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We all are really very excited about new multiplayer game called Call of Duty or you can say CoD and now, we finally have our hands on it — beta. If you are a person who like to play video games a lot then we are sure that you must have heard about Call of Duty. Approximately from last two decades, Call Of Duty has its existence in the video gaming arena. Today’s time, gaming on hardcore PC or gaming laptop is a next level kind of thing. Still, building a gaming PC or purchasing a high end gaming laptop costs a lot. Not every gaming lover can afford it. You can easily find smartphones on everyone’s hand. The best thing is that gaming on mobile platform is not a kind of approach it was.

The live example, we have Call Of Duty Mobile. Not only this game, it has earlier the best ones. One of them popular and most played are Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2. Both of them are earliest the biggest achievements of Call of Duty on mobile platform. Call of Duty comes with some awesome gaming modes, hardcore, killing weapons and maps.

call of duty mobile home

Best Control Modes with Call Of Duty Mobile

One of the biggest reason why most games earns popularity, downloads, achievements is its gaming controls. Whatever the best game-play your game offers but if your game has not the right control part such that gamer are suffering then the game will never be successful. When it comes to multiplayer FPS games on mobile, it becomes important to have the best gaming controls. Still, many types of players have their different gaming taste. Thus, to conquer the scenario, Call of Duty Mobile comes with two gaming control modes namely simple and advanced mode.

Simple Mode

Playing Call Of Duty Mobile is really a different kind of approach you usually play it on gaming console. Whenever your target reticulate is pointed at the enemy, your gun fires automatically. You will never find a dedicated fire button on the screen while playing CoD. Here, due to speedy fires, you might get out of ammunition in less time. Even, you may have variation in firing accuracy. Thus, this could not stand as an ideal gaming mode.

You can also configure the distance that comes up while firing from the hip. You can use this setting to find the best gaming experience. On the other side, the gaming boosts the gaming experience such that you can easily and quickly move around without worrying to separately tap on the fire button.


Advanced Mode

As per its name, this gaming control mode offers some advanced gaming controls tweaks. Here, you will find great layout of onscreen gaming controls. This mode introduces a great number of controls that can be used to optimize the gaming progress score. How quickly you can aim down sights decides the possibility of your win or loss.

The another thing that makes it separate from simple mode is dedicated fire button on screen. One thing that we miss here is the support of Bluetooth controllers. There are Only onscreen gaming controls. Right now, there is no support of Bluetooth controllers but in the future, the update is genuine possible.

Call Of Duty Mobile: Maps. What’s New?


Maps are one of the most important aspect behind the success of every game. If you have ever played Call Of Duty before then you will be aware of that there are a good number of maps included in it. Right now, Activision has announced some classic maps, and they are Crash, Nuketown, Firing Range and Hijack. Even if you belong to Call Of Duty community then you must be aware that all above named maps are one of the most favourite maps of all Call Of Duty players.

If you ask which one of mine favorite then I like the Nuketown map a lot. These maps are even popular since its existence in Morden Warfare: Black Ops. You will expensive the best gameplay once you are on Nuketown. Keeping aside this, there are some expectations have been made regarding maps users will get in Call Of Duty Mobile especially when it comes to Call Of Duty on mobile platform.

Anything New to Custom Load-outs?


Excited about Call Of Duty then one of the biggest aspect behind the excitement is the custom Loadouts under the game. There are tons of custom Loadouts are available in the character’s inventory. You can enrich your Loadout inventory by working hard inside the game and leveling up or progressing in the process. For shortcuts, activision has allowed earlier access to weapons etc. by paying a nominal fees or you can say purchasing them.

This way Activision might earn revenue from the free Call Of Duty Mobile. Still, purchasing ammunition rather than earning it not the win unless you work hard and taste your own success. Otherwise, you will find weapons, grenades, scorestreaks, perks and much more inside the Call Of Duty Mobile inventory. Having right access to most of them will boost your gaming performance.

Character Customization

Call Of Duty does not allow wide range of character to choose from. Like other alternatives, you can’t change the color of your eyebrows. We hope to see David Section Mason and John Soap MacTavish like characters inside the Call Of Duty Mobile. When we look at the history of Call Of Duty, we will find some iconic soldiers inside it.

Weapon Skill


What best you can expect from first person multiplayer FPS shooter game? You will get here with Call Of Duty Mobile. The whole Loadout will be filled with one of the must hardcore killing weapons. We expect to find a wide range of weapon’s with Call Of Duty Mobile. Make sure to comment below which weapon you like to use inside game. You can use huge variety of miniguns to chase cover fire and use a flame thrower to get the best result from it.

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Confused? What is Perks? Answer, Perk is basically abilities of a character that can be used to boost up character performance in game. Most of the time these Perks or you can say character abilities are not shown in front and mostly work passively, works the best to boost the performance of character and increase statistics as well in the game. As per their example, they have considered Ghost that can be used to make you invisible you fight with an enemy.

As per the scenario, you can take part of mostly three Perks in your Loadout. They boost your gameplay and you may find change in your gaming style. Moreover, if you are facing any problem on any level then you can consider Perks to get out of circumstances. One of the best any useful Perk named Fast Recover can’t be negotiable. This Perk will regenerate your health and you are on battleground fighting against enemies. Thus, if you approach two-three Perks namely Fast Recover, Ghost and Shotgun then I am sure that next time you put your hands on battleground with a winning only aim.


call of duty mobile home

Who don’t bonuses? Yes! Everyone loves. Anyways; Scorestreaks are the similar kind of thing. You get them once you performed well. They can also be considered in mind as Killstreaks. Not only just bonus, actually they fall in the category of awesome bonuses. Expected, Call of Duty Mobile will let you decide what happens what you read at some score and the abilities as well that comes into play when that happens. All the things can be configured at the Loadout screen.

One of the most popular and widely known Scorestreaks is the UAV such that it can be used to locate the position of enemies in the minimap. If you play with a mind-blowing strategy then you can use UAV as a devastating weapon on your enemies. The best example is that you can pinpoint enemy cluster then use airstrike to directly make a huge loss of them. Thus, Scorestreaks are as important and useful as Perks and Weapons.

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Missing Weapons? When we are going up talk about them? Games with weapons are the real companion of most of the gamers. Without them the game will be like beautiful garden of flowers. When we make a look at the standard Call Of Duty, we find a great variety of weapons. Of course! Being a master blaster game, it becomes obvious for the game to handle a huge range of weapons to get popular. Once you get your hands on standard Call Of Duty, you will find that two weapons you can carry at the same time. The first one will be regarding as Primary and the second one is Secondary.

With the best combination of two weapons at a time, your enemy will not be a living anymore. Thus playing strategically will be very beneficial for you. Not only wide range of guns to choose from, there are several guns modifications are also available that let you increase the damage ability of the gun and boost up the performance. Even, you will find a special section for grenades with a wide variety of them to choose from. Overall, we are in the hope that Call Of Duty Mobile will make the entry with the same capabilities and varieties.

When it will be Available?

Expecting in the next coming months, it will be available for both Android and iOS operating systems. Don’t be sad. Right now, that have featured the beta version in India that can be played once you sign up for the beta version. Soon, the beta will be available in the Australia then United States.


We are still waiting it in the United States. When we think of the standard Call Of Duty, we get really excited about Call Of Duty Mobile. The scenario is that mobiles are portable and weighs just in grams. The combination of portability and Call Of Duty Mobile makes dreams comes true. There are tons of expectations are being made from Call Of Duty Mobile. Comment below if you have already your hands on it. If not then what are exciting from the release. Do share this article with your friends to spread the Call Of Duty love.

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