Call of Duty Mobile Now Available For Android and iOS


Call Of Duty Mobile now available on Android and ios.

Call Of Duty: It is a mobile free-to-play first person shooter game advanced by Tencent Games and published by activision for android and ios. It was released as a Beta in some selected countries in July 2019 and been formally released on October 1. 2019.

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Call Of Duty Mobile Android & iOS Highlights

• It comes with a battle royale gameplay mode.
• The graphics have been enhanced in this game if compared to PUBG.
• The game counterbalance approx 2GB and can be easily downloaded.

In a recent official post of the Call Of The Duty game announced that soon they will release stable version of this game which can be downloaded via play store and app stores and remains forever and so here it is.
This game is being released by Tencent games who also released the very familiar and famous game called PUBG. So basically Call Of Duty mobile version shares the same DNA as PUBG.

CALL OF DUTY MOBILE: What’s new and different in Call Of Duty mobile version when compared to PUBG mobile version.

New Things in Call Of Duty mobile version
Visuals- The visuals of Call Of Duty is much better than those of PUBG mobile. The visuals can match upto PC levels. They are more crisp and with lots of detailing, there is so much details in the game that have never been seen on a mobile before.
Content- Call Of Duty mobile is way ahead these zombies and ghost it is all there to give you a military feel. Its all about new skins and comes with more than the battle royale mode and has multiplayer mode too
Gameplay- Now if we compare the gameplay of Call Of Duty and PUBG mobile, Call Of Duty tops this department as well. The game has excellent control which is easy and much more understandable .

Difference Between Call Of Duty mobile Version and PUBG Mobile

Call of Duty mobile brings more detailed options on our screen, that shows it is a military game whereas PUBG is more about survival.

The graphics in Call of Duty are definitely better, but for low grant phone PUBG gives better optimization. From vehicles to new rocket launcher, guns, planes etc., Call of Duty gives you the power to play more.

The biggest difference between PUBG mobile and Call of Duty mobile is its theme, PUBG is a survival game whereas Call of Duty is all about fighting your enemies and get a feel like military.

When playing in a squad in Call of Duty mobile in battle royale mode you get to choose a suitable role for your character. You can be a medic care of your team or you can be a mechanic. You can also choose to be a clown given a power to mobilize zombies for protection against your rivals.
You can get upgraded weapons to kill your enemies. You can get arsenal or professional grade weapons which can be upgraded to kill the enemies.


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