device Pattern Lock

This is one of the best and my favorite method that works 100%. This method is related to the Google play store. You can say it helps you to unlock your Android device PIN, PATTERN, PASSCODE using Google play store or Google Account 

Without taking more time let’s move to the steps that you have to follow.

  1. Turn on the screen of your Android device. (*by clicking on the switch button*)
  2. Now, make a pattern or enter Pincode and Passcode too many times.
  3. Then you see “Forget Password” option below your screen.
  4. Tap on it and there you have to choose Google Account option.
  5. Just,  Enter the account that previously you were using on your Android Device.
  6. Click on sign in and proceed further.
  7. Now, it asks for new pattern/pin/passcode enter it gently and click on finish.
  8. Boom! you have successfully setup your new Password.


Terms and Condition for This Method To Unlock Android Device Pattern Lock

There are some terms and condition that you have to maintain. That is you need to connect with a working internet. Sometimes the problem is that if your internet is not turn on before pattern locked then it can’t be on. Because you need to unlock your device for that.

Another problem is that on an updated version of Android it won’t work perfectly sometimes. So, this will create a roadblock situation to bypass android device pattern lock. But, you can follow the method 2 given below if the method1 is not working fine for you.

Unlock Android Password
Unlock Android Password

#Method 2 To Bypass Android Device Pattern/Pin/Passcode Lock

So, we have seen the method 1 which was one of my favorite. But, After nougat update in my Samsung galaxy j7 (2016) that trick stops working for me. So, I find this amazing method that really helps me. But, it has some drawbacks too which I mention below. Let’s check out the method first.

This method is well known as “Hard Reset” hope many of you already aware of this method. But, in this article, I help you to do this method with perfect instructions. Kindly follow the steps given below to bypass android device pattern lock.

  1. Switch off your Android device
  2. Now Hold Switch key along with the volume up key.
  3. Then the recovery option comes to your screen.
  4. Select option Factory reset using drop-down volume key. (selection or Ok done via switch key)
  5. Now use volume down key and more to yes and press switch key.
  6. Done! wait till complete and reboot your device.

Boom! your device is unlocked successfully. But, let me tell you first that using this trick your Android device phone memory data will flush/clear. So, before using this trick to bypass android device pattern lock. You should remind this thing.

Terms and Condition for Method 2 To Unlock Android Password

Please avoid this method if your battery is not sufficient. 40-45%+ battery is required this is not so big process it can be done within a minute. But, sometimes what happens that when you hard reset your device.

It takes too much time to turn on and if the battery is not sufficient. Then, the chances of boot loop or frozen screen can be rises. So, we recommended you to please make sure your battery is enough to bypass your android device pattern.

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Best Method To Bypass/Unlock Android Device Password

Many peoples always asking me this same question. As I mentioned above that it depends upon your Device and Android version. But, I prefer you to try method 1 first if it doesn’t work for you.

Then, I highly recommended you to use the method 2 that will work for sure and worth for trying. So, hopefully, now your doubt about the best method is clear. Both are working fine and help you to Bypass android device pattern lock and get you back to your device.

SmartTechGuys Finals Words & Conclusion

Hopefully, this trick helps you to find an appropriate solution to your problem. But, guys this trick is only for educational purpose Smarttechguys do not promote any kind of hacking/illegal stuff. We appreciate you to take this trick to increase your knowledge and android skill not to harm anyone.

Lastly, Let me tell you that if you are getting any problem regarding Android device like this one: Bypass Android Device Pattern Lock then you can comment down. We feel happy to trigger a healthy discussion with you. SmartTechGuys will help you to short out your problem as soon as we can. Thanks, Stay tuned.

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